A New Element

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Listening to the sound of school bells, Sage simply seemed to shy away. Feeling less excited than a few others that seemed to be practically running toward the school grounds. Today the students would be entering the last stage before graduating. A nymph, like herself, being chosen to work with each one to complete the final task. Sage simply followed behind the few earth like nymph's that trailed a teacher that had seeked them out. Questioning her own sanity, seeing as she had agree'd to go along with the woman before them.

Dressed in green from almost head to toe, the women walked on with a cheery look. A smaller girl alongside her as they went on. It was obvious that this small girl was her companion. A nymph given to her like a gift from the tree's. Sighing, Sage crossed her arms, covering her delicate breast. She was covered by little else, having little interest in most material made by the human race around them. Instead she let the long dark green locks of hair lay over her chest. A silky cloth hanging over her lower parts. A leafy green, laced with a brown trim. The thin string that held it all together resting gently on her hips.

Sage had a look of boredom on her face. Unsure if she was excited about her choice, or dreading it. The thoughts of what could be were jumbled in her head. A question of what her partner would be like, or what they'd look like. If she'd be partnered with a male of female.

Finally the school seemed nearer, and nymph's of other elements appeared around them. All headed toward the same destination, probably with the same goal. Though unlike Sage, herself, they all seemed beyond excited. Beginning to feel a bit out of place, she began to avoid the eyes of others. Keeping her attention on the world she was about to enter, the large school doors before her.