A Message to Asmodeus

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    Rory and Vay
  2. *Arkansas accent* Yup.

  4. -Stood by and watched it all happen.- . . . -Slow nod.-
  5. You never had standards to begin with. Go back to being chaotic neutral.
  6. How did Vay's name get on that signature!

    I demand a recount!
  7. I have something to add to this.


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  8. [Asmodeus huggles Davi Wavion desu kawaii and feeds him cookies and marries him and puts him in the basement with a water bowl and dresses him like a unicorn and clings to him whilst nomming and purring and hiding in the corner and making sandwiches] -07:27 Oct 04

  9. Asmo stop raping the new mods.
  12. the Rape Membrane, Noun

    the part of the female anatomy that, according to republicans, is capable of shutting down and illegitimate pregnancy. Thus allowing only legitimate and desired pregnancies to occur.
  13. ^correction: According to conservatives*
  14. *Huggle-wuggles his surrogate half-nephew on his cousin's side Daviwaviscav-Senpai-Desu-Sama and feeds him cupcakes from a unicorn's arse and dresses him like a fox with herpes and snuggles him in the corner with his plushie cushions and hot cocoa mixed with the tears of self-harming kittens that have rubbed their nipples on Princess Mononoke and marries him under pony law whilst purring and waving his tail so Davidaddysisterwaifu can pet him and nom on his sammich and cakes and muffin and shit he's my sister and up your fucking arse huggle snuggle cuddle pet nom nom rub and cling tackle fucking desu desu up your arse CUNTS!*

  15. I like the part where you bring up sammich.
  16. I spit at your private invitation.