A Return from the Beach

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The Coolest Kid

Original poster
Erik and Charles, although both knowing they had feelings for one another (beside friendship), avoided those thoughts to focus on the priority at hand. They focused on the need to keep their fellow mutants safe, to educate and try to work with humans, whilst they both fought over their views. But what if Erik had changed his mind at the beach? What if he decided that he would try, actually try to work with Charles?

And, perhaps, they would both work past their hesitation and accept their romantic feelings for one another.

AKA an AU where Erik doesn't leave Charles (whether Charles is injured is debatable). Hopefully they're not assholes to each other too much. Also, I'm looking for someone to roleplay Erik specifically.

P.S. This is my first post on Iwaku so apologies if there was something more I was suppose to include. Feel free to ask a copious amount of questions!

Email or Post in Thread to Inquire! wonderboy4212@gmail.com

Any X-Men character that is applicable to the timeline, which means that both partners are expected to write minors pieces for other characters, even occasionally full conversations between two.
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