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  1. IT wasn't even noon yet and Michelle had already been out training in the woods for over 13 hours she had been given a new assignment take out the king and his son. She new this was going to be a difficult mission but she new that she could get it done and she would get it done no matter what she had to do. Michelle slid her hidden blades back into her sleeves and pulled her hood over her head and took of running towards the town of Silvermist. As she ran through the forest she passed old and decade homes from the battle of the new and the old. She jumped over the large metal wall that separated the new and advanced world from the dead and rotten world of the past. As Michelle ran threw the streets of Silvermist she noticed the large castle that was the heart of the town but the king had become greedy and had taken the land of all it's pureness and all of its richest and had made the land nothing.

    Michelle started to head up to the castle scouting out a plan for her escape route if she was going to kill the king it would have to be when he was by him self and that was when he was asleep. Her eyes scanned around the castle and she found an open window that was pretty high up so she tilted her head and went over to one of the buildings that was hidden in the dark and she started to climb the castle and heard the commotion from down bellow she cursed under her breath and jumped into the open window.
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  2. Prince Alexander hadn't accomplished much this day, he couldn't get to sleep last night and as such was moving quite slow today. He had eaten breakfast, done his morning studying, and was now on his way to work on his sword skills. His father wanted the best for him and had gotten the best of scholars to teach him and the best, in his father's opinion, swordsmen to train him. Alexander would go to these training sessions and learn what he could, but afterward he would make his way down to where the royal guards were and have a quick duel with Sir. Leon, the head of the royal guard, whose skills with the sword were without match. The palace life was great and Alexander loved it. His father had made it like a fortified paradise, with all the food and drink and anything that he could possibly want, Alexander truly had no need to leave these walls and didn't see the benefit of such an action.

    Noon was fast approaching, and Alexander found himself simply walking the walls, glancing out the windows as he passed by, wondering what the people of the kingdom were doing. He walked along the walkway that overlooked the throne room, pausing to lean against the railing and look down at the chair that his father sat in, picturing himself sitting there as a smile began to cross his face.
  3. Michelle looked around the bedroom it must have been the princes room it was well furnished with everything a young man could want swords an comfy bed everything. She smirked thinking about the time her and the prince had played duel with each other it had been so long ago she wondered if he even looked the same. She started to slowly open the door making sure the hallways was clear she pulled her hood over her face and started to walk at a fast pace. She passed the throne room and was able to evade the guards she had an idea of where the king would be at and pray she was right she only had one shot at this.
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    As Alexander was daydreaming about being King and holding court and parties in the palace, he caught something move past the walkway at a fast pace. It was too quick for him to notice what it was, although he clearly knew it had to be someone, but the urgency at which they moved led him to believe that it was someone who had no business being there. Guards were silent with their patrols but they moved slow as to not miss anything, but this person moved swift and with purpose. Alexander quickly moved to the end of the walkway, checking the hallway and just able to catch the ends of the garment, the figure had been wearing, disappear around a corner down the hall. Sounding an alarm was probably the protocol he should follow but he found himself too curious as to who would do such a thing, and against his better judgement he simply followed after the unknown figure. They were heading in the direction of his father's bedroom, which wasn't good, nothing good ever came of an intruder heading for the King's room. With any luck his father would be in his study right now and wouldn't still be lounging in his bed, but to be sure he had to do something. "Hey!" he yelled down the hall, picking up his pace even though he couldn't quite see the thing or person yet.
  5. Michelle cursed under her breath once she realized that she was being followed with a quick change of footing she hid behind one of the walls she had her blades out just in case she would have to use them. She did't want to kill anybody but the king at the moment he had destroyed her and everyone's land and would have to pay for his crimes. She pressed against the wall making sure that she blended in with the darkness.
  6. Alexander turned the corner a few seconds after he began a quick jog, but paused as he saw no one there. He was certain he had seen someone, and he slowly walked down the hallway considering if perhaps he was mistaken. As he walked the hall he contemplated that perhaps his daydreaming had got the best of him, and by the time he walked halfway down the hall, he stopped walking. His father's room was just down the hall on the left, and knowing that he wasn't one to be woken up if he had indeed decided to sleep in, decided it was best to just head back to his room. He had time to kill before his afternoon studies would start and felt that a nap might do him some good. He stood staring down the hall wondering if he had or hadn't seen something and after shaking the thought from his head, he turned back and headed for his room.
