A Love Between Demons and Angels

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Luna let out a quiet sigh, her wings folded behind her. It was cold out this time of year as a gentle snow fell towards the ground. She was suppose to be protecting a human, but had come too late. She found the girl dead as soon as she arrived, killed by the hands of demons.

She shivered at that memory. The scene was absolutely horrid and haunted poor Luna in her sleep. If only she had been here sooner, it probably could have been prevented. Now she was left feeling that it was her fault the young girl had died. Though every keeps telling her there was nothing she could have done.

Walking through the snowy forest Luna looked up at the sky, noticing it was starting to get a bit late and dark out. But she wasn't sure she wanted to head back into the city. The forest was the only place she felt truly safe in. Never has she seen a demon in these parts and hoped that it wouldn't change any time soon. So, she decided to stay out for awhile longer and maybe head to the lake to try and relax and get her mind off of things..

(demon formarmored_kantus (1).jpg

Human form Dark character.jpg

I was walking through the forest looking for something anything to kill. I smelled animals, humans, oh wait . . .an angel? I walked towards it still not transformed.
Luna continued to walk. She was just about to reach the lake when suddenly she got a familiar chill. There was a presence nearby, one that had suddenly made her worried. After all these years of never running into any trouble, why did it have to happen now? She had stopped walking when she felt the presence. The taint and evil she sensed was something that she never wanted to sense ever again. "Who's there...?" she then asked when she found the courage to speak out to whoever may be near..
I looked at her through the bushes my red eye flashing even darker red. I began a quiet snarl,"So your the one i smelled"
Luna listened for a response. Soon, she heard the quiet snarl that sounded as if it came from a beast. A demon in it's demonic form...was never a good thing. They were the most dangerous. She didn't reply and turned around. Nothing was there. He must have been hiding, but he was very close. Words fled her greatly, fear now coming. This demon was strong, powerful. "What do you want?" she managed to ask.
I made a loud crack of a branch to make myself sound like i was in my full form. I was just toying with her. "I want? What do i want?" I asked sarcastically. I snarled again this time much louder and lower.
Luna stepped back. She spread her wings out for just a moment before folding them behind her back once more to avoid them from becoming stiff from the cold. She didn't like that he didn't just answer her question and so she said nothing back.
I sent out a rush of energy not enough to hurt or knock her down but just enough so she knows how powerful i am. I snarled again,"why have you gone quiet you holyness?"
Luna felt the energy and noticed it was only a bit of it, not too much. When he spoke again she looked in the direction she heard it come from. "I see no reason to speak to a demon." she said as she moved back some, wondering if she'd be able to leave the area without the demon deciding to come after her.

"I see you want to leave . . .well you cant," I laughed mockingly. Transforming into my full form.
"What do you want from me?" Luna questioned once more. He obviously wanted something if he wasn't going to just let her leave. She did nothing to the demon and not many just go up and decide to harm an Angel when they have no reason to do so.
I walked out into the sight of the angel and roared. I began snarling and snapping my teeth at her. "I want to know why your in my territory . . . well not mine . . .but another of my kinds."
Luna didn't like the sound of that. She's been coming here for years. "The forest belongs to no one." she insisted on telling him as she backed away from the beast.
"It belongs to us now that we have began to come here. Everywhere we go we take and conquer and turn it into our own empire!" I yelled snapping out my claws.
It couldn't be possible. Luna didn't want to believe that as she backed away from the demon, unable to go any further as her back pressed against a tree. "You can't do that..." How could her people allow this to go on? It wasn't right, it was far from it.
He growled again showing his teeth. "What? Is it wrong?" He asked sarcastically.
"Of course it's wrong." Luna said, as she managed to step forward. She tried to show little fear towards the demon, but with very little success. Unlike most Angels, Luna wasn't a fighter for any reason. She was a healer and protector, nothing more. It was all her magic was good for..for others at least. "You can't just go around and claiming things as your own, it just not how things work that way."​
"Why you say that? Its open for the taking no one claims this," he hissed. "Where is your people to put us back to where they think is right? NOWHERE! Its just you against me and im getting agitated," he snarled.
Luna wasn't liking this at all, but she had to admit he was right. Where were her people for ths? How could they simply let this go on? She didn't know the answer to that, and now wadn't sure what to do either. "I....you're right.." she said quietly.