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  1. The aimless wizard, Bahir Chebari, had stopped in the small town of Thinus for a couple nights. He's really just passing through, but rumors of a nearby cove filled with treasure has caught his attention. Then a young man by the name of Dedrick Holtenson grabs his attention even more.​

    Name: Bahir Chebari
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, although his mother swears there is desert elf in their family lineage (they're known for being a very magical folk).

    Physical Description: 5'11 man with a lean but powerful build. With an angular face, olive green eyes and short curly black hair. Then he finishes it all with a winning smile that's gotten him places when his skills could not.

    Modifications/Tattoos, if any:
    He has healed burns all along his back, and he hides them as much as possible. So much so he's even had concealment spells on them from others if he couldn't cover them up with clothing.

    Personality Description: Very charming, bubbly personality. So much so he can appear a bit cocky, but this is more of a face than anything. In truth he's very critical and caring to those who show him respect. He also is very humble when complimented, especially on his magical prowess. In any relationship he is very unlikely to make the first move.

    Strong magical skill, very varied magic capabilities.
    Is very good at charming and convincing others.
    Has learned a lot over a decade of constant travel.

    He's very lonely, always shying from committed anything (long friendships, relationships, etc).
    Just like any magic user, he has a daily limit of how many spells he can use based on their complexity or strength.
    If he doesn't have any magic to use, he's pretty horrible in a fight. Which he's already not the best at.

    He'll lose something/someone very important to him.
    He'll never find what he's looking for in life.
    Giant goddamn insects.

    As soon as he was 18 he left home, leaving all of his younger siblings and family behind. Out of all of them he was the only one with immense magical talent, able to do more than simply light a fire with his hands. If he wished, he could light up several trees at once. This amount of skill had separated him from his family and friends, especially after the 'incident'.

    Bisexual, has a fondness for cute animals.


    Name: Dedrick Holtenson
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Physical Description: 5'7" barely, with a lanky, long, awkward build. He almost looks like a puppy trying to grow into his paws. He has thin, red hair with light blue eyes.

    None. Plenty of freckles and moles.

    Personality: Dedrick is eager to please. He'll try just about anything at least once. He usually fails at it. He tried to be upbeat and positive, he keeps any disappointment or sadness hidden. He often comes off as frantic and nervous as well as clumsy. He's the nerdy kid that people shake their head at and say, "Oh, honey."

    Strengths: Powerful magic talent, but totally unskilled.
    He's very intelligent, at least when it comes to books.
    He's very empathetic to others. He usually doesn't accept "I'm fine" as an answer.

    Weaknesses: Unskilled at his magic and afraid to use it. He will do just about anything to hide that he's a wizard.
    Very blunt and honest, horrible at lying, gambling, haggling, speaking to people.

    Destroying things.
    Hurting people with magic.

    Dedrick has lived in the small town of Thinus for his whole life. He was raised by his aunt and uncle, who recently passed away. The town would be happy to get rid of him. Magic pours out of him, even though he tries desperately to hold it in. Things happen, bad things, whenever he is around. He currently resides in a hut on the far side of town and takes on odd small jobs.

    So deep in the closet he's found Narnia.​

    It was a chilly October night with a storm starting up with a drizzle. The Mirthless Merman Inn was exceedingly crowded that night, with sailors and merchants alike drinking their fill away from the wind's chill. Through all the commotion no one paid any attention to newcomers, and this held true for the adventurer that stepped in as the rain started to pour. The man wasn't really the biggest there, considering his figure was more lean than built. A faint air of magic whirled about him, showing off the effects of a recent drying spell. He walked through the inn, seeming to look for someone as the lights in the room illuminated all of his body. Beneath his leather armor there was a hint of the muscle in the bronze skin. His green eyes took in everything around him, intrigue and mischief within them. Short black hair with curls on the top completed his look.

