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  1. So, hi all! Hardly a few days here and the creative juices are already percolating again, I love it! :D

    ANYWAYS, I was wandering my room a little bit ago and I kinda mashed some concepts together in my head. I thought of a world where magic wasn't really "fire off a bunch of big spells like it's an EDM light show" or "I CAN CAST ALL I WANT as long as I chug potions like it's Spring Break at the College of Winterhold", but more like a contractual transaction.

    Skilled mages could spend months covering their walls in seals, arrays, circles and runes, and that would act as the logistics or the "fine print" of the contract. Then, once finished, it all gets compressed and condensed into a single sigil. And that's just the "paperwork". The world's supply of magic energy would be controlled by entities called Bankers, or something similar, who manage the supply like a Mint. When you activate the Contract Sigil, you "purchase" or withdraw enough magical energy to cast the spell, using your being as the currency.

    When I say being, I mean all of the things that make up you as a person. Memories, emotions, attachments, all of that. Depending on the spell, it could cost something as small as that annoyance you felt when you were out of butter that morning or the memory of what you got from the coffee shop two weeks ago. Or it could cost your entire sense of happiness, or the love you feel for another. The Bankers decide the best and fairest collateral. Of course, less scrupulous individuals could force others to pay the price in their place...

    However, when one expends their whole being, all they are, they just become...empty. To outsiders, it'll look like an inescapable coma. Magically inclined individuals will be able to feel the hollowness. These poor souls could be referred to as Husks, and have a role in the plot I'm formulating in my head...

    Anywho, before I pour all of my thought processes everywhere, does anyone find this remotely interesting? Any pointers? This probably isn't very original, but I'm rather partial to the idea xD
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  2. Now, this is an idea I'd go for. I LOVE IT.
  3. *Raises hand*

    Nice Skyrim reference by the way. <3
  4. Woo, people! :D A few more and we can get something going~

    And thank you Neko, I try xD
  5. This is a really interesting idea. I'd be interested in joining if this concept is made into an rp.
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    THIS WILL BECOME A THING SOON. Is everyone all chilly willickers with a modern fantasy setting? If so, do we want a city? Remote town? Whatcha guys think?
  7. I'm fine with a modern fantasy setting but I'm open to change if everyone else prefers something different. If it is a modern fantasy then I'm cool with it being in a city or a town.
  8. Yeah, I think a city would be good.
  9. Modern Fantasy would be interesting with this.
  10. Ooh, I have a good image to spark some ideas, if we do go for the modern fantasy!!!

  11. That kid has to be popular with the ladies at the gardening department.

    I don't think the knowledge of magic would be very widespread. It'd be a society of amnesiacs and heartless folks basically, if it was used daily or for uses such as magical flower pots (not criticizing you, it does provoke some thoughts on how the world would work magic-wise. So thanks for that :D).

    Alright, since we're in agreement, I'll start trying to formulate stuff. I'd give y'all a CS to fill out while you wait, but I'm unsure of how things need to be set-up, magic and history wise. Magic, because I don't know if the characters should be already involved through family lines (logical) or be introduced to the wonderful world of celestial finances (also logical, though it could disrupt flow with pages of "WOOOOAAAAHHH MAGIC NO WAY" posts, if you get where I'm coming from). History, because the characters have to draw on something to use magic anyways, and while it could easily just be made up on the spot, I have DEVIOUS CRAFTY PLANS for such "ammunition" memories to come up much later in the RP. Gotta be fitting and coherent, yo.

    I'm sorry, that was me pretty much talking to myself and trying to get things straigtened out in my head xD
  12. Oky dokers guys, the OOC is up! I hope I went in a direction that's alright with you folks :D
  13. I think your link is broken.
  14. How bout now?
  15. There it is; thanks!
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