A New Kind of Baby

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  1. Daniel frowned slightly when he walked into the house. The music making the house shake as the smell of alcohol lured him to drink. Within a few moments he had a drink in his hand and was standing amongst the dancing crowd before he heard someone yell 'alcohol!', and a woman walked up to him, a redhead of sorts in a short yellow dress.
    "About time you got out of your house Daniel." Rosie said smiling before giving Daniel a large hug, "Everyone here is here to have a good time. You gotta have some of the delicious cake someone brought to."
    "Thank you Rosie." Daniel said smiling at his cross dressing friend. His eyes wandering across the room filled with dancing bodies. Someone though caught his eye, freckles dappled the man's skin. "Just how many people are here?"
    "To many to count, and you sir need to intermingle. I invited a good few of my gay friends that are all single. So don't you worry about it." Rosie said smiling his perfectly done lips curving into a happy grin.
    Daniel smiled again before chugging his beer. "I will enjoy my alcohol for now." he said chuckling.
  2. Sean stood near most of his friends, chatting happily with them. He took a sip of his alchohalic drink. "Likewise, you wear that shirt so often it's almost like it's the only thing you own." he said to Sabi, a friend of his. "I just have a lot of this shirt is all, which doesn't disprove my point." Said Sabi. Sean rolled his eyes and looked around at the surrounding party-goers. "I swear this is gonna end in a fight . . ." He said. "You always say that." Sean went to take another sip of his drink and found out it was empty. "Whatever. I'm gonna go get another one of these." He walked away from the small group of people and walked towards where most of the alchohal is.
  3. It wasn't long before Daniel found himself running out of his drink, and Rosie simply laughed at him before going to chat with some new arrivals. He smiled chuckling at the fact that Rosie could sure throw one hell of a party.
    Daniel wondered through the crowd before he found where the drinks were quickly pouring himself another beer. He kept his hands around the cold drink pulling his hoodie sleeves over his hands. When the man looked up he felt his heart drop and flutter back up. It was like a rocket had went off in his head at the sight of a man, just a little taller than him, with golden brown eye.
    "Hi...." he managed to squeak out before attempting a smile unsure if the man actually heard him.
  4. He reached the table with drinks and began to pour himself a drink. He heard a small 'Hi' and looked up. "Huh? Oh, Hello." The smile on his face grew a slight bit bigger. He set down the bottle of alchohal, apparently forgetting his cup wasn't even half full yet . . .
  5. Daniel instantly felt a dark blush set in looking up at the man who said hello. He opened his mouth for a second about to reply before downing his cup of alcohol taking a deep breath. "I'm Daniel." Daniel said attempting to smile. "I'm gay...." he said before realizing what he said eyes widening.
  6. "Well, that's not an introduction I usually get, but yeah. Me too." He chuckled slightly. "I'm Sean." He held out his hand to shake. He picked up his drink with the other.
  7. Daniel chuckled nervously before taking the other's hand to shake. Still blushing a deep shade of red.
    "Usually I don't say weird stuff.... blaming the alcohol on this one." Daniel said trying to remain calm. There was something about this man. The touch of his skin was enough to make the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.
    Pouring himself another drink he looked up at Sean before asking, "Did you come to the party with anyone?"
  8. "I brought Sabi along, but I don't think she's gonna stay for long . . ." He glanced over to his friend who was on her phone, probably calling a taxi. He took a sip of his drink. "It's too bad, she's probably gonna miss out on somethin' fun. She might be hooking up with Rockelle, but that's none of my business."
  9. "Well may I quite possibly hang with you?" Daniel asked taking a step closer to Sean. Uncertain what it was about this boy he liked so much.
    "I can't already be drunk..." he muttered softly before leaning in closer to Sean.
  10. "Yeah, sure." He said. He drank the last of his drink. It seemed that Sabi was gone, which meant he didn't have anyone else he knew to talk to here except for Daniel. " . . . I wonder if they have anything else then beer?"
  11. "Oh I think Rosie has some winecoolers, and some Vodka somewhere. She always has an extra bottle." Daniel said before shooting Rosie a text, "She's the one always throwing these parties. "
    With luck the bottle of Vodka was in the freezer behind the icecream only for Daniel and Rosie as usual. "Can I pour you a mix?" he asked.
  12. "Does she throw parties often? I've probably been to one of hers before this one . . . Oh, yeah. Thanks." His smile grew temporarily wider but soon shrunk back to it's normal size, which is pretty big anyways.
  13. "Very often." Daniel quickly said before taking a quick pull off the vodka bottle after having mixed Sean a drink. The all too familiar buzz of alcohol already setting in. He didn't know why but it was calming him down quicker than anything else right now.
    "So do tell how much fun do you intend to have tonight?"
  14. "As much as time would allow," He said, lightly chuckling. "Maybe with someone else~" He waggled his eyebrows and took a sip of the drink Daniel handed him. "Mmm~ This is good." He said, taking another sip.
  15. "Well good, I am hoping that will happen as well." Daniel said taking a step forward hinting at the fact that he wanted to spend the night with Sean. He couldn't help but giggle faintly as he burped as he felt the bubbles of alcohol tickle his nose.

    "May I join you tonight?" Daniel asked.
  16. "There's nothing I would like more tonight." Said sean, setting his drink down on a nearby table. He also took a step forward.

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