A place called Azar

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  1. A planet called Azar. During your youth you are sent to the School of Mastery. A place where children go and train for combat until they are 18 years old. The children (also known as Ants) are placed in a regular school that has dorm rooms.

    Rules of The Mastery

    1. Keep collars on you at all times or you will be replaced and executed.
    2. Do not use magic (doing it once is torture, the next time is execution)
    3. No escaping or you get executed
    4. No romance or else you are executed (have it in the story but make sure the school dosent catch you XD)
    5. Always listen to teachers or else you are executed

    Can you escape with the hopes of freedom on your side?

    Joanna, a 17 year old girl, one of the ants was watching combat trainers perform. Practicing for the ACT, the Advanced Combat Testing. She sighed, feeling alone. Unfortunately her parents were once powerful magic wielders and so was she. Everyday she has tried controlling her special ability. She watched as the men trained and she played with her long brown hair that she decided to let down today. Suddenly two officers came and took a girl away. She was either going to be tortured or killed, replaced by another. The thought made her shudder as she continued watching. She wanted to be out of this place so bad but she knew better than to think like that.

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    14 days until his eighteenth birthday, and Cameron would finally be trained for combat. It was a day he both looked forward to, finally he wouldn't be an ANT, but it also meant he would be in combat, where his life would constantly be on the line. He felt he was ready to be rid of this place, rid of all the eyes constantly watching him. Nothing could be worse than this. His mother used magic, and as a young boy he learned some tricks and spells. He felt as if he had it running in his veins now, years and years of pent of magic that he couldn't use. Instead, he put his aggression towards training for the ACT, Advance Combat Training. His regiment however, was interrupted by the howls of a young girl, being dragged away by a pair of officers.

    He took a step back, and put down his weapon. Taking a spot against the nearby wall, he noticed a girl quietly standing there. She had been observing everyone, not Cameron in particular, but she looked rather sad. Most of the children looked sad, for this was a pitiful existence, trained like cattle and then cast out into battle to be pawns for someone else's war. Cameron told himself he would have no more of it, once he was out. Romance was forbidden, and so he didn't even think of flirting. This place killed those kinds of things, but Cameron tried to remain human.

    "I wonder where they're taking her," he said, aloud. Wherever it was, it was nowhere good.
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    Amanda watched silently from a small shaded spot a few feet from the mens training area. She clutched her right wrist. It was badly bruised from training earlier on. She was only 17years old and it felt as though she'd been through a lifetime of labor. Her muscles ached and she felt a little weaker than usual. But showing weakness around here was a death sentence. They'd just replace you if you turned out useless. Amanda wasn't even sure how strong her magic was at this point. She hadn't been allowed to use it in forever. She figured the reason they kept her around was her physical combat ability. Amanda was adept at fighting without magic, or so it seemed. That didn't make training any easier on her. Countless thoughts of murdering her instructors flowed through her head ever second of the day. It wasn't like she could do anything about it. She was merely surviving.
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  4. Joanna looked over at Cameron, he was handsome she couldn't deny that. However the consequences were severe if she was flirting with him. "She's probably going to get killed" Joanna said.
    Way to be negative she thought to herself. "I'm sorry..." she said. It was true though, police never came unless they were going to do that.
    The men finished their combat training and the coach called the next two people. Joanne's name wasn't called, but a woman with red hair was called up. She took a breath of relief and stopped tensing after the names were called. She hated combat.
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