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  1. This is an evolving plotline. I'll give the start of it and from there it can evolve and change into whatever happens so don't feel obligated to conform to the original plot line. Feel free to post character information here, it's not needed but hey, whatever. Any plot discussions or just chill convo is also welcome

    Everyone always doubted them, the conspiracy theorists. They doubted them during 9/11, during the war, and during the collapse of the economy in 2017. They ignored them when they claimed that this was all the government's doing, that a new regime was coming and the Free World would end. The rich barricaded themselves inside their lavish homes while the poor ran through the city. Civil war erupted as factions formed and fought for power. It was deadly and screams were heard at all times of the day. Kids were taking up arms and murdering for causes they barely understood. The majority of the population was living in fear and the politicians were being viciously hunted. The same theorists that were once called crazy, now were like a new god in this misguided country. America fell apart as regional loyalty outweighed the nation. We are no longer united in this time. The UN is weakened by the collapse of the US and fear to get involved. What will be the future of this once great nation? Will it be taken by the power-hungry factions, the rebels, or will a new power rise and take it all? Will it be taken by outsiders or continue to reside in war and murder?

    That's all I got for now.
  2. Hope it was alright for me to join~?
  3. I will join after a bit of conversation. But yeah, I think I have a character
    Name: Sol Kaage
    Appearance: http://ts3.mm.bing.net/th?id=JN.698BRHmyHWN6By/SYmw1fA&pid=1.1
    Background: sol was orphaned when he was 3 and was raised by a nice lady until the age of ten, when she was killed in a local bombing, which hadn't had much publicity on the news. A local teen, who sol idolized for having everything from money to popularity and intelligence, joined a "terrorist group" and was ordered to kill a politician who happened to be in the vehicle next to his adopted mom. He rode a motorcycle between the two vehicles and all three were killed. Sol, who refused to go back into the system, ran from his hometown and went to a city, somehow evaded everyone of his existence, and when the civil war erupted, he stayed "neutral". He objected to both sides, the corrupted rich and the desperate people. He wanted to find people like him, but never could. So he traveled alone for a long time.
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  6. I'm going to insert a new character. If any new people want to join but are too lazy to make a new character, adopt this one!
    Name: Thomas Gibbs
    Appearance: http://s4.favim.com/orig/48/anime-boy-gun-Favim.com-463608.jpg
    Background: nm. For now, he is just a gang leader who runs into soul's and my characters. If borrowed by someone else, you can fill n the details.
    Personality: seems cold and ruthless