A Lost Princess

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Elise fixed her
outfit before grabbing her coat, throwing it on, she was heading into the city center in hope of finding some work, she knew she had to get away from the orphanage, make a life for herself. She fixed her hair once more before walking into the 'living room' telling the other's she was leaving before throwing her scarf on and heading out of the room, towards the door, and out into the cold fall weather. She started playing with the locket around her neck, it was a habit she had gotten into years ago, the gold shone beautifully in the pale sunlight, she looked down at her reflection before placing it under the fabric of her dress.

She headed down the long road towards the city center, she looked at all the large houses as she passed, she sighed to herself, if only she could live in a place as beautiful as that, she suddenly stopped when a memory hit her. A small girl, no older than five, rather through a large hallway of a beautiful house, the walls were filled with paintings, the sun shone through the windows, another women stood at the end, her arms out for the girl, picking her up and hugging her close to her slender chest. As soon as the memory changed she grabbed her sketch book out of her bag and started sketching as she walked.

By the time she had reached the city center, she had already finished the hallway, the little girl, and the women, they were so alike, so many similar features, even if she couldn't do a very detailed face for the other women, she played with the locket as she headed down the streets, she hummed a lullaby to herself, it seemed so familar, soon the words formed from her lips.

'Over the wind, across the sea, hear this song and remember, soon you'll be, home with me, once upon a December'

She headed into the cafe, speaking to the manager before heading to the next store, by lunch-time she was starving, she soon headed to a small tuck shop, buying a scone with the little money she had, she slowly ate it, savouring each bit of food as she headed down the streets of Norway, she felt someone bang into her shoulder and she quickly turned on her heel to look at them. "Sorry" She said, pushing her hair out of her face, trying her best to fix herself up, wanting to make herself look persentable.
Casper hadn't been himself lately. Lately it had been very hard getting ahold of a enough money just to feed himself. What he really needed was some new clothing. But he could barely afford food enough to feed him for a few days. Casper sat up in his makeshift bed. IT wasn't much to be desired. He didn't even know if he should call it a bed. It didn't feel like one. Stretching, he slipped on his usual days clothes, they still cold from drying in the cold wind. He could even see icecicles hanging off the cuff of his pant legs. Sighing, he stood up and braved the cold cement floor, taking his pants down and shaking them off. This is why he needed new clothes. Sooner or later, these old rags would give out and he wasn't planning on walking around in Norway naked.

Slowly slipping on his next to freezing clothes, he waited for his body to heat up his clothes as he pulled something out of the small cooler that one of the families upstairs had given him. It was a bag of frozen fruit. Well, at least it wasn't fake. He slowly ate the fruit, savoring every bite he could get. This wouldn't fill him up. Not by a long shot, but it was all he had until he could find some more work. Soon enough his clothes unthawed and he threw on his jacket, which he used as a pillow, his worn out boots which he was surprised they didn't have holes yet and headed out into the harsh Norway weather to find himself an odd job.

He looked down into the snow as he trudged along. The hard blowing wind made it hard for him to have his face up with out completely freezing his face off. So seeing where he was going was next to impossible. Still, he continued onward, in hopes of finding a high paying odd job. But instead of that, he felt someone hit his shoulder. He looked to the right of him and to his amazement, saw beautiful young woman. She apologized to him, but he really didn't mind. In fact, this was all new to him. He had no experience with girls that much besides when he was young, so his knowledge of how to treat one was limited. He bowed slightly.

"Nah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to harm you. I was just passing by..." he looked closer into her face. He could see...brown eyes...brown hair....She reminded him of someone, but he couldn't remember who. She was awfully beautiful though.

"I was actually wondering if you've heard of any odd jobs that need to be done around here. I'm looking for work so I can get money enough to get myself on my feet again...It's been hard since that protest happened a while back...."

He could hear shouting, screaming. What was going on? He was hearing things? Was it from those wierd dreams he had recently been having? No...it was worse this time. Could it be? Could this girl have been connected to him somehow from his distant past? He had no clue, but all he knew was that he wanted to stick by her. Maybe then he could get his memories back.

Eiise looked at the man, he looked familar, too familar, she remembered one of her weird, unusual dreams. A younger Elise sat on the floor of a large bedroom infront of a double bed, sitting cross legged on a rug, a doll in her hand, a small puppy next to her, cuddled near her with it's head in her lap, she smiled at the boy infront of him, showing off her new doll to him, smiling brightly and happily at him, laughing softly before the dog got up and started running around the room after Elise and the boy before licking both their faces, causing Elise to laugh loudly, running after the dog this time, she looked truely happy

But no, this man could not have been the same boy from her dream, she noticed he was speaking and looked up at him. "It seems we're in the same boat" She told him. "I heard some of the resturants are hiring, and the opera is hiring as well" She said to him, pushing her hair behind her ear once more.