    Finally he finds a man younger than himself, and politely asks with his husky, unused voice, "do you know how I would get a room for the night?"
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  2. Dedrick quickly bused the tables. He helped out on busy days at The Mirthless Merman Inn for extra money and day old left overs. He sighed heavily, finally caught up. A man walked in, the shimmer of magic caught Dedrick's eye. This man was a wizard. Thinus was a small town, a stopping point for smaller vessels along the coast. It was filled with hard working men, all farmers, merchants, or sailors. There were no mages or wizards or magic folk. Dedrick, like many of the patrons, watched the visitor walk in. A hush fell over the crowded room, distrustful eyes shifted towards them.

    The man with dark hair approached Dedrick and asked for a room.

    "Yes, sir." he stuttered. "Jan is in charge of rooms." He pointed to the blond man at the counter, then leaned in, whispering. "But sir, you're a....a mage, aren't you?"
  3. The man looked in the direction he was pointed to, but looked back at the younger man when asked that question. "...yes, I hope that won't be a problem," the taller of the two responded, his charming smile faltering a bit with his concern. His eyes moved to the left and the right, just now taking in the fact that many pairs of eyes were focused on him. "I, uh, was recommended this inn by a friend. She said the lodging was very nice," he said, a bit louder than before, hoping the man by the name of Jan heard. "I am just passing through, if that puts people at ease."
  4. Dedrick fidgeted wildly. He looked the man up and down, taking in everything from his curly dark hair to his leather armor. His heart started to beat rapidly. A wizard! The man traveled alone, perhaps he was looking for an apprentice, perhaps he could lead Dedrick to a school or something, anything.

    "Oh, I'm terribly sorry if I offended you sir." Dedrick rambled. "Please, please take me with you in the morning. You see," He paused, lowering his voice. "I have...things happen...train me, or drop me off somewhere. I will do anything."

    The young man suddenly realized how close he was standing to the visitor. He stepped back, muttering a string of apologizes.
  5. Bahir's brow furrowed a bit in confusion. Sure, he's gotten excited reactions before (as well as many negative ones) over his magical ability, but this was a bit excessive. Although, he took the opportunity while the boy was occupied to take a look for himself. The man was a shorter than himself but he was quite...adorable.

    "No harm done. But I..." Bahir paused, not sure what to make of the situation. There weren't any magical friendly places for many weeks' journey. That, and he wasn't really fit to train anyone...but..."I suppose you could come along, although I would like to know your name," he added, ignoring the apologies. With a very slight bow and his right hand over his heart, he introduced himself first. "I'm Bahir Chebani, of the desert village Hadari."
  6. Dedrick couldn't breathe for moment. No one had accepted his offer to join them in quite some time. After a very, very short stent at the blacksmiths, he had never apprenticed anyone. When the man bowed in front of him, he didn't know what to do. Honestly, he had always imagined that if a magic person walked into town, he would be an old man with a long beard and a robe.

    "Dedrick Holtenson, sir, of Thinus." Dedrick said, giving a short, small bow in return. "I will follow your every order. Let me get your room ready."

    Dedrick awkwardly made his way back to the counter where Jan watched with steely blue eyes. "Jan, sir. Mr. Chabani agreed to take me with him. I can learn so I'm not...you know."

    The man looked over Dedrick for a moment, then looked over the visitor. "If you keep your word, your room's free." He took a key from the wall. "Magic folk don't wonder this way too often, so they don't."
  7. "Oh, I don't plan to order.." Bahir started, but stopped when he realized Dedrick didn't seem to be paying attention to him at all, since he was now at the counter. Well, he could sort it all out once they were on the road. The mage walked to stand to the side of the other, but still in front of the counter. When a key was offered to him, he took it was a smile and responded, "I try to make it a habit to not upset a town - would rather not pass through again and find an angry village greeting me."

    After a quick look at the key to see which room it was for - the third door down, it looked like - Bahir turned back to Dedrick. "So, I'm ready to fall asleep as soon as my eyes see a bed. Think you can be up and ready to go in the town square tomorrow at noon?"
  8. "Oh, absolutly, sir." Dedrick said, ecstatically.

