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  1. Luke was curled up on the couch, the Picture of Dorian Gray nestled in his hands with the somewhat exaggerated care he always demonstrated for the classics. As he turned the wafer-thin pages, he was only slightly guilty over indulging in his favorite book rather than paying the electricity bills that were piling up on the kitchen table. He would read until the end of the chapter and deal with them, he decided listlessly, flicking over another page. The faint pattering of rain was more comforting than a distraction, and the dim grey of the sky cast a somewhat contemplative light over the room.

    Luke yawned and stretched, setting the book down on the coffee table, and made his way over to the pile of bills. Living in an apartment away from his family was new to him, and the mundane and trivial details of life were starting to become evident. Granted, his family dealt with those same mundane and trivial details with things like potions and incantations and pacts with demonic entities, but that was behind him now. As he logged into the sleek black laptop he shared with his twin sister and struggled with the concept of using a credit card on the internet, Luke heard a loud bump that shuddered through the wooden floors of the apartment and was shortly followed by the telltale smell of rot and putrefaction. He groaned in frustration and walked down the corridor, massaging his temples, opening the door to his sister's room with a frown.

    Black tendrils of shadow were curling from a pot on her desk, seething up into the roof, caressing the insides of the windowpanes in a frantic effort to get out. Sarah herself was standing guiltily in front of her handiwork, throwing various ingredients into the copper pot to reverse the effects of the ritual, with a frenzy that bordered on panic. Spells involving ingredients as well as incantations had always been a weakness of hers.

    Luke muttered, his eyes glowing a bright gold, and the magic started to fade, writhing weakly before vanishing with a sound almost like a tortured breath. Sarah grinned guiltily at Lucas and thanked him, while he frowned some more (it was a persistent habit of his).

    "Forgot we're not on a ley line anymore," she explained. Luke just rolled his eyes and nodded. As he turned to leave the room he glanced back to her, watching her brush a tendril of brown hair from her golden eyes, and added in a slightly reproachful tone;

    "Sarah, remember why we all came here. The others, you and me, we moved to the city for a reason."

    Sarah glared at him, frustrated by his condescension, but eventually gave in.

    "Yeah, I know. A normal life..."

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  2. Ash pushed through the doorway, a handful of todays mail. More grey than blue, eyes darted over names as she skimmed through the envelopes, searching out the name Ashlyn Grey. She managed to walk on auto-pilot, avoiding obstacles as she went, towards the kitchen table. Or as she liked to call it, the Mail Dump. The twenty-one year old didn't even pause as she dropped the pile right on top of the bills as she passed by. She's gleaned the information she'd wanted from the compositions of paper. It still hadn't come in yet.

    "I'm back!" She called out through the house, shoving a short strand of curly brown hair behind her ear, only for it to slip back to it's original place not even seconds later. "The mail's on the table!" she finished her report before she walked towards the fridge. Now mute, she pulled the appliance open and bent her six foot tall self downs o she could peer in at its contents.

    "Asparagus... lettuce.... tomato.. half moldy block of cheese...oh gross!" With a crinkled nose, Ash immediately pulled the offensive block out and chucked it into the trash bin before she again resumed her search in the fridge. "It looks like a veggie person's fridge." She muttered to herself before she straightened up again, her hands finding her hips as she all but glared at the appliance, as if it's contents where all it's fault. She tossed a half glare at the clock. What was she supposed to cook for dinner? A salad? She shook her head mutely at the thought. They'd had salad last night, and damnit, Ash was so not a rabbit...she needed meat! A sigh slid out explosively before the brunette turned to the small freezer, a bit of hope entering her eyes. She pulled it open and began to peer into it just as she had done to the fridge before it. A few minutes later, a pleased squeak slid out of her throat as she pulled out a pack of steak from underneath a carton of ice cream.

