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  1. (Hardcore kink and age difference tags are optional.)

    This is a brother/sister plot. I'm wanting to rp this in PM. Wanting someone to play the brother.

    Character descriptions aren't necessary, but if you want to make one that's fine, and I will return one. But I'd appreciate it if even you don't do character descriptions, your character is at least decently developed and has thoughts, etc.

    Oh, and I used 'you' in the intro so you'd know who you are, but I rp in he/she, and would appreciate if you do too! Thanks! :)


    You've wanted to do it for so long, but could you bring yourself to do it? To your little sister? What if you went too far, or ended up doing something you shouldn't? No, you would have more control than that. You can't get turned on by your sister... right?

    One night, you decide to just give it a go. You couldn't take it anymore. You know you have to be careful with her though, she's never done this before, and doesn't even know what's coming, and she might not like it. Around 11PM, you slowly walk into her room, having all your things you might need in a luggage bag. You look over her with a soft smile as she sleeps. She's wearing a large gray hoodie that's too big for her. It reaches her thighs, but with how she's sleeping, you can see her little blue hipster panties. You begin to think on where you will start, how this will work out. It's a bit of a rush to actually do this.


    Also, this rp can be sexual, half sexual and half clean, or even all clean if you like! I will accept fetishes that you want to throw in if you do, as long as aren't too extreme. Well, I think that's it! :)

    Happy roleplaying!
  2. you got me interested in the sexual part.. but could it be your girlfriend not your sister... thats just werid it dose thing that doesn't seam morlty right to me. :blah:
  3. Yeah sure!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.