A sci-fi thing (m/m preferably)

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  1. Me
    + Replies every day, unless something comes up
    + English isn’t my first language, so there will be some mistakes. Feel free to let me know about them.
    + I’m not that into smut, but I can do some
    + Gore and cursing and all that is fine with me

    + Adults only
    + Be able to write at least a few paragraphs (I would like to see a post example)
    + Preferably reply at least once a day, but not a must
    + Let me know if you get busy or bored, don't just disappear
    + And please be sure you actually have time for this, so tired of people dropping out

    Plot idea
    Set in a futuristic world were medicine have advanced a lot. A research facility that test their new medicine on humans have recently been shut down by the government, and all the test subjects are released to live their life like they please. The subjects were bought when they were children from poor communities that lives in the wilderness, and have since only seen the inside of the clinic. Now they are thrown into the real world and dealing with it in different ways.

    The public is strongly fascinated with these people, and the media is eager to get their claws on them. Most of the subjects are taking it fine and are enjoying their new celebrity lives with all the attention it brings them. My character does however not like the attention. Dealing with the traumatic things that happened on the clinic doesn’t get any easier when living in a world were everyone knows who you are and never leaves you alone.

    The roleplay

    So what happens now? My idea is that he meets someone and gets a friend (and maybe more?). Someone who supports him through all this and helps him get through his nightmares, and shows him what the real world looks like. I don't really want anything more bad stuff happening to him right away, but after some time I'm definitely up for some action and drama. I would prefer doing MxM, but I can maybe do FxM. Won't be any romance then though, the character I have in mind is gay. He is also originally deaf, but I might be willing to drop that if you want.

    PM me if you're interested.
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  2. Have to open this again, because the other person dropped out after one post...
  3. That sounds really interesting. I"ll give it a try.
  4. I'm looking, once again. Will probably be a bit picky about who I write with this time, so don't be offended if I say no. And if you are one of those who just disappear, don't pm me. And no, I'm not interested in other plots right now.