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  1. This is just something entirely random, and I have absolutely no idea if it will work or not. Anyway, the idea is:

    Something (I don't know what yet) has caused all the universes to meet. This means anything and everything goes. Primarily it would be based in a relatively normal modern setting, but thanks to what happened, movement between timezones etc. will be possible.

    It will be mostly freeform, and so if I do it I reckon it'll be a jump in thingy, although I haven't decided on that. Obviously, there will be the drive to find out what on earth happened to the universes, before they all implode on themselves, but it won't be a major feature until later on.

    I would also want lots of canon characters from various fandoms, so that we can go into these universes knowing what it is likely to be. Of course, OCs will be welcome, it would just be nice to have a balance.

    So, that's about it. Opinions?
  2. I remember doing something like this back at my old roleplaying forum. I'm definitely interested.
  3. An Infinite Crisis?

    Oh my. I'm in.