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    This roleplay idea was originally created by Banrion na Besir, but she disappeared from iwaku early on in the rp, and I really enjoyed the idea so I have wanted to reboot it for quite a while.

    Blue = your character
    Red = my character

    A Pirate captain has terrorized the seven seas for almost a decade and a half. He is used to taking anything he wants, whether it's a ship, treasures, or a woman. Rarely ever did something he wanted slip through his fingers, that was until he came across a young woman. Bothered by not having obtained her, he started to search the town after her, but he could not find her.
    The woman he'd met was of royalty. Soon she would be forced into a marriage with a man whom was cruel towards everyone he came across except for his own men. But the kingdom needed his support, thus the marriage was important. To get out, the princess ran away and happened to come across a ship that was searching for a new cabin boy. Unaware that the man she had met just a week earlier was the captain of the ship, and on top of that, it was a pirate ship, she signed up, pretending to be a boy.

    Genre: Adventure
    Possible sub-genres:
    Fantasy, romance, drama


    So the reason she goes out the first time is just to see the town and they happened to bump into each other and spend the day together, then quite suddenly she has to run as she notices it's getting late and has to get back to the castle. Here you can see how we did it (it's only three posts, so it's not much to look at.) The rp can go in many different directions once they get out to the sea, but I do not want it to be mature and have a lot of sex. The characters can have sex at some point, but the scene will have to fade to black.

    1. No one liners. I prefer if my partner can write at least 2 paragraphs if not more. If a few posts becomes less then it's acceptable, but if every post is short, then I will most likely get bored and drop it. (Prefer roleplays with 3-6 paragraphs per post)
    2. Third person past tense. I've written with first person present tense roleplayers before, and it's just confusing when I write in third person past tense. Switching tenses and perspective in my mind from when I read to when I write just doesn't work.
    3. Be fairly active, at least one post a week would be nice.
    4. Throw in your own ideas when you feel like it, likewise I will do the same. If you (or I) are unsure if it's a good idea or not, send a message and talk about it.
    5. I only roleplay via the forum on iwaku.
    6. Gore, torture, blood, death and most chocking things are allowed as long as it fits the setting, scene and plot. If there's things you really don't want to come up, then just say so. Just like I'm not too comfortable with sexy times, not everyone are comfortable with gory times.
    7. Be comfortable having more than one character. It's not always easy to make a story go forward with only two characters. I will also throw in new characters when they're needed of course.
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  2. This sounds like an awesome idea! I volunteer! I have a character that could easily disguise as a guy too . . .
  3. Actually I'm searching after someone to play the pirate, as the princess was my character in the original and I wanted to continue on that. Like I wrote, the one in blue would be my partners character (the pirate) and the one in red would be mine.
  4. XD I don't know how I switched those up but I can play the pirate.
  5. Okay, then I just have one question :)

    Currently you've only been in one roleplay on iwaku as far as I can see among your posts, and you have kept to one paragraph in every post so far. Since your partner has done the same I'm guessing that could be the reason. So I'm just wondering if you're comfortable writing more than one paragraph? (And of course if you would enjoy it as well.) At least two to three (with around 7-10 sentences each at least). If it sometimes slips down to one, then that's okay. But I have a hard time finding inspiration in shorter posts. Many roleplays have died because of it, so I want to know beforehand.
  6. Actually, I've done a lot of rps, but most of them are through pms. I'm not really good at writing more then one paragraph, so if that's what's required I don't think I'd be good at it. <_>
  7. I did point it out in the first rule for a reason ^^ You might want to read through the posts a bit more carefully when searching for a partner. If they have such requirements, they're usually there because the person has roleplayed for a while and know what they want out of their roleplays for them to not loose interest :)
  8. Ah, Gotcha, I guess I'm done here then . . .
  9. I would like to give it a try. I think making a whole ship of characters would be fun.
  10. YAY \(^o^)/

    Something you want to ask or discuss before we start or do you want to jump into it right away? It's just to discuss along the way if something would come to mind :)
  11. Jump in right away.
  12. Ok, I'll be writing up the first post and send you the link as fast as it's done ^^
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