A question about the Libertine section.

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  1. I read through it a bit and understand the majority of what goes on there but... is *that* all it's meant for? Is that where *that* kind of roleplay goes, or can you make a thread there that is actually meant to have a thought-out plot and that kind of stuff can happen.

    I ask, because if that's all that happens there... I'll probably avoid it, and I'd like a definitive answer.
  2. Ideally ALL threads in Libertine would have thought out plot and story development. O___O But like any roleplay, you don't always get that. XD A roleplay in Libertine will be as developed as the players make it.

    The reason we have that section isn't really because of "sex roleplay genre!" but because we have to make sure Adults and Teens can play safely and legally. Having usergroup protected sections saves members the trouble of having to verify they are playing with a legally aged person before they start writing sex scenes and risk getting in trouble.
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  3. Ah! That makes perfect sense. So it's intended for stories with adult themes, and not just... adult themes.

    Thanks for clearing that up, @Diana!
  4. You're welcome! :D
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