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  1. So I have a tendency to watch a lot of ghost investigating shows, the really toned down ones, just so I don't get scared and can't sleep.

    I'm a wuss, I know.

    But anyways the other night I was wondering if ghosts were real and how cool it would be to find out once I passed on. I just wondered to myself if all of the universe's secrets would open up to me once I died. But then that made me wonder if everything would be revealed, I mean, there's just so much to know.

    So here's my question Iwaku, along with some limitations.

    If you could have the answers to THREE QUESTIONS what would it be? The question cannot be about Death, God, Heaven, Hell, A Soul, the Afterlife or Religion. Sensitive topics like these aren't gonna be discussed.

    I want to see what you guys are truly curious about, I wanna see questions like 'What really happens at the Bermuda Triangle?' 'Are Aliens on earth?' 'Can animals really see ghosts?' 'Can people really move things around with their minds?'

  2. I've always wondered if animals have a strong sort of sixth sense that allows them to see what we can't and predict danger. Like a cat or dog that stares into nothing, seemingly seeing something or a horse that refused violently to go into the stable in a storm and later that night lighting struck that horse's stable.
  3. I would probably ask some things along the lines of the following 3 statements, aha.

    1. What is the fate of our humanity? How will we advance in the future?
    2. What has been and will be the fate of other beings possibly living on separate planets in separate galaxies?
    3. Exactly how large is outer space? Is it endless? Or is it somehow limited in size?

    I'm really fascinated with outer space, so most of the things I'm truly curious about tend to revolve around it.
  4. Lesse:

    - Were there any old human civilizations that we haven't discovered yet?
    - Were the old civilizations of mankind influenced by aliens, dimensional travelers, or time travelers?
    - Could we ever advanced technology enough to completely reshape an entire planet's atmosphere to inhabit other worlds?
  5. 1. How did the Egyptians build the pyramids?
    2. Why do humans dream and what's the real purpose behind it?
    3. Is it possible for us to travel through time?
  6. 1. What are the (if any) unlocked abilities of the human mind?
    2. Is it truely possible to do anything, if trained properly?
    3. When can we perfect a machine that gauges how well someone is compatible with us? (friend, co-workers, spouses, etc.)
  7. 1. How many caveman died to fire before figuring it out?
    2. Was there really an angel or another devil on the shoulder of Ms. Thatcher?
    3. Is Asmodeus going to be the next James Bond?
  8. 1. Are we really the ones that make our choices or are they just an illusion?
    2. How long will humanity exist?
    3. What is my future?
  9. 1. What would really happen if you got sucked in to a black hole?
    2. Does ghosts really exists?
    3. Does intelligent or animal-like life exist on other planets outside of our solar system?
  10. Well I only got one at the moment...if I think of more, I'll post them later

    -What were the Aztecs thinking when they did the calendar? Why did they stopped at 2012?
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