WORLD SHOWCASE A.P. C.F: Aaron Krim Character Profile

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  1. This character profile belongs to the group roleplay; A Planet to Colonize: Floranota


    Full Name
    Aaron Krim





    Ruthless, though not to the point of being sadistic, he is a poignant man who likes to have things done and complete on an orderly time scale. He has a soft spot for women, kids, and animals. Which in general means he seems to detest most other men, though he doesnt personally have anything against them. Frequently charges into dangerous situations with reckless abandon. However at heart he's a good man who will likely never refuse a cry for help. He was jaded with the world he once lived and now with this new's a fresh start.

    (Just a thing, it was really hard for me to find a picture I liked, so just assume he's tougher, beefier and older looking then he is in the one above.)
    Aaron is decently tall, not the tallest but above average, his body is physically fit and decently toned all around. His skin has a number of scars on it, mostly localized on his arms and torso though he has one on his chin as well. Other then that he is fair skinned with dark shaggy hair. He is a medium set body that provides decent bulk.

    Extra Information
    He is running from his past, about 8 years ago he had a lover whom was brutally murdered during one of his cases, perhaps in revenge or retaliation for him investigating. It severely shook him and is the main reason he's going to colonize the planet. He's grown sick of the world he was apart of, the world that barely cared for the death of a woman whom he loved. So he simply left, his connections to the police and other government institutions allowed him to gain access to the effort. He was a skilled detective before this, he worked with the police before his lover's murder and then left after, doing odd jobs and solving side cases. Only other information is he can take a startlingly large amount of abuse.


    These things will be added after the IC is started:
    Class: Elementi
    Occupation Title:
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