A Righteous Kill

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    I am somewhat of an otaku for samurai. I have a storyline; very simple, doesn't have to include sex if you don't want it to.

    It begins in during the late years of the Ashikkaga shogunate when turmoil is brooding over the land. A lone samurai, now a ronin but once an envoy, a voice of reason to the shogunate's ear is now a wanderer. He comes upon a village only through conflict and he is wounded and the villagers take care of him. To repay them, as he has no money--he offers his services as a samurai. An unheard of thing, a samurai being a servant to simple farmers.

    But it is soon found out that this is no mere swordsman. He is a Kensei, a sword saint. He is wise which draws the fancy of a 15 year old girl to him, but he also looked up to by her little brother who tries hard to emulate him.

    That is the nonsexual path.

    If you wouldn't mind sex being a part of it, then perhaps, he could have relations with a Kunoichi, or if you don't feel too terribly awkward--the 15 year old girl.

    Keep in mind that he is in his early 30's. But also the time period. We are talking 1568. Women were often married at 11 if it was forced.

    - Looking for someone with good grammar and imagination.

    - Partner can't be overwhelmed with sex or gore--there will be lots of it stemming from NPCs

    - Ask if you have any more questions, prefer it if you PM me.
  2. Hm...
    Samurais, sex and gore?
    As long as all three aren't mixed at the same time, I could be interested :P
  3. Takeda Shingen



    Eye Color: (Don't make it some crazy. If you make it red you will be an albino I'm just saying.)

    Hair color/ length:

    Weapons: (if applicable. Sohei warrior monks and Yamabushi are the only classes capable of carrying weapons. Any villager, artisan, geisha or merchant excluding tanto daggers, are forbidden.)

    Height: (Japanese men andweapo aren't very tall. That is a fact not a derogatory statement.)

    Overal physical description: ( I need at least five full sentences explainng what he/ she looks like. If you can write more to further elaborate, please do so. It will make the exchange of the story flow a lot smoother.

    [Will add more tomarrow.]

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