A Road, Diverged.

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  1. Rules For This Role-play.

    1. ) No Automatic Striking.
    2.) Preparation is required for large scale attacks
    3.)Characters that are incapable of dying, are considered illegal.
    4.) God-complex characters are considered illegal.
    5.) Powers, up to medium-tier are allowed.
    6.) Only the usage of characters that are original will be used in this role-play.

    7.) Speaking will go on between both the characters, as they are father and son.
    8.) The Use of Various types of weaponry and powers will be allowed.

    9.) This role-play is strictly between adenthos and cielona
    Setting description

    The setting is a rather extravagant ecosystem. Which will consist of multiple trees for example conifers, and amidst the center of the vicinity. Will be a massive body of water, surrounding the vicinity large hills and planes of grass will be outstretched about the entire ecosystem. Multiple organisms will roam the area until they're "spooked" by the sound of battle, and will flee as they please. The current weather conditions, are a rather warm, but windy day.

    Rather Nice Battle Music

  2. [ - Like the wind, he'd come. The vermilion hue of the locks of the rather strange male fluttered about within the dim gale. The strength of the winds upon this very bright and rather humid day were incredibly potent. They caused the very clothing upon his embodiment to flutter and stir. The conundrum of winds grew ever so wildly within his presence. He'd approached from the left side just yonder one of several hills, and upon his visage was a look of avarice. A look that could only mean that he was rather concupiscent this day.

    [ - " My son, I await you. Tis' time for you to begin your training. " the male gasconaded at the top of his lungs. He'd worn a rather strange choice of armor upon such a day. The armor was incredibly thin, and it was composed of no more then simple silken cloth, and sashes that were wrapped around the core muscle of the male. It was rather loose and comfortable fitting for Adenthos himself. He'd found that lightweight armor always gave an advantage, and that advantage was a rather simplistic one. The advantage of mobility.

    [ - Adhered to the right hip of the male was a rather idiosyncratic and abstract weapon. The weapon appeared to have been no more then a tachi. One composed of the finest of adamatine metals. Upon the sheathe was the rather striking lotus flower, and oh was it beautiful. It'd painted a picture of pure and wholesome horror, due to the fact that it was stained with crimson blood. That appeared to have been fresh. The length of the blade was exactly 36 inches, and it's jagged edge which still remained tucked away within the thin sheathe was evident. Simply by looking at the incredibly beautiful obsidian hue'd sheathe that was in perfect contour to the jagged edge one could tell.

    [ - Was this man absolutely insane? Why were his irises of beautiful peacock blue hues? Why was his posture so perfect? Why did he stand fully erect and appear not to have been relaxed at all? Why was the man so lean, and yet not to be underestimated? Who is to say that to this man a weapon was no more then a twig waiting to be broken? Who is to say that this man does not cause the winds themselves to sing? Who is to say that this man will not bring chaos to his only child, and utterly put the child to the test?

    [ - The man's kimono even consisted of the exact same beautifully floral pattern found upon his blade. It was incredibly long, and appeared to have three layers in all. The large cloths that covered his legs, seemed to "Float." upward and flutter about individually in the beautiful oyster white hue they'd given off. He'd worn upon his feet no more then a pair of iron wood sandals. This man, was the man of legend. Adenthos, the terror of Sendo. - ]
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  3. [ - A gust of wind has stirred, causing the leaves to spiral whimsically in the art of dance. There, the silhouette of a being became apparent. The silken tapestry of dark brown locks fluttered in the passing winds as Cielona made his debut. As the winds came to pass the crisp, clean air had an earthly smell to it. Though the two stood in the middle of a meadow. Like all meadows it can be filled with wondrous music; the shaky grass blades parting to let the winds blow over them, the hum of the insects moving in and out of the penny royal.

    [ - "I do not know why do persist on teaching me methods, that, I do not simply grasp." He retorted in a hushed manner, completely aware of his place. Though he was the son of a man who loved wearing armor, his style was entirely different; He graced his father in a lavender kimono, that only stops mid way between his inner thighs. Upon the left arm of the boy, he wore plate-mail covering his hand, forearm, and the remainder of the arm. Upon the very same shoulder was a pauldron perched upon the left shoulder, with three fins jutting outwards from it.

