A new day dawns

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  1. SOOO I've been looking for a new site to RP at with two other friends... so here I am.
    I go by Testament, Cynic, or just Test, I don't care. I'm here hoping for some active roleplays and also meet some folks with all of my bad typing.
    NOW!!! helloooooooo all.

    Also I'm in too many types of music and I very picky in what a listen to, but I tend to stick around all forms of metal, rock, hip-hop(old school and few new stuff), R&B and so on. I'm easy to get along with, buuuuut depends lol. Hoping to find an RP to join soon and Im open to any kind of rp.
  2. why you hate on me man?
  3. Because your username is Testament and your avatar is Kamelot.

    I'm just.

    I'm hurt Cynic.

    I'm really hurt.
  4. what can I say, I love both groups. You should know me by now.
  5. I never knew you for the power metal sort.
  6. dude i'm picky with my music, but if I like it and it sticks then it works
  7. Aw darn, I thought you were named from Testament of Guilty Gear... I'm sure your music is cool too and that poster for your avatar is neat.
  8. well he is one of my favorite characters from guilty gear and was the reason for the name. THEN I heard about a group with the same name and fell in love with them XD
  9. Ever since I was a child, the word Testament reminds me of Testes...

    Hello Bawls xD

    Welcome to Iwaku.


  10. To Testament: Awesome! Maybe instead of being annoyed when that band turns up in search engines when I look for the Guilty Gear character, I'll find a new treasure in them too.
  11. Yeah i was the same way, then I just said to hell with it lol