A Newbie Question.. =w=


Darkness Dies

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Well, I'm only guessing, I just need my guess to be told it's right, I suppose.
I saw the 5 word challenge. (*Gasp* Run for your lives!)
If we want to participate, do we just post the paragraphs, or PM them?
Just checking, my guess was that we'd post it. :3
Indeed, unless it says otherwise, post replies for all challenges.
The 5 word stories, or rather, ANY writing challenge is a great way to help you formulate some ideas, and potentially create a 'character' for your RP, or even create one. But like Vay stated, they're pretty straight forward and tell you what you can/can't do. But if you ever do get stuck on the instructions, feel free to ask the original thread poster.

Also, any question is a good question. Just because you're a new, and a lot of people use the term newb, that doesn't necessarily mean your question constitutes you being a "newb."