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  1. Go look at your roleplay threads. Pick ANY random post that you have made recently. Don't pick one that is an obvious "big plot content" post.

    If that post was deleted from the roleplay thread, would it matter? Would it be confusing if someone read through the thread? If they got to the spot with the missing post, would they then feel like they were missing something when they continued forward?

    Is there something of value in that roleplay post?

    It does not matter how long your post is - be it one single line or 3 pages - if there is not something of VALUE in your post, it's not adding anything to your character's story or to the roleplay.
    If your post got deleted, it would be like you never posted at all. You don't want that! You WANT to be bringing something to the table!

    Obviously, not every roleplay post is going to contain some point of plot altering importance. HOWEVER, each post SHOULD AT LEAST give something of value about your character or the scene you're in. Even the tiniest tidbits of information can be used to further a plot or scene, or develop/display something important about your character.


    • Did this post respond to and then forward a conversation between characters. Not JUST respond to another character, but also continued the convo? A post like - He scowled and said "No.". - adds nothing to the conversation. A post like - He scowled and then snarled, "I'm going to beat your ass with a fire poker." - shows him being pissed off about previous posts AND gives something other players can respond to.
    • Did this post respond to previous actions or create new actions in it? "He scowled." is a post with no contributing value. All you know is that this guy is making a cranky face. "He scowled and then kicked a puppy." Now other characters know that he is cranky, and kicking puppies. They will have to do or say something about this.
    • Did this post insert a description of your character that has not appeared in the roleplay yet? Something about their hair, or the way they dressed. Revealing a scar, or an item of clothing that is now noticeable that they always wear. Perhaps they're currently walking with a limp because of a fight in a previous scene. This little things help develop your character.
    • Did this post express your characters current feelings or thoughts? This can be expressed in a variety of ways, either through physical cues like pacing back and forth to show impatience, or nervously tapping fingers on a desk. Or it can be through verbal communication. Them talking about why they are upset at another character, or through inner dialogue with them making personal observations about what's going on.
    • Did this post help set the stage of the scene? The location characters are at is important. It gives you a stage to interact with, and it can set clues about the atmosphere of the scene. Writing about the warm glow of a fireplace tells other player's what's in the room, while also providing more content for them to embellish on in their own posts.

    Did you see the key point in each of these? Make sure there is something that other players can build on and respond to.

    Remember, you don't have to do all of these things in a single post to make it a valuable one. But there must be at least one thing in your post that is useful.
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