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Starless Elysium

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I am brand new to this place and with all its options and links I'm sitting here with a finger on my lips wondering how deep this rabbit hole goes.

I'm one of those people that has been latched to the internet and text (chat) based role-playing for well over 20 years. My grammar is saucy but I tend not to care overall about perfection. I can write a novel for a first post, or I can write a paragraph.

I've been on various sites, mostly chat based, so this forum getup is something I've been gradually leaning towards with my random times online. As you get older, you find work likes to consume your free time and cognition.

I've been mainly playing domineering ruler characters of the more evil persuasion. I'm pretty graphic, violence does not bother me, I love horror, but fantasy has been a main focus of mine for years. I can play good, neutral, anyway I think I got it all down in my profile section if anyone is interested. I think anything will do fine for a newbie such as I.

Call me, Skylar.
Not open for further replies.