    The young man happily went about his nightly duties with a bit of extra glee in his step. At the end of his shift, Jan paid him and sent him on his way, wishing Dedrick the best of luck. Dedrick didn't really have anyone to say goodbye to in the small town. Jan was quiet and kept to himself. The innkeeper was kind enough to keep Dedrick around on busy nights, but he didn't get close to anyone. The people of Thinus avoided Dedrick like his carried some sort disease.

    The night passed painfully slow for Dedrick. He lied in bed for hours, staring at the ceiling to his small hut. He would close his eyes only to have them pop open. He rolled over again and again. He eventually did sleep, though not for long. He was at the town square an hour early, his small pack in hand. He grabbed his best blanket, a change of clothes, a thick cloak, and put on a plain ring that belonged to his uncle.
  9. With the younger man now satisfied and a room key in his hands Bahir sighed and happily went to his room to collapse in his bed. By midmorning he was up and freshly bathed, lazily enjoying the beauty that was not sleeping in the woods. Before noon hit the wizard set upon filling up his adventuring supplies and making sure to return his key to the innkeeper. Then, right before he headed to the town square, he leaned on a tree outside of the inn and looked at the piece of parchment that had scrawled upon it a map. Just a day's trip outside of this town there was Alistair's Cove, which had been rumored to hold a pirate lord's treasure. It should be long abandoned, and there was a town not to far off from the cove that Dedrick could stay at, if he didn't want to take any risks.

    Either way, the thought of hidden treasure made Bahir excited; more so than he's been in many months. With his journey being stagnant wandering for so long, this sense of possible prosperity lifted his spirits. Thus, by the time he was at the town square he was smiling and eager to depart. Dedrick was easy enough to spot - there weren't many others out and about in the area - so the mage walked right up to the man. "All ready to go then? Must be pretty eager if you arrived before me."
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    "Yes sir!" Dedrick said with excitement. He had a bounce in his step and his pack felt light. There were conflicting emotions inside of him. He had never left Thinus; it had been his home all of his life. The small town was all he really knew. At the same time, it wasn't much to leave behind. His family, what little he had left, had already passed away. Everyone in town turned their nose up at the sight of him. He would go out into the fields and release magic. If he didn't, things were more likely to happen. If he tried really hard, he could keep everything in, but it made him sick.

    "Thank you so much, Mr. Chebari, sir, for letting me come with you." Dedrick said. He had far too many questions to ask and he didn't the kind wizard to abandon him before they got started.
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    "No need to call me sir..." Bahir commented, amused by the gesture but not entirely comfortable with it. "I couldn't leave you all alone here though, could I? Magical people should stick together, I think," he added with a wider smile. "Now, I'm headed off to a cove that's not more than a day's trip outside of town. Maybe you might have heard of it? Alistair's Cove, I think it's called. Anyways, on our way we can talk about uh....what magic you can perform, I suppose? And what I could teach you?" The questions were more to himself than to Dedrick and he looked down to the ground, thinking for a moment. After his brief thought he looked at the younger man, a sheepish expression now across his face. "I'll be honest, I've never taught anyone magic.."
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    "Oh, then I will be your best student." Dedrick said, cheerfully. "To be honest, things just happen. I'm not really sure how to make magic happen, at least the way it's suppose to. Farmer Martin spilled his hay. I tried to summon wind to blow it back into a pile, but I gave everyone horrible allergies. I went on a hunt once. I went to start a fire, but it was far too big. I pulled the water from the river and drenched us all."

    Dedrick stared at his hands as he spoke. He tried to remain positive. He wanted the older mage to help him, so he tried to be honest. At the same time he didn't want to be labled as useless by another magic user. "I tried for a long time not to use any magic. Then things just happened, storms, fires, invasions of frogs from the swamp. I go out into the fields at night every couple of weeks and just do stuff, whatever I could think of."

    The town soon vanished behind them, turning in to the large open fields with sporadic trees, already turning to their bright autumn colors. The roving hills in the distance were like a patchwork quilt of reds, yellows, and oranges. The country side was like a phoenix bursting into flames, about to lie dormant for the cold, gray winter.
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