A ravenous Plot Rabbit hop from the darkness!

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  1. Oh no, this chubby rabbit has a mean glare and unusually sharp-looking teeth under all that dark fur! What should you do!?

    1. Pounce on it, growling and gesticulating wildly.
    2. Drown it with welcome present and overeager questions.
    3. Ignore it, trying not to wince when it inevitably starts to gnaw at your unprotected ankles.

    Eek! It hopped into an elegantly upholstered chair you haven't even noticed before and just stared at you disdainfully before it started to speak! You may want to listen so it can be on its way, perhaps even without mauling you or giving you rabies in the process.
    "Shut up and listen, mortal, for I haven't all day for the likes of you. I'm supposed to pass a message along from one of my fellows, The Plot Rabbit, stating that she is inclined to go back to her roots and roleplay in forums again.

    She provided a resume, so I won't repeat what you can easily know, but know that she is open to any offer of partnership, and that she has passed half of her twenty-three years of age playing with you lot. Me, you won't be seeing again, but her you will see around these parts shortly.

    Now, outta my way, fool!"
    What an unpleasant rodent... hopefully this rabbit person will be friendlier...
    The unnatural darkness of the room lighten and let place to the soft light of the moon, both bunny and chair nowhere to be seen.
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  2. Welp. All I can say is, Buckets of Rainbows.
  3. Heh... uh.. Hah...

    Welcome to the site?
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