A Search Shrouded in Sorcery

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A few notes before I present my ideas:

-I am a MultiPara RPer. As such, I expect a three paragraph average when we begin regarding posts, but I understand if size decreases over time
-I play the male role in these
-Romance isn't necessary, there are some plots where a platonic group will work
-There will be additional notes regarding the roleplays in italics
-Romantic pairings will be MxF
-Plot > Smut when applicable

The Fate of a Medjai

Long ago, the Medjai were the greatest warriors of the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt. They fought valiantly to protect the pharaoh and the temples of Egypt as many came to pervert the many artifacts and magical books left by the gods for mankind. But, they went underground shortly before the death of Tutankhamun in the 18th Dynasty under his orders so that they remain secret, and that from the shadows they might prevent the use of these powers for evil. It is now the year 1947, two years after World War II, and a cult who secretly conspired with the Nazis now seek to raise the dread pharaoh Akenaten, the father of Tutankhamun, and it is up to the Medjai to defeat them. Their only hope, however, lies with a teenage orphan- the reincarnation of Tutankhamun- who has found and put on a mystic artifact known as the Manacle of Osiris, becoming bound to it forever...

This roleplay will have a large basis in ancient Egyptian mythology, as well as influences from The Mummy (both the Boris Karloff and Brendan Fraser editions).

The Goddess' Champion

They say that in the beginning, there was nothing but the Titan, Gorah, and the Void. He then created the stars and our world, Lein, before crafting the moon and the sun. But He grew lonely and, although as omnipotent as He was, He could not govern His creations by Himself. And so, as time passed, eight new Gods have joined Him, each of Them granting Their blessing to one of the Eight Kingdoms. Thousands of years passed while the creations of the Void have plagued the inhabitants of Lein with little success. But now they have tried to kill the Goddess Lokaliin, as the Gods can be slain on Lein as they must walk in mortal flesh, Their killer taking Their place. As the Void launches a great assault on Lein, it is up to Lokaliin and Her Champion to defeat Him and return peace to the world.

This roleplay centers around various themes ranging from vengeance to redemption of human sin.

The Return of the Jabberwocky

We all know the story of Alice Liddle and the Jabberwocky, with the brave little blond taking up in her hands the Vorpal Sword and slaying the fell beast. Where our story begins, it had been centuries since Alice been in Underland and the Jabberwockey was slain with the Vorpal Sword. But Underland rarely changes. In spite of Alice's actions and the banishment of the infamously large-headed Red Queen, another one emerged soon enough among the royal children. Civil war and peace became the cycle, with no clear manner to initially decide the victor. There were some occasional alliances between the Queens, but these were when Undlerland was under attack by people who found fragments of the Looking Glass in various time periods and timelines, as Underland was always similar as the Oraculum foretold the past, present, and future of Underland. Every day was similar yet different, but at one point the Hatters became the Kings of Underland, and a long lating peace was achieved. But this ended as the Hatter King had lost his sons in an attack by an army of men who came through the Looking Glass' shards one day. After this, the Queens ruled again as the next Hatter was the Hatter King's nephew, and was already mad before he could ascend. It mattered not, as long ago the Hatters had been one of the utmost powerful individuals in Underland, even under the divided rule. It is now time to arise to the challenge as the Jabberwocky returns to Underland and the Vorpal sword must find its way into the hands of its next wielder.

Vaguely based in the same universe as the ever-famous Alice in Wonderland, we will be exploring the far more darker sides of Underland as we begin to see not only the gears of politics and the horror of fantasy warfare.

The Champion of Madness

The worlds of mortals and demons have always been intertwined, more so than that of mortals and the angelic. Many could demons could pass to the realm of men, but not from men to the realm of demons unless they died and were rebuked by their ancestor spirits and their gods. Many feared them, all the while others attempted to slay them. However, there were those who summoned them, and others worshiping and serving the strongest of them. These mighty demons, many but not all of which were believed to be evil or malefic, were called the Daemon Princes. In total there were thirteen among them, and then there were thirteen among the gods, called the Divine Princes. The Daemon Princes governed lust, pride, insanity, greed, sloth, envy, anger, gluttony, debauchery, darkness, undeath, evil, and demons themselves. The Divine Princes governed light, craftsmanship and dwarves, dawn and dusk, magic, logic and reason, good will, strength and orcs, rulers, nature and elves, love, children and family, life and the afterlife, and the gods as well as mortal men. Lord Illum governed the Divine as their King and as that of mortals, while Lord Melthor governed the Daemon and all who dwelt in the Underrealm. However, Melthor has begun to create an uprising in an attempt to conquer all of the Three Realms. Catching wind of his plans, Lilith (Melthor's wife) send one of her servants, a succubus, to find the only one who could defeat Melthor: the Champion of Vorohah, the Daemon Prince of Madness. But when Vorohah is slain by Melthor to show He will allow no mercy, a mere Champion must do more than any mortal has ever done: he must become a god.

This one will have smut incorporated into the plot if libertine, given that a succubus is one of the main characters. Otherwise, with the death of gods this one of the more heavily mature on this list.

