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  1. (I didn't check any of the things because I didn't know what worked with these >.> )

    So, I've been off the Iwaku radar for a long while now. It has only been in the last couple weeks that I've been visiting regularly. BUT! In those two weeks, I've found myself a couple partners. I love my partners. They are dear to me, but I would greatly appreciate more! I am on a roleplaying high! MUST SATISFY.

    Anywho, I have a few bits of pieces of something that may resemble a plot floating about in my head. One of the plots is one I've kind of done before but would like to try again and one is something that I've thought up in my mind after looking at someone's house on my road every time I drive by -creepy heavy breathing-

    But no, really. If you're interested in that plot, which I shall outline down below, I will explain to you my thought processes surrounding the house and a couple things I've seen that my mind has gone wild with!

    If you haven't totally lost interest in what I have to say, and I truly hope you haven't, you can keep scrolling to see everything I would like to do! As I mentioned earlier, I will list some pre-formed things then following those would be pairings I wouldn't mind trying out. Normally my pairings are cliche high school things because sometimes you need just a fluff, light roleplay.. ya know what I'm saying!?

    Historical (open)

    A local doctor owned a peaceful estate and a small practice. He and his family led normal lives for their time. Until one day, troops marched onto their land (we can decide Union or Confederate). They pitched their tents, officers expected a place to stay, and asked that the doctor treat their soldiers. Now, the doctor had a couple daughter. Because he couldn't take care of all the soldiers, he would send his wife and daughter out among the tents to hand out food and water. His youngest daughter soon fancied herself a soldier. This soldier didn't think much of their idle flirting, lusty looks, and chance meetings, but she read a lot into it. When it was time for them to march out, the daughter couldn't stand the fact she would never see her soldier. Late in the night, she cut off her hair, bound her breasts, and donned a soldier's uniform to march off with his division.

    Neighbor's House (open)

    It's a Sheriff and his pretty little wife. They have a toddler. Their whole world was together. Or so they made everyone believe, but their house showed of the storm it held. The lawn was unkempt, his Sheriff car sat outside the house constantly, mud covered the front door. Instead of the support of his wife, he ran to alcohol. Soon, the person he loved so much had bruises on her face. In her mind, her life was falling apart. Then.... he lost his job. His Sheriff car was no longer sitting in the drive way all the time, but he sat in his recliner, beer in hand, in the dark.

    Willy Nilly Pairings:
    • Best Friend's Dad/Best Friend (hope that isn't confusing)
    • Married Man/Some Random Female (kinda have an idea)
    • Demon/Angel (kinda have an idea)
    • Step Dad/Step Daughter

    • I would love at least two paragraphs
    • I do not mind playing male, but I do have a couple roles I would prefer
    • Spelling! I love words spelled correctly but typos happen; we are human
    • Plot with me! I don't want to run this alone
    • Communication OOC is greatly appreciated! I love talking

    Soooooo, all that said, and if you're still with me, either post below or PM me. Both forms of notification work. If you don't see something up here that really interests you but you'd still like a partner, throw an idea my way! But pllleeeaasseee, don't get your feelings hurt if I don't like it.
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  2. I'm preeeetty interested in Step dad/Step daughter, but I'd like to play the step daughter.
    However, I'm always open to doubling, if you are!
  3. No bigs :D those were one of the pairings I didn't care where I ended up ^.^ PM me and we can hash everything out
  4. I'd love to do a roleplay with you! I'll be PMing you shortly! (:
  5. Hi there, The civil war RP sound very interesting, PM me if it is still open.
  6. I wouldn't mind plotting something out with you.
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