    [ - Stockings were upon the boys legs, stopping midway between his inner thighs. Over the stockings he wore spiked greeves comprised of the densest metals that was well renowned as almost being damn near impenetrable by just a simple blade or unable to be smashed by the heaviest of clubs. Adhered to the boys right hip, a moderately curved implement which was still sheathed within the confines of the scabbard; The handle was a pink hilt-wrapping, a tsuba shaped to depict 5 petals of a flower, and a purple-lacquer like coloring for the hilt.

    [ - Though this had been entirely the design the boy had wanted for his Katana, it was almost 4 feet long in length. Reaching over to his right hip with his left hand, he grasped the handle of the blade in the act of strangulation, laterally lifting the blade slowly as he eyed his father. The metallic "shing" could be heard as the blade sung in bliss of being released from its confines. Though, it was a family tradition to have their weapons named. Poor Cielona did not know what to call this beautiful creation that was an extension of his arms-length.

    [ - Upon the boys footing he wore sandals known as Okobo, high-insole sandals that was comprised of a thick block of wood. Normally a footwear that would be found commonly among that of a Geisha. In reality, those shoes were designed to prevent clothing from getting ruined in the streets or on the road of a busy day. The boy had spread. his feet shoulder with apart, as he grasped the handle of his weapon; having his left hand at the base of the tsuba whilst the right hand was near the edge of the pommel. The reason he chose those positionings for his hands, is so he can take advantage of the "lever-like" function to strike from various angles.
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  4. [ - " Evisceration, Bare your fangs! " The male spoke in a rather soft tone, and now his right foot was planted twelve inches away from his left. His legs were parted, and now the males right hand came in contact with the hilt of the beautifully simplistic blade. He'd then taken a single step, and his right foot was planted firmly before his left. In a rather swift set of motions his secondary action was to charge toward the opponents own being. He stood at a height of 6'4 in his vertical stature, and the multiple layers of cloth that he'd worn upon his embodiment fluttered about within the winds. As he'd charged the opponent at such an immense rate of speed. That the winds visibly revealed themselves behind his being, and begun tearing grasses asunder. Sending them flying heavenward as he'd made his swift motions.

    [ - His hand was now.. Away from the hilt of the blade? Both his arms were held upward, and freely moved about with the winds. His palms were rather flat, and could no longer be seen. Yet, the cloth that was beneath the arms of the male fluttered continuously. He now appeared to have been moving in similar motions to a large flying mammal. The blade, at his hip was a blade that once struck down many a men. Men that were considered all powerful, and or legendary. Were slain with ease at the hands of this reverse sword.

    [ - Now that he'd been coming at the opponent in rather strange motions that his son has never seen before.. How would the son react? Would he make an attempt at dodging the "attack?" Will he attempt to counter the attack? Adenthos, already made a prediction as to what the opponent would do. Simply by calculating the motions of his Son. "Even if the beak of the wild bird misses you.. Your strength will become your weakness, and tear you apart!" Spoke the male, but being that he was moving so rapidly the voice traveled just as an echo off in the distance, but it would clearly be audible to his son. - ]

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  5. [ - The boy eyed the oncoming diaphragm, the boy was calculating methodically; calculating the lapsed time period of the man coming into range of 10 feet. Instead of of doing the what his first thought was, but, fleeing away from the oncoming Iaido technique would only be proven fruitless at the skill level of his father. The boy stepped outwards to his right, as he done so he arched his back, torquing his hips to his right as he reared back. Enabling the boy to make his way around his father in a semi-circular arc.

    [ - Already being aware the traditional Japanese sword play, involves most of the swordsmen attacking the torso full on. Despite this knowledge the boy decided to throw his father off, though the man had faced many skilled weapon specialists. He chosen to come from a different height; from below, underneath the very waist of his own father. The boy turned his katana inward, only using his right hand. He brought the handle of his own weapon to his father's back. Only to strike the man along his spinal column, thus, being the first exchange.

