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  1. So, I have this strange idea for a roleplay.

    # I will take the roll as "narrator" or the "universe" to push characters in the right direction.
    # I will also have a character or characters that cycle in this roleplay.

    # Each character can be a part of just about any reasonable whim of imagination. For instance, if you choose to have your character(s) be a fairy, thats totally fine. A cloud of music? Sure. However, you should be able to write intricately about your character. You don't have to be an expert, just a dot connector when it's needed The only background/racial information we have about your character is what you put in your posts. There won't be character-sheets either. Your character doesn't have to say it out loud, but you could explain it all in your opening post or let it come available to us as you see fit. If your character doesn't say it, ours who are within earshot are the only ones that would know it. Your character can be from any era as well. Medieval, futuristic, etc. Cyborg? Swordsman? Princess? Go for it.

    # Now for the plot.

    - Whatever world we decide to start in, because your input on this is crucial, will heavily affect the outcome of the plot. Once this plot is completed, we will move onto the next one with a special twist. They will tie in together, a series of three I'm hoping.

    - This is a sort of opener that I came up with. I hope it's not too long. If it is, let me know. I prefer those who can write a fair amount. Two very decent paragraphs or more. It's also not definite or set it in stone. If you don't want to read it, just skip to the bottom. :)

    (I used first person in this just for dramatic effect, we will still write our descriptions in past-tense, but we will use third person for the most part unless you want to use it for effect as well)


    "I remember like it was yesterday,
    I was in the parking garage to the office building I worked in. I was standing right in front of thee sliding glass doors, just outside of their sight but not quite off the step that leads into the building. I had been humming a song I was listening to through my phone. Then I noticed it, I looked up and saw the strangest thing. Giant, gray and hairy. Tiny red eyes set back in its skull and long, lanky limbs. Its back end was matted and all the way up its tail. Sharp, hideous yellow fangs stuck through it's muzzle. Enormous ears sat atop its head facing my direction. I didn't dare move an inch.

    Something inside me told me that the creature was blind. And that I could be safe if I stayed quiet. It walked closer towards me. Still towards the end of the garage where employees exited through with their security cards. I had my hand in my wool jacket and turned the volume down with the button. I pulled out a single earphone. The creature was whimpering and breathing heavily. Outside the garage, I heard police or ambulance sirens. This startled the creature and it covered its ears in pain. My heart thumping loudly, I backed up and the doors slid open. I opened the second door with my key card and ran to the security desk. The guard must have been on her rounds. Behind me, down the long hallway I heard a loud thump followed by a crash of glass.

    Werewolf, that's what it was. Only this one couldn't see. It cowered back, covering its head, I immediately took this moment to run down the giant hallway and up the escalator. Or could I go back upstairs to the office? No. I'd be trapped. But I'd be so high up? I stammered at the landing for a minute, trying to decide where to go. I heard the werewolf run into the security desk. I breathed a momentary sigh of relief and ran towards the main entrance of the building that opened out to the street. My mistake. I came across a room filled with giant, slender creatures hanging from the ceiling. Grass was splayed across the ground as well as blood. Up above the creatures were gathered in circles looking towards their feet, tearing something apart. A piece fell from their groups - a bloody hand. I kept myself from gasping and stepped back slowly and ran on my toes silently back to the elevator. The doors opened up immediately and I stepped in, scanning my key card and going to the 8th floor.

    I walked into the office, rows of cubicles ran left and right. I walked towards my cubicle and stood there for a moment. "Guys, something strange is going on." I said to my four other coworkers. A young man from India, a balding gay man, ginger and incredibly intelligent. A man with long hair box dyed some dark red. Nails painted black and a cubicle decorated with Spiderman paraphernalia and giant bendable spiders - aka my manager. Another guy who wore an eyepatch, has a dead eye or something and is waiting on a minor infection to clear before getting a glass eye.

    Richard looked at me with his one good (right) eye, he could see me easily from where I was staying. He could read my expression.
    "What do you mean?"
    "There's something weird happening outside. I just saw. You're going to think I'm fuckin' crazy but - I saw a werewolf and bat things in the entrance eating people."
    "Dude, what the hell? Are you on drugs?" My manager said jokingly.
    "I'm not lying, go see for yourself if you don't believe me. Let me know how that turns out for you."

    I wasn't myself. I had no emotions. I picked up the phone, unlocked it which seemed to take forever. I dialed 911, all time was so slow. The thoughts coming across my mind took days to pass. Then each word was drawn out. Then the words were gone and just letters. I hung up the phone and my coworkers were just staring at me.

    "Troy, man." Sebastien, the smart one, was standing from his cubicle now. When did he stand up? "You just told the police the sky is falling."
    "I - did what?"

    At that very moment, I was proven right. The night sky outside started to warp and turn, though I couldn't actually see this, I've seen it many times since then. The universe started to stretch and everything seemed to be pulled towards a certain spot, everyone looked as if they were being stretched to the tip of my nose. Each of them started trying to pull away to no avail. This went on for a minute when I realized I was the one causing the strangeness. I turned the other way and kept spinning and started falling. My head zinged and I tasted blood on my tongue. Had I bitten it? I lost my recently-eaten lunch but it didn't go anywhere. I felt like I was moving and much larger than normal. Everything was pink and purple, shapes started to lose form and just become awkward shapes of green and blue. No, they were auras. I felt my consciousness drop completely. Nothing was allowed and everything existed. Or did nothing exist and everything was allowed?

