A Separate Society: Wildest Dreams

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A Separate Society is an idea of mine I’ve had to catalog my modern day roleplays, allowing for integration and interaction across characters and storylines that live in this city. All A Separate Society roleplays are set in a fictional version of modern day Chicago, and are all set in the present day.

A Separate Society - Wildest Dreams
Jonas Quinn, a middle aged computer software engineer for Cavalier, Inc, has grown weary of his ordinary life. He’s been married for nearly twenty years to his highschool sweetheart, and is the father of two teenage daughters. For a while, it had been enough. He had been genuinely happy, but when he turned Thirty Seven, something just felt off. He woke up one day in his home, went to work, and started to wonder what else there was in this life. His life seemed rather ordinary to him, plain, and he found himself hungering for more. This revelation was nearly six months ago. Now he is separating from his wife, living in a one room apartment downtown, living off one night stands and cheap thrills. He knows that he cannot go back to the life he’s left, but can’t find a way to move forward.

This roleplay will center on Jonas Quinn, and a much younger woman whom he meets randomly, and the resulting romance. It will be an exploration of the idea that opposites attract. Jonas is, even through all of his attempts to break out of his shell, a very predictable, very confined individual. A cup of coffee with his eggs and toast for breakfast kind of guy. The character opposite him should be outgoing, fun loving, charismatic. Someone who can teach Jonas Quinn above life, and fill in that part of himself that he’s missing.

Themes: Age Difference, Romance, Possible Drug Use, Adult Themes.

I’m looking for someone at the advanced level or better for this play. Character Sheet will be required


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This seems like so much fun! I would love to do this if you are still looking!
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