    [ - The boy wasn't intended to caught harm, thus, striking weakly to only keep himself aware of his own stamina. Upon striking the man so, the boy pushed off the sod, strafing in reverse to avoid his father in cause he suddenly turned and swung the blade right then and there in retaliation. As he skidded backward, he lifted his left hand and placed it back upon the pommel of his katana. Re-Positioning his hands to where they were prior to the first exchange of blows. - ]
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  6. [ - Now his entire embodiment rotated 720 degrees. In the swift rotation following the opponents strike the Tachi called by the name Evisceration. slammed it's bare tip into the ground. The sound of the metal against the rocks below the surface soil was rather potent. A noise rang out that was so high pitched it would've pierced the ears of a deaf man. Now the rocks of baseball size were being hurled toward the opponent at speeds in excess of 700 mph. He himself continued rotating in the air, and using the wind current generated by his movements to continue riding the wind's into the opponent.

    [ - With his blade drawn in such a swift motion though the winds begun to rotate counterclockwise, and pull the opponent inward toward both the rocks, and his incoming blade. Thwarting the opponents equilibrium in what was practically an instant. Now the opponent was forced to make a split decision. Attempt to ride the same winds his father made use of to avoid the strike? Yet, who is to say that the opponent wouldn't fall victim to the beak of the flying swallow?

    [ - The blade headed toward the opponent in a direct motion. The tip of the blade, came from the ground up, and neared the opponents crotch directly behind the rocks that were incoming. - ]
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  7. [ - Cielona had chosen to remain calm. He followed the principle; "Knowing when to become the mountain, or the stream". The Stream was obviously the boys choice, allowing himself to followed the current. Cielona removed his right hand from the pommel of his katana as his father closed the gap with the slipstream. The boys eyes shot wide open, bringing the bladed implement downward as quickly as the man launched the sound wave. Already aware that swinging the weapon with two hands draws out the full power of the katana's swing.

    [ - He was not working for power at this very moment, it was accuracy and precision he wished to give bipartisan unto his father; At the very moment Cielona brought the blade downward with the heaven's light shining down upon it, the boy simply used a technique he would like to call the "Reverse Demon", releasing his own powerful air current, that was flexible, sharp, and yet, strong enough to halt the oncoming attack altogether. The blade had split the air particles, creating a vacuum as thin as the very blade itself, but the arc of the vacuum was enormous.

    [ - Thus giving example of the wide range that this technique had. The vaccum had come into contact with the incoming sound wave, an implosion occurred. He took advantage of the blast wave to dissipate the oncoming rocks that was going to pelt him. AS for his father who also chosen to come from the same low height as he had done prior. He windmilled the the weapon within his finger tips, having the blade positioned before him in a vertical manner. To stave off the second rotation of the 720 spin his father had done.

    [ - The first spin was only to create the gale to draw the boy inward, the second rotation was a horizontal cleave. Though this was his first time seeing the technique used against him, he only wished to plan carefully to not bring his demise far to quickly. The two blades came into contact, the metallic clang of both adamantium implements rejoiced, the the vibrations traveled through both the blades, "Singing" at having to be used in such a heated battle. Upon the waist of Cielona, something was missing entirely.

    [ - Whatever has happened to the - The scabbard was removed from the right hip. In the midst of the block, he chosen to weave the scabbard out of his fathers peripheral vision as he clashed with his son. From the boys right, he swept the Scabbard with a vengeance. Leaving very little time for his father to catch what was unfolding before him. Though he was meek and timid, opposed to his fathers more confidence boisterous stature. He was simply a rabid animal awaiting to break free from its shackles.

    [ - The blow landed, a crack has resounding throughout the air. He struck his father in the side of his head, being very cautious of striking his old man in the temple. This was not a battle to the death, but, only a sparring match to gauge his own skill and technique to see what needed improvement from there. - ]
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  8. [ - The strike to the cranium was nothing at all. For he knew all that was required for he himself to do was thrust his cranium into the strike in order to shatter the opponents scabbard and send part of it barreling back into the opponents right optic. Temporarily blinding the opponent upon the right side, and being that the opponent was now blinded. The tachi was much more slippery then the opponents blade when it came to bending. Now the flying swallow slipped past the opponents blade, and allowing him to continue a 210 degree spin. The reversed end of the blade which was dull and incredibly blunt came in contact with the opponents right shoulder, and the opponent never would've seen it coming.

