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  1. So, ya, I'm Julius!(Lolnotreally). Random facts about me? Why not!

    -Yes, I realize I have no sigs/avis yet.
    -I'm male
    -Lover of Ancient History(Guess which is my favorite?)
    -Fan of many things(Fandoms, unite!)
    -Semi-literate(I do know my grammar, and my spelling.)

    Fandoms I'm part of it: SAO, Harry Potter( Ravenclaws for the win!), Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones, Shakespeare (Is that classified as a fandom?), The GodFather, Vampire Knight, Code Gease, Bleach, etc.

    I think that's the basics....Ask away if you have more questions/tips.
  2. Hmm...
    I'd say either Greece or Egypt. Those are the ones I've found to be most popular.
  3. I guess Roman.

    Which Julius are you?
  4. Meh, not a fan of the Greeks.

    We concurred the Egyptians, so, your answer would be Roman.
  5. WE are going to be very good friends if for no other reason than both being Canadian =D

    Also Shakespeare is definately a fandom! Which is your favourite play? I'm partial to the Merchant of Venice myself (The Hath Not A Jew Eyes speech gives me chills every time) and I'm also a huge fan of SAO and Harry Potter (Sorted into Ravenclaw~) and my videogame collection is a little embarassingly extensive for an adult.

    What games do you like to play? I'm partial to adventure/fantasy games myself (the Tales Of series, Zelda, Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, etc)
  6. ...My mind just flew out of my head, Mini.

    Play wise, I'm a huge fan of Julius Caesar (Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war!). I'm also a pretty large fan Romeo and Juliet (What light shines through yonder window, it is the east, and Juliet the sun!).

    Game wise I'm all over the board, I am a huge fan of Zelda (Curse you water temple!), aswell as Harvest Moon/Rune Factory (Underrated games, by far.). Final Fantasy takes a huge chunk out of my wallet, with Phantasy Star Series taking another huge chunk.
  7. We must've been twins in a past life or something lol

    Rune Factory II Is definately one of my favourite games for DS (I always choose Yue as my sweetie, she's so cute!) and I almost cried when I finished FFX (WHY TIDUS WHYYYYY???) Minecraft is also an addiction of mine, though it's hard because as soon as I start one project, I get an even cooler idea and rush to start on that! I also wanna give a shoutout to the reference in the thread title; Gotta catch ém all!

    What kind of TV shows are you into? I don't really watch TV much but I have Netflix and occaisionally torrent or online stream some stuff, too. I like Dr Who and M*A*S*H, and Stargate and Sherlock :3
  8. WhatisthisIDon'teven.

    My god, Yue *_* I'm a huge fan of Raven in RF3! RF2 I'm a really big fan of Alicia(*_*) and Cecilia(*___* again). However, I'm unable to play Minecraft because of Computer issues, but I've been meaning to play it for ages.

    T.V. wise I'm much more of an anime guy, Code Gease is my current mission, or the Food Network. I'm in love with the Food network...
  9. Harvest moon is fun, food network is so delicious to watch. Like the Final Fantasy Online?
  10. I like to watch Ramsay's kitchen Nightmares and Iron Chef, I love anime too! My favourite is a 3-way-tie between Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Rozen Maiden. Do you read Manga, too?
  11. @ Chaos: FF Online?

    @Mini, Ramsey is up there on my top three favorite chefs, being with Micheal Smith(Canadian, PEI, too! :D ), and Chuck Hughes (Montreal). As for anime, my top three would be Death Note, Kuroshitsuji, and Code Gease. I prefer the manga over the anime, but sometimes it's hard to find online manga for something.
  12. Final Fantasy 11.
  13. Oh, I know very little about it. Only cause it went online and didn't stay single player.
  14. Kuro is amazing, I had such a ladyboner for Sebastian when I first read it lol, and idk if you've read the manga, but the art is gorgeous, I've sold a lot of my manga over the years but i still have my Kuroshitsuji, FMA, Claymore, and Death Note because I still hope to complete them (except Death note, I pretty much already have everything that's been printed for that xD)
  15. Death Note isn't large, though. So it's not hard to completely fill that series. Kuroshitsuji, however, has some of the damned hottest characters in the history of Manga! I own no Manga, but the public library has a few, and the internet has a lot.