    "Noooowwww we're talking." She cheered herself on as she slid the frozen hunks of meat into the microwave to defrost. As soon as that was done, she began to look for a skillet to fry the steak and a pot to boil the asparagus. Now she could cook dinner.
  3. Luke steps out of the corridor, hands in the pockets of his jeans and black hair impeccably groomed, as per usual. He's somewhat obsessive about cleanliness, which means he generally ends up doing the cleaning. Slightly distracted, he blinks when he sees her.

    "Hey, Ash. How did it go? Oh, uh, thanks for making dinner."

    To be truthful Luke had completely forgotten what she went out to do, but assumed it must be something of importance. He decided to get a snack before he resumed his job on the mail, and so paced over to the fridge and opened it with a ponderous frown, before blinking slightly.

    "Who ate my Roquefort? That stuff is good in salad," he reflected mildy. With a much calmer nature than his sister, Luke was surprisingly docile, even when annoyed or upset. He was also involuntarily responsible for Ash's salad-related frustrations, as a proud vegetarian and advocator of animal rights. He closed the fridge and took one look at the pile of mail before the voices in his head decided unanimously to procrastinate.

    "That'll be tomorrow's job," he reflects aloud, as he heads back over to the couch and resumes his reading. It was only the eighth time he'd finished the book anyway.

    The sound of determined footsteps is heard from the corridor, and Sarah sniffs the air eagerly, calling out on the way to the kitchen;

    "Ash, you lifesaver! I smell steak! I haven't had meat for so long I'm starting to make chlorophyl!"
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  4. The rain continued through the night and Lydia loved it. Though rain seemed like a nuisance to others it wasn't for her, she loved walking around the city with only her black umbrella and her thoughts to herself.
    Thunder roared across the sky and the young woman who looked about 18 years or so breathed in the damp air. It was a peaceful day, a quiet day. With a book in her hand she started walking once more. She had finally gotten the book that she has been waiting for, a book of paranormal activities. The young lady was always interested in such a strange thing.
    Suddenly the book was knocked out of her hands, flying into a puddle.
    "Oh no!" Lydia groaned and ran towards the ruined book, "Issac! Seriously! I've been waiting for this edition for a month now!"
    Issac was the entity that always followed her ever since she was a little girl. He was a powerful one, not only knocking books around and lifting things...he could kill people, not off the bat though. He could control people...if they were weak.
    Lydia picked up the sopping thing and shook off the leftover water.
    Many witches have tried to free her from Issac but he was too powerful, if he was sent away she would have died...he had a hold on her life force and she learned to accept him.
  5. Daemon was bored.
    he was so bored that he was bored to death.
    Daemon chuckled bitterly,his mismatched colored eyes looking at a street full of humans,Humans. they were so interesting,they keep on doing things that amused Daemon greatly.
    Daemon stretched his arms,his purple hair flying with the wind,not caring if he was standing on the top of the Burj Khalifa. Why would he? he wont die that easily afterall.
    He thought it would interesting to come here,but alas,it was still the same. the amusement only lasted for a moment.
    Daemon yawned,deciding to go someplace else.
    He then found himself on a small apartment,looking around,Daemon decided to explore a bit more. he was confused for a moment,wondering why he was here of all places.
    he walked to the kitchen,where he saw a young girl eating,she turned and saw Daemon. and much to his surprise,Her eyes widend and she dropped her fork.
    "Bonum est vespere. " Daemon greeted,minding his manners. how peculiar,the human could see him. well this was new.
    Too bad unfortunately for him,she screamed.
  6. Darius walked into the apartment and was immediately confronted with the smell of a home cooked meal. He looked at the "Mail" table and saw a pile of bills and he knew that he would have to deal with those or no one else would. He took off his jacket and shook all the water out of his black hair, he then proceeded to make sure his inscription was still intact. As a golem his only fear was the removal of his seal, which would result in him returning to a pile of mud. That with the inability to speak were the prices he paid to be alive.