    I was falling. The sun was out and far below me was land. Trees dotted the area followed by a lake. When your life flashes before your eyes, you don't realize how fast it happens until you die. I felt myself hit the ground but no pain occurred. I stood up and realized I was on an island. A floating chunk of land. Up above there were three moons, all in a line, one of them incredibly close. There was a small pond off to my left and a tree several yards away to my right. Giant rocks sat here and there with giant-leafed plants covering them. A bug - a mix between a butterfly and a fuzzy moth - flew out from under one of the giant leafs and landed on the tree. I walked over to the edge of the floating island and found that it was moving quite slowly but it was moving. I saw no sign of people or civilization. The ground was far, very, very far. I walked across the island towards the pond which was lined with square rocks or stepping stones. Someone had to have been here before.

    Around the tiny pond, there was another tree and just as I walked around it, I met someone I'd never forget. He was about as tall as me, nearly six feet, pale green skin with a triangle of pink on his forehead. His hair was not made of individual strands, but strange, green chunks that laid smooth and each curved downward to a small point. The back was flat but grew upward, giving him a sort of crown-wearing silhouette from the front. His face was human, sharp facial features and small cheekbones. His ears looked entirely human. He was wearing a single piece of cloth that wrapped around his waist and fell above the knees made of giant, sturdy leaves. The man stared at me just as fearful as I looked at him. My skin was dark, I had black hair that was neatly combed to one side and spiked upwards on the left. The spikes were dark purple and fell down evenly. I had a beard that laid across my jawline, skinny body and a tattoo of a male symbol on my hip. The man looked at the rock in his hand and it seemed to disappear for a moment. The man's hand became made of the rock which was a similar tone to my own skin. I took a step back and the man looked at me.

    "Let me make you some clothes." He said . . ."


    # Summary kind of thing.

    - Essentially it's the idea that different universes start folding in on each other. However, it's going to be a lot of universes. There will be instances where something happens once and never gets investigated upon. Take the werewolves for example, or the hanging bat-like things. This Our characters will be most knowledgeable about creatures from their stem of reality. We won't spend lots of time working on worlds. If you choose to do so, you most certainly can, I'd be happy to see them. I'm not making one so you don't have to by any means.

    - Your character may fall from the sky into the realm of where the RP starts out in or may wake up there. I say 'realm' but the realms will actually be alternate universes or different parts of the universe as we know it. Universe is too long, so I'm sticking with realm. Each realm has a separate set of physics that may be completely foreign to Earth's. Some people may come from a realm where magic exists. Because these holes are opening up, they have access to this stream of magic from Earth. In the same sense, people who are not from that realm of magic now also have access to it, eg. Earthlings. Same is true if an Earthling falls into the magical realm, they become magical. The only static law of any physics is that for as long as a rip is open for, their separate laws of physics intertwine, If all warps between the two dimensions are closed, those in either realm would not experience the meld of the two laws of physics. But our characters may or may not know that yet.

    # With every skill comes practice. Everyone's power is the same, their skill is not as these are laws of a different nature, therefore, they do not change from person to person unless that person has made themselves experienced in using it. Which would most likely come from birthright, but there are exceptions.

    - The same would also be true for technology. Technology from other universes may be able to configure themselves to even very 'dumb' pieces of tech; eg. a toaster, to create them into a robot or take them apart and install a simple chip to do the same thing. Beings from realms without physical shapes would have to take on a physical shape for ease of maneuvering the world the main plot will take place, but can also become nonphysical. Telepathic beings could communicate with non-telepathic and normally non-telepaths would start gaining the ability to use it as well, so long as they practice it.

    # The twist- if said ability is not brought up in the story, it is not usable. So no one can create a new law of physics out of no where without making sure it's okay with the group first or if it's reasonable if even temporary. Also, our characters will be fairly close to one another after each of our first posts.

    ~Absolute Essentials which are Subject to Change~

    # Dimensions folding in on each other
    - laws of physics are shared between dimensions that are connected through each other
    - dimensions = realms
    - people, animals, and even entire structures or landmasses are passing between realms
    # Definite plot
    - characters meet
    + they start from their home realm and are transplanted through a dimensional warp
    = they can wake up in the new realm
    = or they can be conscious during it
    = if you have a suggestion let me know
    - the psychic
    + find out who you really are
    # Time doesn't really exist
    - Future
    - Past
    - Unknown
    # Spatial Imagination
    - * * *
    - * * *

    # I know it's a lot to take in, but I promise only my parts of the RP will be that long, and it won't be every single time I post, though it may be frequent when I post to enhance everyone's character development. I'll keep up with the scenery, all you have to do is create your character how you please. If you have any suggestions, post them here or private message me. I do 1x1s too and am open for several roleplays at the moment.

    # This RP is only open for a few people unless there is a larger interest in this and someone willing to co-captain with me, but I'm not putting a cap on anything yet.

    # If you have ideas or certain characters you want to use, feel free to suggest them or even post them at your desire.
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