A lot like Romeo and Juliet but utterly different

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  1. There are many tales such as this, Romeo and Juliet being the most famous. Two families at war with each other while children of each family fall desperately in love with each other. This story is different from the well known story of star crossed lovers. In Romeo and Juliet they see each other across a room, meet and then fall in love but that is not what happened here, in this the gap is a lot larger than just across the room.

    In the richest part of the large city stood two large and proud houses, home to the family of whiteheart and Blackhorse. Their families had been at war for many reasons over the years, the original reason forgotten but they were more than happy to keep the fight going.

    The whiteheart family consisted of a grandfather, a father, a mother, a teen age daughter and a baby brother on the way. The grandfather was harsh and had a quick temper much like his son but he was more likely to listen to you. The mother was a soft spoken woman who was much the peace keeper in the house between the grandfather and father that had a tendency to argue with the teen daughter.

    Elena, the daughter, was a sweet day dreamer. The child had been born with big blue eyes and long hair so blond under the sunlight it looked like it was made of the sun’s ray. Elena hated that she couldn’t go out at night because ‘that is Darkhorse’s preferred time’, that she couldn’t ask about the family she had always been told to hate yet if she walked out of her room on to her balcony and looked across she could see the home clearly.

    It was a night same as any other, Elena had decided to go to her room rather than be down stairs with her family and headed straight for the balcony. The 19 year old sat on the lawn chair on the balcony brushing her hair while looking over at the rival families house wondering what it was like over there.
  2. The house opposite the young woman stood tall and proud with pillars at the front entrance. It loomed over the front lawn that was spread out with gardens that overflowed into one another creating a beautiful jungle of bright plants and lush greenery.

    The family inside was currently going about there business, a mother and a father with three children. A few other family members slept there as well but were hardly ever seen due to the activities they took part in. But currently the oldest boy was the only one home. He was 19 years old and had bright blue eyes that contrasted with the shock of deep brown hair atop his head. Dawson was his name. He was a tall broad shouldered lad with a pair of thick framed glasses and a few tattoos hidden beneath the hoodies he wore as a staple.

    Dawson was in his room listening to some music when he noticed something. There was a girl out his window, across the yard. He walked over to his window and observed her curiously. He opened his window with a small smile and leaned against it. He knew he shouldn't be doing it but he never really believed in the stupid fight between the two families.

    "Hello!" He called out with a small wave. "Come here often?"
  3. Elena was about to head back in hto her room when she noticed the lad around her age she was sure he'd ignore her or yell something at her. The teen hadnt been the friendly greeting and she found herself smiling as she waved back "fairly yes considering this is my balcony. What about you? just popping in while its empty to check all the silverware's still there?" She replied with a laugh
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  4. Roming in to the Back garden of the BlackHorses Jerome called out "Dawson where are you old friend? where do thou art be" as he held a book of shakespears works in one hand.
  5. Elena looked down at the ground to see the second male with a sigh "oh great" she muttered "him" Elena and Jerome didn't get on very well for many reasons but mostly it was becuase her 'friends' liked to tell people she had said things about the Black's and their friends when she hasn't. Something about keeping the families from being chummy with thewrong people.