    When his friends decided to leave their village to go live normal lives he decided to go with them, lucky for them too. If he wasn't around the apartment would have fallen into disrepair. While his friends were adept at magic, he seemed to be the only one around willing to do the mundane and "boring" tasks that needed to be done by "normal" people. He walked over to the table, waved at everyone, and then sat down and started to do the bills. He really didn't mind being a golem seemed to give him an endless amount of patience, which is why he took the more monotonous chores at the bookstore in which he worked. It also made him seem like an extremely boring person who didn't know who he was.

    About finishing the bills, he went to the kitchen and grabbed himself a glass of water, and wrote on the air using magic "So how is everyone"
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  7. Ash had mumbled a reply at Luke's thanks, immediately feeling guilty that she hadn't even thought about his dislike for meat. Something she tended to forget if he wasn't actually in the room with her. A small blush dusted over her cheeks as she resisted the urge to slap her forehead. However her shoulders stiffened on instinct as he mentioned something while he bent down in the fridge. The blood witch turned around and watched him peer into the fridge as her mind tried to wrap itself around the pronunciation of the word he had just used. She frowned. What the hell was Roquefort? She barely noticed the male leave the kitchen to retire back to his book. Her mind scrambled to figure out the word, hoping it didn't roughly mean moldy cheese that she'd just thrown out. Her attention was caught by Sarah's eager entry into the kitchen. Immediately, Ash smiled at the girl. She'd never admit it, but she'd had a crush on both siblings at some point in her life. Although the feelings were no longer existent in that way. She couldn't help but still be mildly affected by Sarah.

    "Yea, no problem," she nodded at the girl before the microwave dinged and she turned to pull the meat out from the appliance. However, her whole body went ramrod straight at the sight of the blood pooling in the bottom of the container. Ash, you dimwitted idiot! she snarled at herself, even as her body shuddered. A tongue snaked out and licked at her lips as she felt her own blood begin to thrum at the sight of the meat blood. Blood magic, rare and a hereditary art, was addictive. Enough so that it'd killed more than one of those that possessed it. It was the reason Ash had followed the siblings out of the village. She knew she was addicted, and this was how she was trying to break the addiction. Ash was focused enough on the small puddle of blood that she didn't notice when their golem roommate returned. Moments passed for the brunette as she just stared at the wee bit of blood and trembled, fighting off the urge to use it. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to the blood witch, she managed to set the container down and turn away from it. Air exploded out of her in an exhale before she cleared her throat.

    "I just remembered I have an app to fill out like, now." She gasped out, more to herself than to the roomful. The brunette fled down the hall, carefully dodging past Sarah, and into her room. As the door slammed to a close behind her, she slid down the wood and shoved her hair back from her face. Then the trebling started again. Now she remembered why she didn't cook. stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid STUPID she berated herself as she tried to calm her pulsing blood down.
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  8. Lydia kept walking, suddenly she stared at herself in the reflection of a store. The glass cracked. "Issac! Stop it!" the girl stepped back and the glass shattered everywhere.
    "Issac!" she yelled and the products in the store went flying everywhere, people screamed as the dining room section of the store rattled. The knives from the section started floating everywhere stabbing into people and killing them.
    Lydia ran as things died down, she ran all the way to her apartment room, closing the door behind her she took off her jacket. This was going to be all over the news tomorrow.
  9. Luke glanced up towards the door as Darius entered and smiled warmly, leaning his head slightly to the side as he noticed the golem check his seal. He resolved to find another method of protecting it, or something similar, hoping there was something he could do to help. He answered the wave with a nod, and a slightly guilty smile when Darius started working on the bills, effectively saving him from his grueling task and a possible fine or two. Because of Darius's nature, Luke always felt slightly guilty over leaving the monotonous, mundane tasks of the house to him. Although traditionally golems were considered by magic-users to be basic slave labor, animate enough to fulfill simple tasks but incapable of independent thought, Darius was an incredibly sophisticated golem and demonstrated human feelings and behavior despite his "artificial" nature. Succumbing to the guilt, Luke set his book aside and moved over to the table while Darius was getting a drink, glancing up just in time to notice the glittering, magical letters.

    "I'm doing well," he answered after a moment of thought to consider the question. "You? I'll help with the bills, too, if that's okay. Thanks for starting on them."