The Diclonius Queen

It wasn't too long ago that the first generation of the Diclonius species in this century was born. As of today, they emerged twenty years ago, believed by some to be the next step in human evolution. To others, they were believed to be oni, ancient Japanese spirits that possessed great power and strength. To a cult among some of the world leaders, they were messiahs sent to become the new humanity. Their presence was made public, but this was not the first time the appeared. They had come before, on various places throughout the world, but usually didn't survive childbirth or childhood. This was all about one man, who family for generations had been born with vestigial horns due to a latent variation of the Diclonius gene, sought to bring out the genes for reviving the Diclonii, locating women across the world who were likely to carry the genes needed. Only three continued before the rest had their memories erased and sent back to where they were found. After that, they were subject to various experiments and treatments to optimize the chances of the child becoming a Diclonius. Then, when conditions were at their peak, the man raped all three women in order to plant the seeds for his plan of world domination. Nine months later, three half sisters were born in three regions of the world: the Queens. But one of them has escaped from the where they have been kept, practically imprisoned, and has washed up on a beach only to be found by a college student and taken into his home. Now as they are pursued by her captors and her father, they must hide her identity and the student must find a way to put world the world he knew aside as he is placed into the world of truth.

This roleplay is based off of the anime/manga series Elfen Lied and takes place within an alternate version of that universe.

The Holy Blades

Long ago, in ancient Japan, the evil swordsmith Muramasa was commissioned to forge three dark and evil blades that would open a portal to Yomi when used by their oni clan. Agreeing, Muramasa forged the blades from a metal found in Yomi and had them enchanted with great and terrible power. When this became known to the gods, Tsukuyomi appeared before the legendary swordsmith Masamune, requesting him to make three holy swords of the same variety to be used by his champion to defeat the oni tribe, who called themselves the Koga Clan. Masamune agreed, and forged his blades from a sacred metal Tsukuyomi provided in a falling star. After they were completed, Tsukuyomi granted his blessing over Masamune's handiwork, the ronin called Kai Ayumu retrieving them and later becoming a lord by order of the emperor once the Koga were defeated. The blades forged by Muramasa were taken and hidden away for safekeeping as their maker was beheaded. The Koga Clan found themselves trapped in the mortal world, interbreeding with humans as their spawn planned their vengeance over the generations. It is now the Edo Period, and Kai Tatsuo now rules Quinlong Province. As the time came for him to marry he sought out a bride, seeking out a matchmaker. Little did he know, a child of the Koga Clan was among them as her brethren began to exact the revenge they had been planning for centuries...

This roleplay is set in the Edo Period and will rely on not only historical elements, but will also borrow heavily from Shinto and Buddhist beliefs and legends.

Return to the Inferno

Seven centuries after Dante Alighieri visited the Three Realms of the Afterlife and as a result wrote The Divine Comedy, Hell breaks loose as Satan manages to free himself from the ice before it is time for the events in the Book of Revelation to take place. In the year 2020 A.D., twenty-one year old Dante Ragnar is a scholarship student attending Harvard University with a major in archaeological sciences and is the last blood descendant of the original Dante. After God sends the spirit of Saint George from and Heaven and the spirit of the Roman poet Virgil from Limbo, the First Circle of Hell, to retrieve and guide the current Dante, the student finds himself tasked with sealing Satan away within the ice of the Ninth Circle. Clinging onto the writings of his ancestor for guidance as he absolves sinners and adds them to his ranks or punishes them and raises further scorn, he finds himself wielding a crucifix fashioned from the cross that Christ died on and a flaming sword typically only an archangel would wield. As he raises his absolved forces through Hell, he finds himself also taking in demons who wish to right their wrongs and be absolved into angels, to which God gives His promise they will be absolved should they prove faithful. Should he succeed, God promises him a seat in Heaven when the Revelation passes, a well as a gift that will make itself known to him in due time.

This roleplay is based off of Inferno, the first section of The Divine Comedy, and not the video game Dante's Inferno. However, you will understand some of the setting if you did play the game. Not necessarily

The Thirteen Rings

It was said that long ago there existed a band of sorcerers and smiths known as the Forgers, numbering thirteen in total. Together they came forth and created in this world the Twelve Great Rings, each containing the blood of each of the Forgers so that the Ringwielders (as they were destined to be called) could sense the presence of the other rings. Each among the Twelve was gifted with the powers of preservation and enhancement, increasing the Ringwielder’s corresponding attribute which of the Twelve they wore, along with the power to preserve whatever the Ringwielder held most important as long as their Ring chose to have them as their Ringwielder. However, the greatest among them soon slew the other Forgers once the Twelve were distributed and named by their creators. He took their knowledge from their corpses with a twisted form of necromancy, going to the Great Forge where the Twelve were made under Blackblood Mountain. It was then that he forged the One. It passed hands many time before being lost, and it would've been better had it stayed lost. However, a spellsword who refers to himself as "Vokun the Blackblood" soon discovered the ring on an expedition, and with it must combat the dark forces that wish it for themselves while a greater threat emerges...

This one may take a form similar to DnD campaign for some aspects, but is otherwise set in an open world.

A Knight Enslaved

They say that long ago, the Creator stepped upon the barren lands of His creation and saw a young human boy, sleeping and unknowing of Him, and appeared to him within his dreams: the First Prophet. And it was such that the First Prophet came to establish the Holy City upon the site where the Creator met him, and those who heard him believed him and gave praise to the Creator. In time, there began the building of a High Temple in which the Creator would be worshiped, and the First Prophet named a Grand Curate and the Creator gave the Curate powers similar to the ones He had given the First Prophet. The Grand Curate was given dominion over the Holy City and over the temples and the priesthood and all others who were ordained in the Creator’s name and to His service.

However, the Grand Curate was not as benevolent as the First Prophet, and as such when those who did not believe in the Creator spurned and cursed His name and assaulted those in the Holy City, the Grand Curate cursed them in return, creating the first monsters. Each of them became a different species according to their own actions. And thus, in an act of hated, these monsters swore vengeance against the innocent, humans and dwarves and elves alike...

This roleplay is centered around a knight in service of the current Grand Curate who is then abducted and enslaved, sold into the hands of a monster tribe.
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