A Regular Day

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  1. The morning a boring uneventful for the small town. The news reported the usual that you would expect; people shooting, people dying, children being hurt, and cute animals being born in the zoo.

    And well Loki was sick of it. This everyday same old same old routine of life was sickening. His sightless blue eyes rolled in his head as he grappled for the radio that sat on his table and he turned it off.

    He headed outside of his house locking the door. He decided to visit with his friends he reached into his pocket and spoke into the phone "Call the guys" he said.

    "Calling Guys"

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  2. Edwin lies across his couch while flipping through the channels, then his phone rings from upstairs.
    "Ey' bro! Toss down my phone."
    "Do you really want me to toss it?" Edwin thinks for a second before running upstairs to fetch the phone himself, and throwing a glare at Wy.
    "Who is it?" Wy asks while he puts on some clothes.
    "Do you really have to go to school today? Stay home, I don't want to be here all alone. And it's Loki." Edwin ponders at the phone, wondering if he should answer.
    "Have too. And tell him I'm dead...Ya'know...uf he asks."

    Edwin eventually answers...
  3. "Took ya forever...to answer the phone...." snarled the blind magician "Anyway...what are you cats doing?" He asked tugging at a lock of curled black hair. "If you aren't doing anything do you want to hang out?" He asked hoping they weren't busy.

    He repositioned his phone under his ear and shoved his hands in his pockets.
  4. "Wy wants you to know that's he's dead...yeah, let's hang." Edwin throws a thumbs-up at Wy, whose about to leave, when Edwin pulls him back. "You're dead, you can't go to school. " Wy yanks his arm away and glares at Edwin. "No, you old hags are just lonely. I wanna get away from you, let me go to school!" They stare at each other for a long time. "Where do you want to meet?" Edwin asks Loki while he clutches to Wy's sleeve.
  5. Loki shrugs "Dunno...I was hoping you would know a good hangout spot...." He said stepping onto their porch and knocking on the door with his foot "You know...given that you know good spots to hangout...this realm isn't like Asgard so I'm kinda lost."
  6. "Well there's this place down the street. It's some kind of chicken fight thing...I think." Edwin says while he unlocks the door, letting Loki in. "I think Wy goes down there every Friday, so maybe we could get some kind of free entry fee thing, 'cause I'm dead broke." He says over the phone.
  7. Loki shakes involuntarily as the phone began to resonate and echo horribly. He quickly hangs up and glares "Seriously Chicken Fighting?" He sighs and walks to the center of the room, he lifts his hands and moves them as if he is massaging the air he clamps his hands together and shakes his fisted hands.

    Seconds later he released his hands and several stacks of money thump to the floor "You know I can give you money if you need it."

    He shakes his head "Besides...you know what kind of people hang around chicken fights!?"
  8. "Wy's friends? " Edwin looks at Loki as if he'd just asked a stupid question, and to him, it was. "They're not my friends!" Wy throws a fit and walks upstairs. "Actually, I bet it'd be fun. Have you ever been to a chicken fight? I mean, Wy always goes and comes back with bruises, and one time he had to go to the hospital because someone stabbed...so it sounds like fun, yeah?"
  9. "Yeah...being stabbed sounds like loads of fun...but I think I'll pass on that...maybe one of the twins would go or maybe Zaki." He said turning away.
  10. "It's not?" Edwin and Wy, (as he is walking back down stairs with completely different clothes on), share a sequence of confused looks and shrugs. "Well what do you want to do? I'm down for whatever, only if those three aren't here." Wy says as he takes a sit on the couch Edwin was originally sitting on. "Why don't you like Zaki and..........those other two?" Edwin hangs up the phone after realizing he doesn't need it. "Because Zaki is a jerk, and the twins are annoying." Then they both look at Loki, waiting for him to say something.
  11. The trickster simply stares at them and he simply sighs and begins to say "Well, what if I took you to my world, you know Asgard."

    The trickster blinks and he grins playfully.
  12. "Sure why not." Edwin and Wy put their shoes on and hurry to the door and start bouncing. "Come on! Le rs go!" They start jumping around all over the place.