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  1. ________________________________________________________________
    Shi wa fuyō tōchaku shimasu
    '' Death Arrives unwanted/ Assault on Tokyo/ Shi Shi ''
    Shi wa fuyō tōchaku shimasu is a anime made by me based around a few aspects of many other anime. This anime is a action/drama/comedy/supernatural genre with a slight tone of sci fi. This anime is set in Tokyo city in the year 2017 where laws are now a bit more lenient due to the decree that passed stating that all weapons can now be visible outside of ones residence. This decree was first thought of when the fatal day arrived not too long ago in the year 2016, It was widely reported that a group of individuals ranging from 3 - 4 people went on a endless unstoppable rampage in the central streets of Tokyo. That day the only thing that was reported to be fact is that not only were they attacked by a unknown organization but over 6,000 civilians were killed and over 500 wounded, the buildings surrounding the majority of the assault was destroyed to nearly ash and the roads and streets were almost erased completely nearly leaving the whole wide open area in a dirt field of swirling wind dust and shrapnel. A month after the decree was settled a group was formed and with their powers they seek to revenge the lives that were lost in the assault on Tokyo.

    Plot/ Story
    After the assault on Tokyo and the formation of the anti-assault group that followed with the settlement of the open arms decree life was always in the tone of melancholy as virus and affection rate raised that also lead by suicide rates. Many children were now homeless due to parents committing suicide and soon as a month rolled by a horrorish report came out on the news as it stated that 3% of all modern families end due to suicide by the parents, 2% of children of that percentage end up homeless and 1% end up dead within a week. This report harshly shocked most of the population and only ironically caused more depression to grow within the city and its large population.

    As if the end was literally something that was no longer fantasy within horror and apocalyptic books and shows, it was now reality in most eyes of the people but then a light shined upon the solid darkness that it was the city of Tokyo. This light was caused by a TV commercial that aired at 3:30pm, at this time most people aren't even attending work due to mental illness. This commercial first showed a symbol of a smiley face, black in appearance and as simple as you can image a 2D drawing of a regular used emoji. The logo didn't disappear or display another picture, even till the end it stayed firm and solid staring at the face of the population. Words were spoke through a semi horrible military speaker, similar to a walky talky.

    '' Hello, We are the Hakitzu. We are beings who have arrived here in the benefit of the future. The tragic events of 2016 that is now known as the assault on Tokyo will never be forgotten and the cause of this event was the lives of many innocent individuals and families. We of the Hakitzu will protect you all and at the same time bring clarity and revenge to those that have felt loss, those who feel depressed because of the monsters who took your loved ones away from you. We do not wish of your help, we only wish for your support in the battle to bring peace and light upon the walls and buildings, souls and eyes of those who want it. ''

    It stated clearly with a manly and deep voice it echoed in the minds of the population, soon the support rolled in as many of the civilians stood in the central plaza where the majority of deaths occurred not that long ago. The appearance of the central plaza remained a crumble dust field, however that didn't stop the civilians of Tokyo gathering in the middle, yelling the words ''Hakitzu, Hakitzu''.

    This story continues a week later, The Hakitzu believe that the next attack is near but this time it will occur in the west side streets of Tokyo. Rushing to the area the members spread out by one near a wide area, stretching over the whole west area. This Roleplay literally begins as you all are in the car, one is driving and another member sitting in the seat beside the person who is driving. Everyone else is sitting behind him as the massive flickering lights and dust fly by the window, if you drive more attention out of the window you will see the homeless walking around as they desperately attempt to cover their eyes with the dirty old jackets they wear everyday...

    These people are the Tokyo heroes, the group seeking to bring peace among the city and its population. These people usually have scars and a dark past, although some may be clean of a rough past all of them act the same, willing to fight even till the end. Wielding pistols and revolvers and even melee weapons this group specializes in Recon, Marksmanship, Tactics, and Formation. The individuals in this group use speed in both movement and mind set. Not only are they good at combat and speed but they all have hidden powers, individually they are all different but yet the same as the Hakitzu believe in strong relationships forming strength and will power. There hideout is near the central plaza, although partly destroyed now it is still stable enough to live in the apartment building that is way nicer than the other groups.
    Weaponry Types
    • Melee - The blade shines in a light saber format and can cut through mechanical types in two swings on the same spot, however if it is held against the material it will eventually cut through.
    • Pistol - Fast bullets with weak strength but with very high accuracy.
    • Revolver Bullets - These bullets are strong and can pierce the armor of any defense type if the bullets hit the same area twice. Usually only 6 bullets but with a more advanced strength and aura that cause small elemental damage.
    Revolver Bullet Elemental Types
    • Fire - Causes harm inside the body as the organs increase in heat eventually burning the insides of the enemy turning the organs to ash and without removal of the bullet will essentially cause death within minutes.
    • Ice - Freezes the limb of which the bullet hits. No more information is needed.

    The Anonymous Group
    Self proclaimed title ''Kami'' this group caused the events that is now known as the assault on Tokyo and forced the decree of open arms to be settled. Although there real name ''Kami'' has yet to be known by the locals and Hakitzu alike they seem to wear black robes similar to cultist to symbolize the darkness they cause for nothing but pleasure. They have either high defense or high strength but not both, Every single member processes high moderate defense but not high defense, only a select few have the power of full defense or high strength. This is mostly determined by the mutation in the body of the Kami, this group has manipulated their bodies in such a way that they use mechanical weaponry that form from the body.

    For Example: a Mechanical Canon would usually be mounted on the forearm, A Mechanical metal fist would usually be mounted on the hand, A mechanical tail would usually be mounted on the lower back.

    Not only do these people experiment in mechanical limbs but they also experiment in DNA change, due to this some have mutated into hybrids such as a ''Neko''. There hideout is near the outskirts of Tokyo, A small abandoned apartment building that is most likely covered in rats and bugs ew...
    Mechanical Mutation Types
    • Strength Type - Canons, Guns, Explosives, and or Blunt weapons are considered a Strength type Kami. These types cannot be alone or become a lone wolf against the group for there survival skills are literally zero. The defense of these Kami are lower than others and due to this fact they cannot fight alone and expect to win against a Hakitzu member. They are specialized in destruction only making them far more superior than humans. On the other hand if it happens that the strength type is able to hit the fast moving Hakitzu member then it will cause massive amounts of damage nearly killing them instantly, although this chance is lower than 10%. Slow reaction time.​
    • Defense Type - Sword, Daggers, Spears, and or Sharp weapons are considered a Defense type Kami. The defense comes from the body of these Kami because they are more mechanically manipulated than the others. These individuals have one more layer of ''skin'' beneath the surface called the ''Shield'' of the defense type Kami. This Shield is made of the same strong steel material as there weapon. Although this extra heavy layer of skin may slow them down a little they can be fast nearly matching the speed of the Hakitzu. Fast reaction time.​

    I literally made this whole thing by myself and i was wondering if it would be a good idea to make into a RP. So i made the systems of abilities and such. Hope this is interesting, if you have any question i would love to answer it.​
  2. Count me interested. Say, do you think the Kami faction would surpass Hakitsu in numbers? Besides that I was curious to know the pace you envision this to have.
  3. I determine the numbers to be rather close to similar. And you will have to be more specific on the pace question, sorry.
  4. One word: YES
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  5. By pace I mean how frequently do you expect the roleplayers to post in a weekly/day basis? (multiple posts a day; one post a day; one post a week etc...)
  6. at least one post a day.
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  7. If i get 1 or 2 more interests i will make the OOC and signups.
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