A New Member Looking for a Great Roleplay Community!

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  1. Good Evening Everyone!

    I guess the best place to start is to say this: I am not at all new to roleplaying, forums, play by post roleplays. I am an experienced rolepalyers who writes with detail and creativity in his roleplays. With that said. I am looking for a very open and friendly community, where I can make friends and have fun! i hope that this is such a place. If you wish to know more about me or my interests, heck my Roleplay Resume, and/or Pm me! I welcome all! :)
  2. Hi! Welcome to the forums! We're glad you're here!

    I'm Cammy, the official Iwaku pet, and in the absence of our usual cookie giver, I bestow cookies upon you!


    You look like you're ready to jump in to the role-plays, don't forget to check out the Roleplay Invitation Request thread, to find a partner or two, or even to post your own request! Or, come hang out with us in the cbox! It's a great way to meet and greet, get to know folks, and find a willing victim new friend!

    Also, we've got our Fantasy Festival month just starting, so there should be lots of fantasy role-plays starting up that you can jump in on.

    Good luck to you, sir!
  3. "pets the obligatory two welcoming pets" Thank you for the lovely cookies! "noms them all!" haha! I do appreciate the warm welcome and will enter that world..area..thingy..shortly!
  4. Welcome! You have just arrived during our fantasy month! ^.^ Is is all very exciting.
    Anywho! Yes! You came to the right place for a friendly community -nods- we are awesome like that.
    If you need anything.. don't be afraid to ask =]
  5. Hyaaaaa! Welcome to the Community!
    I am to put it shortly, Doxa! Pleasure to meet you!
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate on asking!

    Have lots of fun! It is FANTASY MONTH!
  6. Agreed. With everyone above.

    Welcome to Iwaku. I am Iliana and its a pleasure to meet you. I had the same intent in mind when I first joined too and it went quite well. I plan on making this the same experience for you. :]

    If there is anything you need, assistance, guidance, whatever, let me know. :]
  7. Thank you all! I really appreciate it! -hugs for all-
  8. Why hello there! Welcome, welcome to Iwaku!

    Enjoy your time here and during Fantasy Month!
  9. Why this keep reminding me of the internet show "Continue?" haha Thanks Captain! :)