    [ - He'd used the momentum from the reverse blade impacting the shoulder of his Son. To propel himself forth and behind the opponent. Now he'd brought the sheathe of evisceration toward the opponents right ear. Using the already forward momentum. This allowed him to deliver a crushing blow to the opponents ear, only doing minor damage, and being enough to completely disorient the opponent. Leaving a ring in the opponents ear, and the opponent temporarily blind.

    [ - " You, my son have grown to become more and more powerful over the years. You've learned to strike swiftly, and mercilessly like the flame which sets ablaze the meadow. Though, flying glass dragon technique has never been beaten, and never will be.. Check, Mate." Spoke the male, he was proud of his son

    [ - Now with that being said the blade that struck the opponents shoulder carried through with the motion and descended hell-ward. Landing in between the legs of the opponent, but from behind.. The winds forced the opponent in the opposite direction as well as the blade, leaving the opponent to land face first upon the ground. Due to the fact that the winds that were already moving counter clockwise begun thwarting the opponents equilibrium in the previous turn. - ]
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  9. [ - As the obscene oncoming headbutt hurtling toward his beloved scabbard. Cielona, had chosen not to offer a resistance, simply releasing the scabbard from his grasp. Now that the scabbard offered no resistance, the likes of his father had simply sent the scabbard barreling backwards, having it avoiding being smashed due to the fine wood reinforced with an adamantium inlay to abhor powerful strikes. As for the force his father applied upon the scabbard, the scabbard was the conduit, due to the object itself not actually being in motion, it "bit" back with equal opposing force.

    [ - Leaving the man to split his own skill open. Droplets of aqua de vitae, plopped onto the ground. Profound bleeding was apparent upon the open fracture, covering the wound itself in a velvet red. To address the oncoming blade that was heading toward his ear, the boy called to the next principle upon his head; "Akemi". This was the act of allowing his body to naturally fall backward and out of harms way, leaving the blades edge to whisk over him, cutting several strands of hair from his lovely locks.

    [ - Upon performing the evasive maneuver successfully, Cielona torqued yet again, to his right. Placing his right palm upon the ground as he in the midst of the turn. He used his palm as leverage, then pushed off of it as he swept his legs beneath the old mans footing. A graceful arc has transpired, he swept his father as if he we leaves that needed to be removed from the land to attend to keeping the pastures tidy. As his father had fallen, the boy had already positioned himself, bent at the knee.

    [ - His father was indeed going to fall straight onto the boys left knee. Heavenward, Cielona called upon the "Bhuddist Palm Descending from Heaven". A simple palm thrust came toward his fathers chest with the intent to knock the wind out of him to conclude this exchange of blows promptly without over exerting himself. - ]
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  10. [ - Now he would make use of the god speeds. Faster then what could've been called instantaneous he'd sprang upward, and due to the fact that he'd had extreme pain tolerance. The blood that leaked from his cranium was never felt, it'd simply descended upon his visage, and been allowed to coat the left side of his visage. Now he would be several feet behind the opponent, approximately 5. He'd moved to grasp hold of the hilt of, Evisceration. Before the rather odd footwork began.

    [ - "Shukoshi-No-Shyungai!" The male spoke in a rather incredibly loud tone. Before the ground where the man once stood shattered entirely, the earth beneath practically crumbled. All that was seen of the males embodiment was a large piece of the cloth he'd worn that was once upon his embodiment. The entire sleeve, and part of the region where it would've covered his shoulder was left behind. Now in a crescent moon shaped motion a rather incredibly large series of sounds that were the equivalent of grenades going off could've been heard at a close range..

    [ - The speeds of the Shukoshi-No-Shyungai were far beyond that of the god speeds. The opponent couldn't possibly see him, but only notice that the ground below was crumbling beneath his feet. The attack that laid waste to entire landscapes. Tore asunder the gut of a minotaur, and rivaled the likes of the Leviathan begun to destroy the landscape. The earth below the opponents position begun to shake, violently. Almost as if an earthquake were brought about to the lands, but no..

    [ - This was the sheer force of the feet of Adenthos impacting the ground. With this technique he could move faster, and much more efficiently without damaging his body as a result of the technique. The end of the reverse blade was brought upward vertically, and yet it'd remained sheathed, but in the air simultaneously spinning at one hundred and eighty degree rotations. The winds moved at such an accelerated rate that the blades of grasses themselves that were torn upward as well as the large chunks of earth flew toward the opponent from the front.

