A New Discovery.

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  1. Time: 13:30.
    Location: Along the East Coast of America.

    The air was warm and the sun shinning bright and beautifully in the big blue, vast open sky that was clear of clouds and holding a heated breeze that brought more warmth to the lands as summer took over. The water was cool, though it wasn't frigged cold and the sand was like a hot bed for feet to burn upon, though for some creatures, it was perfect for basking. Humans were all over the beach, enjoying their break from school, from college, and from work to have family and friend time. The gulls in the air cawed and pestered humans for their food as they ate and played, building and digging within the sand, small colorful claims burrowing in the sand as the crabs scuttled around in their puddles of water.
    Though far off in a sand bank where the human access was harder to reach, lay a strange creature basking on the sand bank. The creature was half human, half marine creature, like that of a mermaid, though with create differences. The creature lying across the warm, soft white sand had tanned skin, a slightly muscular frame, it looked like a human baking in the heat - stranded in a way. Seeing as he was rather far off from shore and the water grew deep at that point. The creature's eyes were shut, hair dry and in a tussle of white locks of hair, a few strands of black littered his hair, the creature had a few scars here and there decorating the tanned, toned skin, though most was on the large tail. The beast that lay sprawled on the sand was about seven feet in length, weighing near two hundred and three hundred pounds, this merman's lower half was that of an orca. His fin lay on his back, just above the small of his back, the black and white pattern on his blubbery, thick flesh blended in with his tanned skin. It was long and thick enough to appear like a new born orca, a way of defense. Though, this creature is a highly intelligent breed as well as social, often playful when he's allowed to. Though, he's also aggressive and protective, skittish upon first encounters.

    Walking along the banks in swim trunks and a tank top was a tall young man with shaggy brown hair that he had slicked back at the moment with ocean water, seeing as it was covering his eyes. The man had a satchel on that held a camera, note book, pen, and a few other things. He was headed off to the water's cliffs to see if he could study any newly seen creatures that he hadn't noticed before. The man was intending to meet another Marine Biologist that would be his partner, his hands were nestled in the pockets of his swim trunks as he continued his steps in the hot sand, his deep muddy green eyes peered around from behind his glasses, a warm smile on his face as he continued to walk, his skin wasn't all that tan, rather red in a few spots. Used to the colder areas up in Alaska, this new found heat was nice but the sun was painful to his skin.
    He pursed his lips as he took a step onto the slicked, massive rocks, peering around as he looked in a few puddles before walking to a large rock where he sat to perch. His name was Jack Simons, a kind man that was fascinated with animal life, his favorites being the ones in the water. He loved swimming, he loved being under the surface and seeing the lovely creatures that dwelled there, so to follow his passion, he became a marine biologist and has enjoyed several years on the job, being in his late twenties to early thirties.