    Luke seemed too distracted to note Ash's shudder and battle of wills, only raising his head with a frown when the door slammed.

    Meanwhile, Sarah was completely oblivious to the slight effect she had on Ash. One would think that having inherited the speciality of her mother, a witch that relied on manipulation and seduction, she would be more aware. She was a Siren, a sorceress that specialized in
    aquatic spells and sentimental manipulation, who could charm her enemies into submission with her voice, if they were affected by it. The power was more effective when people felt attracted to her, which naturally made her a bit of a flirt. She had way much fun with her power, enjoying the feeling of holding influence over another person, and though she felt slightly guilty over the questionable morals of Siren magic, she couldn't help but indulge in it. Her brother, on the other hand, was a Summoner. Specialized in the invocation and binding of demonic entities, he had an uncanny knack for Hellfire; vitriolic green flames called from the heart of the underworld.

    When Ash tensed up and shuddered, Sarah was at first confused. She blinked, opening her mouth to ask whether she was alright, and then paused when she noticed the container and the meat. For a moment the young siren was just as frozen as Ash, absolutely unsure of how to handle the situation. She settled for pretending not to notice and glancing away, until Ash dodged past her and fled down the corridor with an unconvincingly muttered statement. Sarah stuck the container back into the freezer, hiding it behind the other frozen goods like they usually did, for the very purpose of keeping blood as solid and unappealing to Ash as possible. She then followed the corridor to Ash's room and knocked with the back of a knuckle.

    Ash, you okay in there? We can get takeaway or something, you don't have to cook if you, uh... don't feel up for it."

    Sarah blinked, somewhat ashamed at her attempt. Providing moral support was always her brother's job. She tried to compensate with something she was good at instead.

    I was planning on going to a club after dinner, wanna come with?"
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  10. Darius watched Ash run to her room and watched Sarah put the warmed up meat back in the freezer. "I'm good, but it looks like we're having pizza again, what kind do you want?" He wrote. He then pulled out his phone and began to order online. Technology really is amazing, he thought.

    After a couple of seconds he got a text message from his boss calling in a favor. Apparently her brother's store had had a freak accident, and she needed someone to help clean up the store. Darius thought for a moment and decided he wasn't doing anything really important. "
    Never mind it looks like I'm going out, don't worry about the bills I can do them when I get back." He wrote before walking to the door
    and putting his coat back on. As he walked back into the rain he couldn't help but frown, the rain usually impeded progress and as a golem it bothered him to be inefficient. That didn't mean he never rested, no in fact he was probably as lazy as any normal human, but it meant he hated doing things inefficiently. That's what made golems so useful, their desire to be efficient.

    It wasn't long until he saw his boss standing front of what looked like a furniture store. As he walked closer to the wreckage he detected the residual spiritual energy lingering in the air. Whoever this spirit was, he would need to deal with it first. He quickly signed to his boss that he had to do something real quick, having a boss who knew sign language was really helpful for him. He began to recite all the binding spells he knew as he tracked the spirit.
  11. Lydia looked outside the window sighing
  12. Ash's hands trembled where they were still tangled up in her short brown curls. When Sarah's voice called out from the other side of the door, the young women lowered her head so that it rested on her drawn up knees. Okay. calm down. Don't think about it. she ordered herself, her body trying to cease the trembling. She pushed the breath out from her lungs, counted to five, then inhaled as she let herself focus on the girl's voice. At the question, Ash cleared her throat. The blood witch wasn't sure if she wanted to go to the club. She loved dancing, but she wasn't sure if she could handle any bar fights erupting, not with how bad she had just reacted to a small puddle of animal blood. As a rule, human blood had a much more potent affect on the brunette than animal blood did. Blue grey orbs glanced up at her little chalkboard. A circled 32 was displayed there proudly. She almost snorted, a mere 32 days without giving in to the call of blood. The brunette cleared her throat again,

