A New World, A New Start

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  1. She was far from home. Far from the usual sweep of wind that brought sprinkles of sunshine dotting the forest floor, or the ginger rumble of ocean as it battled the land. She was a way from her home land, for everything she had held dear and everything she had come to know. Now... She was stepping into new terrain that spoke of an unimaginable adventure that she hoped loomed ahead. The Half-Demoness rose her feminine visage up towards the peaks of sunlight that glowed in the morning air, crawling sluggishly up and over the monolith silhouette of a mountain range that crouched upon the horizon. The jagged and torn vertebrae of the earth. She gazed thoughtfully over the new land, her mind twirling with the new possibilities she could seize in her dainty yet powerful grip.

    Krier swept her cyan gaze downwards, a sheen of fiery orange slithered through the ebony pools that were her pupils, indicating the slumbering power that coiled within the core of the female fire demon. A sigh rippled from past parted lips, drawing her pallid finger tips across her left palm, tracing the faint yet still noticeable scar of a time long ago. When she was new to her old home. She recalled the moment in her first attempt to use her power. Instead of burning the tree, the sudden burst of high energy recoiled and damaged her palm where the blemish now still lingered upon delicate skin. Her muscles rippled faintly beneath the epidermis, a cyan flicker and then blaze taking form within the same palm, having no affect to the bodily tissues of Krier.

    She peered upwards, resting her cranium back against the trunk of the spruce she rested against, feminine lashes dusting faint rosy cheeks as she gave a blink up to the brightening blue sky. Tresses of midnight fell around the countenance of the demoness, having been cut short to resemble a renewal to herself as well as being in a new land. What would this land bring her however... New life? New love? New friends? New insanity? New horror?
  2. Kioshi lived in a beautiful land. He chosed to live there because he had a closeness to nature. He also chose to live there because he was something more than an average 17 year old. He is half-Angel. That is his true form.

    He is still human and can't control the power he has inside of him. He does'int know why he was born with such a gift.

    One early morning, Kioshi got up early and went out in the land he lived in. And Kioshi thought he saw someone sitting against a tree trunk quite far from where he was standing. "I wonder who that is" he said.
  3. She let off another delicate exhale, placing her palms gently within her lap. For once, she felt relaxed with no threat crawling down her spine or hanging in the air. She paused and lifted the back of her skull off of the tree trunk, cyan eyes flashing in the morning light as she flickered in Kioshi's direction. Every muscles beneath her pallid epidermis rippled and tensed, her slender yet lithe frame poised into a defensive crouch in a heart beat. She kept her eyes fixated on the male, short midnight tresses falling around her features as her eyes narrowed into hostile slits.

    "Who are you?" Her voice remained level with a hint of a calm yet demanding tone that edges its way at the end of her words, fingers guiding themselves around to the hilt of the blade that had traveled with her far and wide. Would she really have this sort of greeting to a new place? Well... She had been trained to be on the defensive all the time at her own home. Even if she had appeared relaxed, she was already prepared. She watched the half-angel, remaining still yet ready.
  4. Raiden awoke suddenly. He sensed a disturbance heading his way. He was used to this kind of thing happening in the morning. Everyone either wanted him for hire, wanted him for an award, or wanted him dead...Raiden had a lot on his plate. He couldn't trust anyone. He had a special talent with tech. Heck he WAS tech. After a secret war, he was left to die with no limbs and barely any way to live. He found a way to rebuild himself and since then he has had this special, but at the same time abnormal talent.

    He heard Jets...jet's were definitely headed his way. He sighed. Another set of jets...they always send jets... Raiden popped his neck and slipped a shirt on pants on. He walked out of his hut, which he built, due to not being able to stay in the same place for a long period of time, and looked around. He took a pause, then a deep breath. He then launched into the air like a speeding bullet, making an explosion as he lifted off. The explosion destroyed any trace of him and his hut.

