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  1. I am looking to do a master and slave role play. This WILL include a good deal of smut just due to the nature but I feel like I require something smutty and without too much plot to advance with all the other plays I have going on at this moment. I am asking for someone to play a master/mistress, preferably a bit older. I would love if this was an Elizabethan/colonial time framed role play as well.

    Things I would like to see would be: a bit of bondage, some roughness mixed with tenderness, maybe partner sharing (If you double I will too), some 'public' as in using of one person in view of others play, as well as any other forms of kinks we may both enjoy or wish to at least bring in for the other. Any kink or fetish is more than open to being discussed, I am a very open person when it comes to such and am more than willing to at least talk about anything you may have in mind.

    I do ask that you be able to give me at least four or five sentence replies, it's not that hard and it'll make me happy.

    As for my character I shall give a brief sheet just so you know what you're playing with:

    Name: Jarina

    Age: 16 (can be changed on request)

    Country of origin: The amazon delta

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  2. I like the idea and would be interested in Role Playing if your willing. I can do both a Master and Mistress but prefer to Role play more either as Female Mistress or Female Slave.
  3. Well I am looking for a dominant so I would ask that you play a mistress.
  4. I can do that. I got pics I can use I'll just have to find a good one. What limits do you have?
  5. Limits? Well as long as we don't go into scat and character death I have none really. Yourself?
  6. Name: Amanda Stonewell

    Age: 24

    Country of origin: Eruope

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  7. Err, no picture?
  8. My limits are scat, blood, and anal sex.
  9. Still trying find. I'm limited on what photos I can see. I'm on my phone.
  10. Ah, alright, no rush then.
  11. Alrighty, would you prefer a thread or a pm role play?
  12. I don't care. Which one are you the most comfortable Role Playing in?
  13. I'll go ahead and start a thread.