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  1. Now, in case you don't know me, my name is Helen and I am fucked up in many many ways. Always have been, ever since I had a life-changing dream in the first grade that made me, well, in many ways an overly mature little kid. When I was in second grade, I had another dream that I actually really liked and have been fantasizing about ever since. Know that I did have this dream before I even knew BDSM was a thing, which probably just made me more of a fucked-up child (I always thought I was crazy for having those fetishes, never knowing that other people had them too).

    Anyways I think I'm ready to put that dream into rp action! Know that it is VERY strange and very fucked. Thou hast been warned!

    There's an island off the coast of the U.S. that NOBODY know about, save the people working and imprissoned there. On that island is a prison-like facility holding hundreds of children of many ages to use as toys for satisfying the sexual and sadistic desires of the "grumps". These desires can range from mild as vanilla sex to as extreme as full-blown bloody torture, with the kids there having no chance of escape thanks to the cameras and the many grumps roaming the halls.


    Prisoners: Kids ages 9-17 that have been captured. Each lives in their own cell, which is really more of a bedroom since it only has a full-size bed in it. Each has their own schedule, including three daily meals, two bathroom trips, and three visits.

    Grumps: Adults, usually men, who work/live on the island, taking their own time to claim the prisoners' visits. Most are sadists and find pleasure in hurting the prisoners.

    Visits: A time on a prisoner's schedule where a grump or two come in to their cell to do as they please to the prisoner.

    Birthdays: On a prisoner's birthday is when the rest of the prisoners are pardoned from all visits and forced to watch on a TV screen in their cell the birthday boy/girl get brutally tortured by the grumps in the dreaded punishment room, which is mostly just a metal table with leather restraints on it. Prisoners very rarely die on their birthdays but often require urgent medical attention after.

    Nurses: Nurses come in regularly to assist the prisoners by giving them their meals, escorting them to the bathroom, and tending to any wounds they might have. Some nurses comfort the prisoners, but others don't say a word.

    I DO have a plot idea to put to action!! It will require a few players or maybe some players playing as multiple characters, but I'd really like to see how far we could get into this. A newly captured 14-year-old girl stays next door to a 15-year-old boy who has been there for two years now, and the whole time, he has been plotting his escape. His birthday is coming up, and he's hoping while he's being dragged to the punishment room he could break free and hitch a ferry back home, never to have anything to do with that island again. But it's harder than it sounds, and they might have to plot a little more first, with him being dragged back by attempting to comfort his confused neighbor.

    Players would be able to create characters, be them grumps, nurses, or the male prisoner (I'll be playing the newly captured female and maybe a grump and nurse). They can decide their appearance, personality, and other details as they please.

    Please leave me any feedback! I'm really hoping to get somewhere with this.
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  8. I'm just warning you that someone might complain again, and you might get in trouble for it.
  9. Just a heads up I believe the lowest age you can go is 11? Might want to double check...

    Also I want to join!
    I would want a prisoner, but I will watch in the shadows to see if more join.
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