WORLD SHOWCASE A.P.C.F: Alice Cross Character Profile

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    Full Name: Alice Cross
    Age: 21
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: undecided
    Personality: She is a simple friendly girl who is a little clumsy. She is is very knowledgeable in plants of all kinds but outside of that, she can seem a little slow. She loves to help others but looks down upon people who are lazy or abuse her kindness. She also a hard working girl and is not afraid to get down and dirty with the guys. She also prefers to do her own work and does not like other people helping her.
    "With a little bit of kindness, water, and sun... the smallest of seeds can become the tallest of trees."
    Extra Information:
    She was the 1st daughter of a farmer but because she was a girl, her father would not pass down the farm to her. No matter how much she learned in school or master the chores around farm. Her younger and less aspiring brother was the one who was promised to take over.

    She also always carries around 2 books. 1 is a small encyclopedia of plants around the world. The other one is a journal to record the different plants she will find on the new planet. (Yes she is a decent artist)

    She also has a degree in Biology

    These things will be added after the IC is started:
    Occupation Title:
    Currency Amount:

    Inventory Slots:
    1 Earth Plant Encyclopedia
    1 Flora Journal


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