A Matter of Meals

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[size=+1]If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
Would you choose an old favorite meal that brings back fond memories?
Or choose something that you've never had/ been able to afford?
Some nice hot soup, some nice cold sashimi, and some kinda souffle or flan for desert. Maybe some dragonfruit as well. I'd really just like foods that I remember enjoying. No use eating a food you've never tried before if you only turn out to hate it.
Death row? Might as well go for fugu. I mean if the chef prepared it wrong what's the worse that would happen!
Oooo favorite dishes all the way.

I would go with some kalua pig and rice for the main part with a side of chicken long rice~
I would want my last meal to be one of my favorite foods.
The only thing that they can mess up is the chicken long rice.
Kalua is easy.
I want a giant buffet of every food I ever loved. o__o And I would eat several bites of each!
Oh my God, there is so much I want to eat as a last meal but I would probably take desert instead of meal x)
A big cake, I will die anyway so I don't have to care about my weight ;)

Or I would just go for Dianas idea and have a big buffet with everything I love xD
Since Ocha-san said I never die,
I would get a single, red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.
And then harvest the energy that pours from each sugary particle,
to break out of my cell, and or place of captivity,
and fly away into the sun.
I will die happy if I had some delicious spanish food and then a Paradise Chocolate Chip Pie from Chilis'. ^-^
I'll think up the most complex dish with the most rare ingredients. That should take some time for them to cook.
A bigass slab of uncooked bacon cooked up like a steak.

OR a whole turkey. I would eat all the meat, all the while sharpening the drumstick bone into a fine point. I would use the one to stab the guard in the neck, then take another hostage. From there I would have them escort me out of the prison and to the closest gas station, where I would steal a car and be on my way to freedom.
I would probably eat chinese fast food witha loved one watching a cheesy movie
I would choose my mums tacos. Just cause. >:[