A Rather Killing Game...

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Fantasy, Psychological Horror, Scifi, Magical, Romance, Supernatural
Based off the plotline of Dangan Ronpa
You have been given a letter of notification to attend Bright Path Academy, a prestigious school known all over the globe, and constantly envied. It has the best education and job-earning rate compared to every school lumped together on the planet. There is no other way to be accepted into the academy, other than to be invited. No level of bribery can get a student in.
These qualifications are needed for a student to be accepted:
- The student must super-excel in their desired area of work
- The student must be of middle school level or higher
- The student must not have a criminal record of being a catalyst or creator of a catastrophe
- The student must be fluent in at least three or more languages, one of them required to be any form of English
The school provides adequate living spaces, entertainment centers, fitness centers, and more. It's practically heaven on earth.
... Or is it?
One could notice when entering, the sky is completely artificial, like a dome hanging over the school on the outside. It doesn't rain and it doesn't snow in a traditional way. There isn't much natural about it other than the plants.
Another strange detail; there are robotic stands throughout the school grounds. Their purpose? To measure the healthy mental capacity of a person. Why are they needed?
Because the students were known to kill when on these school grounds... The cause? Completely unknown. As far as the more science orientated faculty staff know, it's airborn and can affect anyone at any time. Ways to calm or stall the effects of the unknown pathogen have been spread, but there is no way to find out where it is coming from and what it is, nor is a cure accessible.
The students are completely unaware, until a murder has taken place.
When murder is discovered...
The trial starts.
The punishment will be delivered to the one who the entire class is sure is the murderer.
If the person is innocent, everyone is given a severe punishment, that may even link to abuse; Little to no food, no leaving their dorms, plenty of things.
If the person is guilty, then they are all praised with more pleasures and priviledges, like some sort of sick brainwashing.


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scifi, harem, yuri, fantasy, modern, Romance
I want that rp to exist so much, it's so Town of Salem style XD


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Fantasy and SciFi are the two genres I most enjoy. I absolutely adore Dark Fantasy/Dark SciFi, and I quite enjoy RPs with at least a facet of comedy in them too.
If this could be set up correctly with people volunteering to be the murderer and pming their murder plots, it would be fantastic! I'll keep tabs on for now.


I'd most definitely join an RP like this! With enough interested & active people, it would be amazing.
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