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Are You A Newb Here Too? ;v;

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  2. No I've been role playing for 89 years aNd blahahah

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  3. Newbs aren't welcomed here go be a loser somewhere else

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  1. (Such a creative title omg)
    Okay uHM I'm just gonna point out that I'm a NEWB at roleplaying. Kind of. I mean I'm not that kind of person who just replies with one sentence but everyone does that to me hahah *clears throat*
    Anyways, this is one of the "Just Go With The Flow" roleplays. So there isn't exactly an entire plot idea as of yet. Just a begging idea.
    Again, I'm a newb and I never roleplayed on this site. So I'm nervous as heck.. *cough*...
    For this rp you can be an alien of any race!! Yay.. but the setting will be at a dark forest. On earth.(Which is soo original am I right) Because we crash land. From outer space.
    Oh thanks to whoever's willing to join. ;v;
    I'm hoping that I wont be ignored though... Because this site seems to be full of so many roleplaying pros and I feel so alone *sobbing*.
    So yeah.. Feel free to join, I guess. TvT
  2. It was dark and eerie sounding as Çaci open her nose, Breathing in the unfamiliar air, Coughing after seconds of the foul seew. - air - her eyes flashed open and she slowly adjusted to the weird looking grada & Quliop. - Sky and Trees - " jullo šan Ka ? - Where am I ? - She Questioned.
  3. Tuleer stepped out of her escape pod to get a good look around. She was surrounded by foreign plants. She guess this is what she gets after upsetting her king. Just the name "Tuleer" tipped her off. The name Tuleer is given to a woman who has betrayed her kings concubines. It means "Rotten Dog". She placed a carbon monoxide mask over her face and began to wonder around. Tuleer could barely take this horrid alien air. Soon she came across another alien crash and hurried to it.
  4. Apperance of Eonna and Gir:
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    [​IMG] Gir [​IMG][​IMG] Eonna

    Eonna had been traveling from her home galaxy. She never fit in and when she learned of a new planet called Earth she had to check it out. 'I rather just seem to vanish than be banished so why not give this place a shot?' She thought as she made her spacecraft get closer to her destination. 'Now how will I fit in? Hmm...' She went over to her high-tech computer. She typed in humans and there pets. The computer quickly responded and showed her a few images. 'Ah so all I have make my ears look like theirs. Wait no here's a picture with a human with ears like mine. But Gir on the other hand I'll have to find him a discuses. Or maybe I can lie and say that he is a new species of dog. I'll do that if necessary.' She looked for a place to land and found what seemed to be a deserted forest. 'Ah perfect I'll go there.' She landed and once the ship had she made it look like one of the house that she had seen when she looked up somethings about Earth. 'Soon I'll go out and see what's around.'