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    “The measure of a man is what he does with power.”
    It all changed thirty years ago, when that damn rock flew just too close to our planet, it didn't impact, simply went by, but the immediate result made you think that it had hit, hard. First earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornadoes across the world followed immediately by a blinding flash of light across the sky, an ear piercing ringing noise accompanying the blindness. For five uninterrupted minutes the world sat silent except for the ringing, blinded eyes staring to the sky, unable to look away. Electronics malfunctioned during these five seconds, planes fell out of the air, trains stopped in motion. Many thought the world was about the end, they expected to see their pitiful, short lives flash right before them, before they were turned to dust, but they were not. This was and still is called "The Event".

    As then, everything went back to normal, or so it seemed. The momentary madness went as quickly as it came, a seemingly freak incident. Civilians panicked, scientists attempted to brainstorm solutions, and politicians tried their hardest to calm down the public, which they did, the world settling back into total bliss within a month of the incident. But, underneath it all was where all of the changes took effect. Babies were born which possessed rare talents, superhuman abilities, genetic mutations like you'd see pulled out of a comic book. But not every child born in the years after and since the Event has powers, but rather, a very low amount.

    No one man could say with any true certainty what caused the Event, but a few scientists summarized that it was a result of the strange asteroid that zoomed by Earth, gone before it could be analyzed. Others chalked it up as an act of God, which was an apt description for it. None of them expected the next chains of event to follow, brought by a select few in the new generation born with fantastical powers.

    It began slowly, the dawn of the powered man. The Event seemed to cause a golden age in technology and science, fuel efficient car hit the streets quickly, by the year 2010, no car in America used fossil fuel or gasoline, instead relying on alternative power sources. Synthetic limbs hit a breakthrough, paraplegics could walk, the blind could see, the deaf hear. Tales of the very rich replacing their boring human limbs for fancy mechanical ones which made them superhuman hummed around.

    Meanwhile, the true superhuman beings, born since the event grew, as they matured, some used their powers for bad, robbing banks, cheating casinos, even causing wars between nations. Naturally, betters hearted superhumans emerged, some adorning themselves in costumes which drew direct inspiration from comics, others in less attention grabbing, often in their own words "less ridiculous" outfits.

    Governments and companies tried to get in on this craze, multimillionaire businesses hired superhumans to help them gain the edge on their competition, while for example, the US military offered bonuses for any superhumans who enlisted in the military, where their strengths were put to use. Many superhumans went public with their powers, while others tried to ignore them, fearing they'd be shunned for their "freakish" abilities.

    Current date: February 6th, 2015.

    Five months ago the Guardians Syndicate was formed in New York City, the first successful attempt at the creation of an organized league of superheroes. Three founders, three well known heroes across the country, Penumbra, Fortuna and Firebird, send out a calling for any superhumans of the appropriate age with a wanting to help humanity to join them at the headquarters in the New York. In the five months since the announcement of the search,a small amount of wannabe heroes answered. Fifty new members of the Syndicate. It was a start. Many were spread across the country, setting up stations in major cities across the nation. The three founders remaining in NYC.

    Crime rates have slowly lowered since the Syndicate began, but, talk in the government circle has shifted towards the pushing of a bill that would force every single superhuman to enlist with the government, it has been talked as a positive, a way to keep anyone from committing bad deeds or they would face the repercussions. As it it stands, the bill is still a discussion, nothing beyond that.

    Meanwhile, a more sinister superhuman group has began to appear, the Collective, as they call themselves. They stick to the shadows, recruiting in much more brutal and secretive ways, their ultimate goal believed to be world domination, but the only known facts are that they have many ties within the criminal underworld, in particular organized crime.

    Who will you side with? Or might you stay independent? Sides will be chosen, battles will be fought, and won...

    This will be a persistent world RP in which the choices and decisions of the characters within it will have wide arching consequences. It is a large scale RP, with a main storyline that affords room for subplots, romances, plot twists, betrayals, character development and other goodies. Recruitment is open for now, and I will allow a very large roster of accepted characters, I'm thinking 15 - 20. Also I am searching for a co - GM to help keep it afloat should I be away (PM if you're interested in that position).

    This is a planned part of a massive storyline, this serving as the intro and first arc, I ideally would like this RP to have an ending where I can move onto the second arc. This part of the storyline will largely be based around the Syndicate and their affairs with the Collective.

    Your characters will be either new members of the noble Guardians Syndicate, the sinister Collective or independent heroes/villains. Essentially rookies in either of the two groups. Your character can be the most morally character crimefighter, or a homicidal asshole who only cares about himself.

    I'll get an OOC going if there is enough interest.​
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  2. Ah. We meet again...
  3. 15 to 20 people? In one rp? Um... that seems like a lot if you ask me Sir.

    But I really like it overall! And im interested but quick question so would all of the rpers either be in the good order of heroes and the Villains or will this be spread out?
  4. I'm interested.

    Read under the white line, and I've seen successful RPs with up to forty members. We will not all be sharing the same stage at the same time.
  5. I'm interested in the roleplay! :)
  6. I know it seems like a lot but I've seen large scale RPs work before.

    Is let the RPers pick sides. Hopefully it'd be about even on each side.
  7. This looks really cool, I place my interest in this RP.

    But I've never done a roleplay with that many people before, I'm excited to see how it will work.
  8. I'll have an OOC up later today or tommorow.
  9. I'm interested.
  10. Definitely interested.
  11. Well ok hey its got a good plot so i'll bite on the big numbers since ive never been in rather large one.
  12. I'll bite. I do love me some original superheroes and villains.
    And, fortunately, I can go for any role. Male or female, hero or villain, I've done each side before so I'll probably wait a bit when OOC is posted and to see which side needs more people.

    ...Though a villain harboring a dangerous obsess- I mean, a bittersweet one-sided love towards a hero is something I've wanted to try for a while~
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  13. You mean like the Joker? :p
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  14. Joker loves Batman.
  15. Still looking for more people!
  16. As a donating member, I have mastery over the illusive "bump tool" so if you need to give this a push just send me a message.
  17. Huh? @Azathoth what are you talking about?
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