    [ - From the back of the opponents cranium came an incredibly large tree, with large roots still freshly removed from the grounds came toward the opponent in excess of 800 miles per hour. Setting the tree ablaze, as well as leaving the opponent surrounded by a large ring of fire due to the amount of air friction that was produced as a result of such an attack.. What sheer brutality was this? - ]
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  11. [ - The boy had already predicted that his own father would call upon the variety of family techniques just to incapacitate his own son. Albiet, the boy was aware they he may have posed a challenge to this master swordsman if he had the gauss to beckoned a high speed movement with concussive force. Cielona himself called upon the Godspeed himself, riding upon the force his father had executed which had caused the earth beneath them to crumble followed by the oncoming salvo of rocks. This was his own modification to the godspeed, he simply tossed off his pauldron. Leaving his father's eye to keep track of the lone article of his clothing.

    [ - "Utsemi!" The boy exclaimed. Though he was unaware of his father's current locale, but, he knew the instant the godspeed was executed thanks to the earth being evident. Utsusemi was a reference to that of the molting of an insect. The "Shell" of its the boys wares was left to be struck in his place. There, he found his father as he struck the shoulder pauldron. Cielona decided he could not no longer run experimental attack. He turn the blade outwards with both hands.

    [ - "Scream!" He yelled outwards. He swept the blade with such tenacity. The blade itself begun to cleave through the shattered sound-barrier that he had done prior. He redirected the force of his own godspeed, utilizing the forces upon his own body as a conduit to perform the cast-off. Releasing a highly condensed vacuum wave. The attack itself took force of a crescent moon akin, to his father's attack that preceded it. Though this attack of his own was unnamed, it seemed to rival his own fathers with the very same attack force and destructive force.

    [ - Leaving his father who has still followed the Utsuemi wide open. The force itself was concussive even possibly surpassing his own fathers wrath. Though he was timid he sought to end it here. Having the man bisected horizontally at the waist. As a result from the force, it would shower from overhead. Like pastel colored oils the boy would paint the sod as if it were his canvas. His father's demise was brought briefly by using his own immense speed and combining it with his own speed to accelerate to keep pace.

    [ - The force of the vacuum was immense that it swept up the earth itself, coating the battlefield in plumb of dust, the dust itself was to smother the dancing flames to cease being contained within the confines of the circle. Cielona reached into the opening of his kimono, pulling out a white cloth from the locale. He brought the cloth to the blades edge, only to clean the stained blade. "You were formidable, but, someday the student shall surpass the teacher. A new age as you elder folk would call it. I thank you for parting your knowledge onto me, I will carry it with me into the battlefield and make our family proud." He declared with a new found conviction, to uphold his family's honor, by being honor-bound himself.
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  12. [ - He'd known now being that he was moving far faster then the god speeds, he would immediately grasp hold of his own blade. That was still rotating in mid air, immediately it was unsheathed , and now that his son made use of his own force against he himself. He knew that the speeds were practically even, but the fact that his son forgot about several things. The ring of fire which surrounded his son only would've taken a matter of time before his son would've been incapacitated along with his elderly father..

    [ - The after image of his father appeared at the left side of the opponent, before the true image appeared at the right side, and the opponent would be stricken in the jaw immediately. Yet, simultaneously it'd struck the opponents collar bone in a diagonal motion. Meaning that the sheer force behind the blow would simultaneously shatter the ribcage, the collar bone, and obstruct the jaw of the opponent, sending the opponent barreling into the ground. Thanks to the opponent thrusting a vacuum force wind through the fire it'd created an opening for the counter attack..

    [ - Now what was left of his fathers tattered clothing, was merely the large region of cloth that covered his lower body, the entire torso was exposed. As were the several hundreds of scars that were visible upon the embodiment of the elderly male. His own right eye was closed, and the crimson fluids still ran from his visage.. The blade would've been sheathed, and a rather large retaliation of wind would've been generated by the sheer force of the hilt colliding with the sheathe. Dispelling the flames.

    [ - "You've done quite well my boy.. You've done well.. - ]
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