    After flying smoothly in a the clouds for a bit he heard two jets pull behind him. Raiden knew the drill. *please return to the ground peacefully* how about no...he thougt to himself *be peaceful and reasonable about your arrest please* nah...how about you be peaceful about your plane being taken apart piece by piece. Raiden fell behind the jets, and followed them. He flew up to the back of one jets and yanked a back wing off which made it lose stability. He then through the wing like a frisbee towards the other jet. He smiled as the jet was sliced a part, rather cleanly. He then turned back to the other and landed on the nose. He tilted his head at the pilot inside as he seemed to be a little panicked. Raiden lifted his foot slowly an stomped on the nose, which lead the jet downwards. It plummeted quickly towards the earth, and the pilot tried to eject, which wasn't a good idea while Raiden was around. Raiden grabbed the guy by the foot and yanked him back down into the jet, and kept him there. When they were a short ways from the ground Raiden hopped off and watched the jet explode beneath his feet. He smiled at the destruction, before landing right next to it. decided to walk South. He was tired of living in the cold.
  5. kioshi started to walk up to this strange girl. And before he could say anything the girl said "who are you?". While the girl was looking deep into kioshi's bright blue eyes, he replied "I'm Kioshi, i live in the area". Then, Kioshi started to worry abou this girl and started to ask many questions. "What's a girl like you doing way out here alone?" "Are you lost?" "Is there anything i can help you with?".
  6. Krier sighed, her lithe physique relaxing visually. Yet deep down, her instinct signaled for her mind to be on alert, for any signs of a threat or hostile actions. She pulled herself up onto her feet, pallid fingers falling back to her side from the hilt of her blade. "Mmm," she muttered, flashing him a narrowed glare. "Interesting, Kioshi. Very like the names of my old home...," she muttered lowly, drawing her hand through her midnight tresses. A hint of irritation flashed through her optics, joined with the trail of orange that danced over her ebony pupils as he flooded her with questions. She lifted her hand for silence, pausing a few seconds before dropping it down.

    "I am not lost," she began, "I have traveled places many times and I am not lost. And even if I may be, I can handle myself." She patted her weapon, signaling she would never go down with out a fight if something happened to target her. "I like to be alone. And I am no girl. I am a young woman," Krier continued, correcting him with another hint of exasperation. She paused a moment, tapping her colored lips, "Yes. Where am I exactly?"

    Krier jumped as the far off boom of a crashing avionic, spinning just in time to gaze at the trail of smoke that lashed through the blue sky. "What the hell?," she muttered.
  7. Right when kreir said "yes, where am i exactly" , Kioshi was startled at the sound of an explosion some distence away from them. He then looked at the wrekage of the jet as it was burning. kioshi did'int know what to think when this happened. Then he seen someone land by the wrekage. He stood there, shocked. He began to wonder at the same time. "Hey you!!" kioshi yelled at the stranger as he began to walk away.
  8. A person caught Raiden's attention. As he looked towards the direction of the voice he noticed a male a few ways to his right. "Yes sir?" Raiden asked. He stepped in his direction.
  9. "Who are you?" kioshi said. After that he added "How could of you survived this?"
  10. Krier sighed inwardly as she got no answer, eyes rolling faintly as she turned a way from the male, crossing her arms across her abdomen. She paused, listening as Kioshi spoke to some other being, catching her attention as she flashed a glance in the twos general direction. Who was this? The Half-Demoness paused, stiffening as she glanced between Kioshi and Raiden, lips pressing together. Krier spun on her heels and paced forward to join the boys, short, ebony locks bouncing against her cranium before she halted, huffing a stray hair from her pallid visage. "Hello," she murmured, scrutinizing Raiden curiously. Something told her he wasn't in that crash. Rather... She suspected that he had caused it.
  11. Raiden walked toward the two, now normal speed. "I'm Raiden," he said with a sweet smile. "And who are you two?" He paused and swung around to look behind him...the crash...most likely they noticed it. "Don't worry about that....crash behind me..." he smiled doubtingly.
  12. kioshi asked raiden "have you did something to cause this crash?". Not that he was completely sure. Kioshi added "if you did i hope you realized what you done". Then his nice and innocent expression on his face started turning into a serious one.
  13. Raiden shrugged. "Um yeah...totally on accident..." he lied. "Seriously who are you two? I don't socialize with strangers unless they're about to be killed- I mean...um...nevermind...just who are you?"
  14. Her eyes narrowed as she studied him, giving a twitch of her delicate finger tips. "Well isn't that a way to great someone new," she muttered. She turned to Kioshi and then back to Raiden. "I wouldn't be surprised if you caused that crash. Frankly, I don't care. Where I come from demons hunt down weaker prey, skin them and eat them alive. Almost got myself killed by one of those buggers," she chuckled, lightly, gently rubbing at her chin. "I don't think anything will surprise me." Krier rose her gaze back up to Raiden, "The name is Krier and what do I care if you kill strangers or not, now we aren't strangers."
  15. Raiden was pleased to meet a person with a such a past. He had an encounter with a demon only once, but that was the reason he was mostly made out of bionic crap. "Nice to meet you Krier," Raiden said with a handsome gaze. Raiden directed his attention elsewhere. "Where am I at the moment?" he asked. He had been flying for a while before the jets finally caught up with him. Raiden felt his hunger over come him. "Oh, and do you guys have some grub. I-am-starving!"
  16. kioshi was offended by the words that Krier said. He then began to think if she was a demoness by the way she looked and talked. But a voice in Kioshi's head said krier is still human. Kioshi then turned towards raiden. "About to be killed? he reapeaded Raiden fearlessley. kioshi looked again towadrs the plane that was completely engulfed in flames and remembered again what he did. "Do you happen to be a demon?" he said. Kioshi encountered many demons before and chased them away.