A New Rapture, and a forgotten Columbia

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  1. Okay! So first of all, I would like this to be a multi universe role play, meaning, many creatures/people will be in the alternate rapture and the alternate Columbia. So, now since that is settled, lets get to what I have in ideas so far shall we? So here's what I'm thinking, Elizabeth, one of the many version of her, have started to realize and sense the collapsing of the universes, in hopes of saving the universes she'd asked the help of Elliot, the male version of herself. Elliot on the other hand secretly knows more then just their universes are in danger, his seen the walls between other universe start to crack, and creatures and people fall into worlds that do not belong to them.
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  2. Can you flesh out the different characteristics of each world, perhaps?
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  3. Elizabeth's Rapture: Like most of its alternate versions, Rapture still remains underwater, and almost in a total anarchy. Splicers linger around every corner, hoping to find their next fix of Adam, or a little sister. Big daddy's walk among the halls, protecting the only thing they know, their little sister, while all the means they slaughter Splicers who stand against them. Unlike all the other Raptures, this one still clings to civilization, small pockets of the city remain civil, and cling to laws and stability.

    Elliot's Columbia: Just like the Elizabeth that rises from Columbia, Elliot was too forced into a tower, and unable to live his life outside its walls. All though his mother Brook, was not fond of the idea, she kept her only son safe from a rampaging plague that soon hit the floating town. With the unknown Illness sickening the infected and leaving them alive for weeks at a time, the Columbia people were unable to return to the surface due to a intense third world war, the infected were quarantined and left to die.

    (@Muna is this enough? Or should I add more? I want people to learn more as we explore the worlds.)
  4. What are the character options?
  5. You can be anyone.
  6. Does anyone include anything, (from the Bioshock franchise)?