    "Yea, I think we should probably get pizza or something." she finally made herself answer, her voice coming out a little rougher than it should be. "Which club are you wanting to go to?" She asked in turn, before she pushed herself up to her feet, still leaning against the wood of the door. She wasn't sure she would go with Sarah or not. But having something else to focus on at the moment helped calm the blood witch down.
  13. Luke followed Darius's gaze, frowning slightly as he realized what had occured. He trusted Ash and her self control, but he felt for her. The situation she was in was a much more difficult one than his own, and some part of him felt absurdly guilty for that; the same part, no doubt, that felt almost responsible for Darius being a golem, and the difficulty that must come with it. Luke had always been more empathic than the rest of his family, showing an understanding of others that had both embarassed and confused his parents. They had very much been focused around flair, ambition, and power, things that his sister was much more inclined to show.

    "Hawaiian," he answered Darius thoughtfully when prompted for a pizza topping. When the golem glanced at his phone, paused, and explained he had to go, Luke nodded and smiled, and then resolved to finish the bills before Darius came back. Slipping a lock of jet-black hair behind his ear, he leaned over the table and started to write.

    Sarah frowned nervously, leaning slightly into the door, her golden irises glittering. Her gaze had always been riveting and highly expressive: it was a tactic, along with her beauty, a consequence of her magic that made it easier to manipulate and seduce. She couldn't deny that some dark part of her loved it, thrived on the power she could wield with a glance. When Ash's voice sounded through the door, roughened and angered, Sarah bit her lip. She was ashamed that Ash was fighting so hard against something she herself accepted and enjoyed (though she hated admitting it), even knowing the immorality of her magic.

    "Uh... I was thinking of going back to the Caprice. Or trying out the Black Cat," she answered. The Caprice was a small but relatively classy club that Sarah visited frequently. The Black Cat was one she had never tried, but it looked fairly sophisticated and elegant. Plus, the witch in her could only feel at home in a place named after a common Familiar.

    "We can try and rope Luke into coming too if I hide his book or something," she offered with a grin. Knowing her she probably would, and after grumbling half-heartedly he would give in and do his best to enjoy himself, mainly by accidentally scaring away potential dates by starting deep conversations on philosophy or human nature.
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  14. Darius had managed to track the spirit down without any trouble, it didn't even try to cover it's tracks. That's why he was staring at a girl through a window, he wasn't sure if the girl was the spirit or if the spirit was somewhere inside. He knew he wasn't qualified for this, he knew next to nothing about binding spirits, but he had to at least try to reason with it. As he walked up the stairwell he set an extra protective barrier around his seal, the seal wasn't easy to get rid of on it's own, requiring either his creator to remove it, an moderately powerful enchanter, or rain.The charm he kept on it to prevent it from getting wet held the last option at bay, and the magical barriers he put around it required the enchanter to know quite a bit about removing seals. Before he knew it he was at the door to the apartment, it amazed him how no one had come to deal with this spirit before it wasn't exactly hiding it's presence. He took a deep breath and knocked.
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  15. Alexandria Coleri walked the murky streets, looking around at everything as the rain dampened her appearance. She always loved the cold caress of the rain but she knew it was because of the calming strength it gave her. Water made her feel as if nothing else mattered because in all honesty it didn't, because she had no one to matter to. She came to this city in hopes to be normal, even though that was technically impossible being a mentalist, she would try her best to be mostly normal.

    Her golden curls, wet with rain, stuck to her face as she leaned against a lamp post so she could close her eyes for a minute. she couldn't be older than 17 or 18 but she was more independent than most due to her lack of a past and her lack of acquaintances. She had hope for this place though, believed it would do her some good to engage herself in an actual life. She looked up at the dark sky, "Well Alexandria... Welcome to your new, and hopefully permanent, home."

    Everything was so easy to remember, so clear, before she had learned of control anyone she was around went insane so she exiled her self. She had a magic that was so hard to control, she couldn't mind control people per se, but she could manipulate their memories, make them hallucinate and plant ideas in their head that have the possibility to grow into something more.
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