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  1. Hi there!

    So, my request goes as follows:

    Name: Venedrict Grüne
    (how does this character hold themselves, do they have proper posture, are they focused in on the viewer or staring off in spaaaaaace, do they smile or are they angry. expressions, stance, and action.) Ven's a pretty fun guy - he's full of life, and loves messing around and trying everything. He's sometimes seen as a little hyper and childish, sort of like Nora if you know the RWBY series, though perhaps not THAT far. He's always got a grin on his face, and is usually a happy guy.
    Physique: He's got pretty damn good agility, so his physique is lean and muscular.
    Clothing: He wears a dark undershirt, a green heavy jacket, and a brown leather strap across his chest. His shoulders, forearms, legs and chest have some basic, dark green metal armour plating, nothing too big, just to protect the important stuff while retaining mobility. He wears sort of combat trousers, maybe something like Khakis. I'm not sure on the colour of those, so I'll leave that to you! His feet have some decent boots on them as well.
    Something like a dense, almost jungly forest would be fantastic, but this is in no way necessary,
    Weapons: He has twin hook swords (fu tao) called Emerald and Verdant. They're identical, and very versatile. They can hang from his belt on either side. They have three forms: their basic sword form, which is how I'd like them depicted, but they can also launch the end as a grappling hook, or split at intervals along the length to become a bladed whip. This would mean small lines at these intervals along the length of the blade to show this. The basic sword form has the blade with a hook at the end, one side being bladed, the other simply bevelled, flat or such to allow use of the hook. There is a bladed guard to protect the hands, similar to the traditional crescent guard, but curved in the other direction, that is convex not concave, and they flow into the small dagger-like blade extending from the pommel.
    I'm willing to pay up to £5.00 (note that it's £ and not $) for this if it's of reasonable quality.

    A quick, rough idea of his general look:


    Many thanks for taking a look at my request! Please ask any questions if you're at all interested!
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  2. (May I try my hand at this?)
  3. I'd be extremely grateful! Go ahead!
  4. Here, I tried my hand at it.


    Granted, I didn't even bother with the coloring. It was more of a practice thing. Regardless, hope you find it to your liking!
  5. @XxX미친세상 I'm so sorry, I missed your post completely! It looks fantastic!
  6. Are you looking for something matching the RWBY style out of interest?