  7. Michelle moved slowly and quietly behind the prince in her mind she was thinking about how good looking he was and how much like his father he looked and with that thought she made a miss step and her foot slipped and she hit her leg on the hard concrete ground. She hissed in pain and tried to stay quiet. She moved faster than the prince and she waited next to his door. She touched her automatic arm and she felt that it was starting to act up some she new that she would have to remove it soon before it caused her hole right side of the body to paralyze.
  8. The prince thought he had something hard hit the ground behind him, yet when he turned around there was no one there. He shook his head and chuckled at himself for his daydreaming seeming to run rampant, and then made his way back to his room. He was overjoyed with the thought of taking an afternoon nap and not being bothered by anyone, he had a long day full of studying and practicing and learning still ahead. As soon as he entered his room he headed immediately for the bed, removing his shirt, and falling face down on the bed. His feet hanging off the bed he removed his shoes without the use of his hands and simply lay there, his arms, chest, and legs a bit sore from the rigorous workout with his instructor coupled with the dueling session Leon.
  9. Michelle closed the door and locked it she looked at the prince and with quiet footsteps she was upon his bed with a pillow in hand she tapped Alexanders face and she looked at the prince "you better not scream or I swear to god i will cut of your tongue young prince." She whispered in his ear and got the pillow ready in case she would have to muffle his screams. Beads of sweat where forming on her forehead as she waited she would have to take her arm of soon and really soon she could already feel her arm start to get stiff.
  10. Alexander scoffed as he heard the words whispered in his ear. "You don't actually think that this is going to end well for you, do you?" he prepped himself for a counterattack. He wasn't in the most favorable positions and judging from his assailants words they had a weapon, whereas he had none. He slowly bent his right leg in the bed, talking to keep his attacker's attention, "You're really gonna regret this!" and with that he sent his right leg hurling back at the intruder as he quickly spun around and sat up to face the individual face-to-face.
  11. Michele smiled at him her teeth where pure white besides her dark brown eyes that was the only thing the prince could see and in a calm voice she said "hello Alexander." She let go of the pillow and grave his leg and twisted it "don't play games with me right now please" her voice was on the edge of braking she had to get the arm if before it was to late. She let go of his leg and moved over to a chair an sat down she touched a button in her arm and the arm fell of with a loud thud as it hit the ground.
  12. Alexander smiled as he sat up on the bed and watched her sit down. He raised a brow as her arm fell and hit the ground, "You know, no matter how many times you have to do that, I just can't get use to it." He smiled as he went and put his shirt back on before returning to his bed, "Firstly, what are you even doing here and secondly, how did you get in here?" he crossed his arms as he half-glared at her, "Sneaking into castles, especially my father's is a quick way to get yourself imprisoned or worse."
  13. Michelle smiled at Alexander "we'll get used to it and I just wanted to drop in an say hi and how I came in was through an open window." She yawned and stretched "and maybe I want to get I prisoner maybe that's my goal." She got up and went over to a table and grabbed a peach and she started to eat it "so why haven't you called the guards on me yet my lord" she grinned at him as she bowed. She then went over to the bed and laid down next to Alexander "man I forgot what a bed felt like" she mumbled under her breath and she kept eating the peach.
  14. Alexander rolled his eyes. "Seriously, through the window? You could've fallen and killed yourself, ya know?" He watched as she grabbed a peach and came over to the bed. "Now I should probably call the guards," he turned and looked at her, taking the fruit from her and taking a bite before handing it back, "But I feel like that may break our already fragile relationship," he jested. He took a pillow and hit her in the face playfully with it, "This is not a playground, Michelle, you can't just scale a wall and come through my window. Had you been found out there would be very title I could do to save that pretty face of yours from remaining attached to the rest of that body of yours," he winked and smiled, "As far as beds go...where the hell have you been sleeping?" He laid back on the bed, "Well I have got studies with father later and now is prime time for a nap, so if you want you can nap in here, otherwise you're gonna have to watch me sleep. You can't climb out the window," he pointed to her arm on the floor, "And if your caught sneaking through the castle then this may end up your last visit." He sighed deeply wondering if this girl even knew the meaning of discretion or understood boundaries or what was best.
  15. Michelle looked at him "let's see hear I've been sleeping on the ground just like everybody ells who lives out side if the castle." She fliked his forehead "and I've been in an out if this place a hundred times I would never fall I'm like a cat with that she purred and yawned before stretching and curling up in the bed "you don't mind sharing a bed with a women I bet you have shared this same bed with hundreds if women my lord." She smiled at him he enjoyed teasing him but her yes grew heavy and before she knew it she was asleep. Her hand fell to the side and the peach fell on the floor and rolled away. She hadn't slept this good in days a smile grew on her face as she sleept