a monster returns

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  1. A modest monster, that is!

    I have been away for a while, not sure if anyone noticed haha. Just kidding, I'm sure some of you have noticed. Anyway! The point is, I'm coming back!

    I haven't had muse to right, and honestly I probably will not be writing. So the reason I am back is because of the community here, I love it and can't find it anywhere else. I've made a few amazing friends from here and I just miss this forum. ;u;

    While I've been gone I've been on another site, a Pokemon roleplay site, where I've met a few awesome people (one person in particular), but I really miss this site. I miss the blogs and the skype meetings and the insanity. c: So back I am!

  2. Welcome back, Modest!
  3. ​Welcome Back, Modest!
  4. Yes! 8D Welcome back! Drag your friends here, then you'll have everyone in one place! >:3
  5. MOUSE! You were missed.