A Royale With Cheese

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  1. Wassup peeps? And if you noticed yes my name is the Harold Lamb book, I have a first edition copy >:D

    I am a huge geek! FTW. I love all kinds of roleplayng! From sexual to extraterrestrial! I have been roleplaying for quite awhile and in a lot of different worlds and gaming systems. I have RPed in Warcraft 3, the world of D&D, A Song of Ice and Fire, Warhammer 40K ( Inquisition Represent! ), Cortex RPing System, Car wars, Discworld, Dread, Battle Star Galatica and everything you can imagine.

    I love writing! I write all kinds of stories, ask me about it sometime and maybe I will send you a bit of it. :D

    I produce Music and I DJ Parties as well! It's a fun time. I could produce RPing music if you want me to do so. :O

    And as you may have gotten from the Thread name, I love to watch movies, TV, read books and play video games! I know tons of good books, tons of references, I've tried my hand at 3D programming and I love Doctor Who! So if you want a good book to read or a good TV to watch, just ask me.
  2. Nice to meet you man! welcome to Iwaku, glad to know thee is another new guy to Iwaku that I can relate too! ^^
    Welcome to Iwaku, you seem like you're an expert! Haha!
    Hope you enjoy Iwaku! I saw you in the chat earlier today (or maybe your yesterday) and I actually thought you were already an 'old' member... From the look of things, I think you'll have a splendid time here.
    See you!
  4. I've got just one question.

    Personally speaking, does Diana look like a bitch?
  5. What?

    (Hello, and welcome. Im not really here though. Cortex, you said? Maybe I have reason to finish reading my Smallville core after all!)
  6. Diana? I forget who / what that is please remind me.

    Yesss Cortex Roleplaying System is the best thing ever... I haven't gotten anyone to play it with though p.q. And I don't know how to address the question what.

    Well thanks! That made my day! :D
  7. Sigh. *shoots Iron in the leg*

    Does Diana Notacat LOOK. LIKE. A. BITCH?
  8. I have no clue...
  9. *Stands silently in the kitchen holding the briefcase*
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  10. Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?

  11. Oh... Lol I got it now xD I'm sitting here dying.