INTEREST CHECK A Romance RP from the stars!

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  1. For the past few days I've had an idea running through my head about an old story I did long ago. It's a two on two romance that I barely remember, but i have wracked my brain for a few days to try and remember enough details about the plot to post this.

    Basically, it's a modern day setting, but on a certain day something very out of the ordinary happens. Two beings from the stars find a backwater planet(Earth), and have no idea why they are drawn to such a planet. It has no value to their species, isn't advanced enough to make first contact with. Soon, they learn that they are being drawn to a very specific place, and to two very specific people. These two they are drawn to are to be their eternal mates. these two beings from the stars come from a species where they find one they are drawn to, and only one, and they mate for life(Like Ducks XD). Only the problem is, is that they only mate with their own species. Only a few times in the entire history of their people have there been inter-species mating. Now, on the planet, in the form of humans, these two 'Children of the Stars' as their name translates to english, must find the two they are so inexplicably drawn to, and who knows what could happen?

    Well, that's pretty much all I could remember. it was nearly eight years ago I did this one, and somehow, it was never started. I would like to remedy that. As I said before, it's a two on two romance RP. The two Alien's would need to be female, while the two humans would of course be males. I'll have more specifics as people join, but seeing as I only need one male and two females, join quickly! ^_^
  2. Oh snap, I like that Idea. I wanna be Human though. LOL
  3. I want to be human...but they are guys so...I guess I'll be an alien
  4. Let me edit that. Just as long as My character is your characters mate, Admiral, I don't care what I play lol
  5. Alrighty, we have our two aliens! And don't worry, Chrona, you'll be in the form of any human female you choose, so you'll appear human, but secretly be not human. And yes, that could work Lorelei, unless Chrona has objections to waiting for another partner? If so, we can wait till another guy joins, and then pick partners.
  6. I'll let Lorelei be your partner, I don't really care. Whoever comes in next will be mine.
  7. Okie dokie. Sounds good.
  8. *huggle snuggle Hersheys* thanks sweetie
  9. I don't know how to deal with hugs x.x
  10. Now what?
  11. We wait for someone to come in and be my partner.

    -stares at the entrance of the thread-
  12. Sounds interesting. I'm down being the final male partner.
  13. Yay! We have everyone! Okay Admiral... What should we do now. We await your command.
  14. Welcome Nightstalker! I thank you for your interest. Now that we have every spot filled, I'll start getting to work on the character sheet, and more details. If anyone has questions about the plot, character ideas, anything, I would be happy to answer them now.
  15. What if I suck at playing an Alien... haha
  16. Thanks, and it is my pleasure
  17. Oh Lorelei, you'll be fine. ^^
  18. Alright all! I'll have the Character sheet up tomorrow afternoon-ish. Thank you all again for joining.
  19. Your welcome!!!
  20. NO prob boyfran lol