A Nobody & a Rebel

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  1. ‘I’ll pass, Reiner. I’d like some alone time with my friend. And stay safe. We’re not in high school anymore.’ Reiner read the text he received from his sister, Sakamae, as his head bobbed slightly to and fro to the less than smooth train ride through Brooklyn. It didn’t feel like it, but high school was a long time, though he didn’t feel that he changed all that much since then. He was unsure if that was a good or a bad thing. Watching his sister mature sometimes made him feel that he was too juvenile for his age, but he never felt that old either. In any other state in the country, most people at 23 would be living on their own and possibly even married with kids. Being in New York, he considered himself lucky to be splitting the apartment rent with two others.

    ‘Suit yourself. And thank god; high school was lame,’ Reiner texted back. He grinned to his friend, Orion, who was sitting next to him on the train.

    “They all fuckin’ think the cops are gonna catch us or somethin’,” he said to him with a chuckle. “They have no clue. None of them have seen you drive. It’s tragic.”

    The train ride was short and they exited to surface on the familiar Brooklyn streets that Orion lived on. It was dark, quiet, and empty, with only the street lights illuminating the streets and the sidewalks. Some houses still had lights on in them, but not many. They approached a familiar building. “This is it, right?” Reiner asked. He had only ever been to his place a handful of times. It seemed that Reiner had a perpetual case of cabin fever—he always needed to be out and doing something. The city satiated those desires consistently. There was always something new to do and always some place new to discover. He’d rather be dirt poor in the city than rich anywhere else.

    He turned to look at his friend, half his face illuminated by the street light. The bad half. The make-up helped a lot, but he could still see where the damage was done from when he got punched earlier. Reiner tried not to make it look like he was looking at it.

    “Think I have what it takes to be a speed demon? You should teach me how to do some of that shit,” he suggested, his mind immediately travelling to the thought of all the girls that’d flock to him if he had the driving skills Orion had.
  2. Orion fiddled with his own phone while they were on the train. He was greatful that this was the train that ran above ground and he could access his phone's sub-par 4G service. He used to look over at his facebook. There was the usual political talks from his uncle, the occasional old message from some high school friend that he had forgotten about, some old photos and other things that would relate to the facebook. He pulled up his brother's page and he looked to see if there was anything on it. It hadn't been updated since he had gone missing and it had remained the same. It was a fool's dream, but he was hoping for once. He was happy that he was here with Reiner. They often brought out the best in each other and that made things so much better at the end of the day. He wondered if he looked bad.

    Orion grinned back, switching his phone to some Subway Surfers. He may have been slightly addicted to the game since he had installed it on his phone. He looked up.

    “They all fuckin’ think the cops are gonna catch us or somethin’,” he said to him with a chuckle. “They have no clue. None of them have seen you drive. It’s tragic.”

    Orion remembered that nobody had seen him drive beside Reiner. Nobody had any faith in him and that was something he had never understand. " Yeah, it's tragic for them."

    Orion had always lived close to one of the many high schools, but in particular the one near Shore Road. It was one of the best places to do his insane tricks without getting caught. He had done it so many times that it was practically second nature to the man and he looked up when he saw the place. " Yup, it's home. Right by the first high school I went to. The place was a bit of a crazy hierarchy and the geniuses had mostly their own special places. It was totally biased, but no school is perfect in the slightest. Good old Fort," he replied to him as he looked up. He hadn't even noticed that he had been standing in the street lights until he felt a bit of pain on his face. God, it still burned.

    He wondered if Reiner was looking at it and he hoped that it would get better. He should have gone to a hospital, but he was stubborn as fuck and hated hospitals beyond imagination. " The make up didn't do much?" He asked Reiner quite seriously.

    Orion chuckle a bit as his friend didn't answer his question. " Sorry, it's my trade tricks and well, I wouldn't be so unique if I taught you. Besides last time I tried to teach a guy, it ended with some broken bones. Not going through that again."

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