"What protest?" She asked softly. "I'm sorry, I don't live in the city, so I'm rather new to this place, at least...I think so" She said to him, she felt a strange connection to this place, she wrapped her arms around her waist, shivering once more as she tried to make herself warm, trust her to go out looking for work in the frezzing cold, but she desperately wanted to get away from the orphanage, she had lived there for as long as she could remember, but then why was she having dreams about this girl? It didn't make sense.

Out of the side of her eye she saw a horse sitting with a carriage on the back, she froze quickly, almost dead in her tracks as a flashback hit her. "Papa!" A little girl shouted, rushing down the large steps and towards the man who had only stepped out of the grand looking carriage, a large smile across his face. "How's my little girl?" He asked, wrapping his arms around her and picking her up, holding her close he placed a kiss on her forehead before he started to carry her back inside. "How's my darling baby?" Her mother asked, walking towards her and planting a kiss on her forehead, stealing her off her husband and hugging her close. "Shall we go and find Tinkerbell?"She asked

She blinked and the flashback quickly ended, if that's what it even was. She stopped, the smallest things would make flashbacks come, though she was never sure exactly what they were, perhaps they were only images from a dream. Prehaps this man also recongised her, perhaps he knew something of her past, perhaps he could put the pieces together for her

"I'm sorry, this might sound strange, but do I know you?" She asked softly "You just look familar, that's all" She said softly, hoping he wouldnt be offended by how frank she was.

Casper sighed in relief. It was good to hear that there might be some steady work out there instead of odd jobs here and there. He chuckled softly at the girl's comment about the protest.

"Well, It was a protest. It was quite a while ago. I don't remember details of it, but I do remember that I was involved in it somehow...I still can't remember a whole lot about it...."

The screams came back to him once more. Screams of agony, pain, death...It made the boy frightened and scared. He didn't know how to comfort those who hurt. He had no clue as to how he should quiet their anguish. But the boy couldn't remember why he heard these screams and wanted to help so bad. What was he caught in that made people scream like that?

Casper shook his head. How come he was remembering all this now? How come it didn't come to him till just now? He shrugged it off, trying to forget those blood-curdling screams. He chuckled nervously.

"Sorry about that...Just seeing you has brought back some memories...like I know you from some place, but the funny thing is, I don't remember ever meeting you....And I'm pretty sure you do not know me. I'm just a boy who lost his parents and is trying to make himself worthwhile in the world..." He didn't feel like he was anything special, then again, he had always heard the story about the lost princess of Norway. It was all over that her parents were looking for her. Maybe if he got to know this girl a bit better and taught her what he knew about the royal family, they would take her back, thinking she was their princess. That was cold of him. But what else could he do? He was short on cash and he needed it more than he knew anyone else did. He extended his hand for a hand shake.

"I"m sorry. How rude of me not to tell you my name. I"m Casper Burke...I hope we can see each other more in the future. I"d like to get to know you a bit more, if you don't mind me saying..."

IT was those eyes. Those eyes and that beautiful hair. He couldn't place the person's name, but he knew he had seen a girl like it before. If only he could remember her name...where he had met her...If he could and he could find the actual girl, he'd hit paydirt!

"Funny, I'm the same, a girl with no parents, trying to make a life for herself" Elise told him, she blinked a few times, she must be seeing things, he was not the boy from her dreams, but this protest he mentioned, it brought back a memory.

'My lady' A blonde haired woman said as she grabbed a small girl by the hand 'We need to get out of here' She said, pulling the girl along before picking her up and rushing through the kitchen, the small child hid her head in the woman's coat, hiding, but she could hear the people rushing around in a panic, the back door was opened and the woman ran outside with the child, the small girl looked up and saw a rush of people heading to the palace, she cried softly and hid in the woman's arms once more.

"Nice too meet you, Casper Burke, I'm Elise, just Elise" She told him, she wasn't given a surname, when asked for one she couldn't remember, she did however, have a faint memory of someone referring to her as Elise, not relising it was the nickname her eldest brother had given to her, claiming 'Elizabeth' didn't suit her, if only she had of remembered, she caught a glance at the scar on her wrist, she had it for as long as she remembered.

'Come along, my lady' The blonde haired woman said as she held the child's hand as they rushed through the crowds, but someone walked between their hands and they fell apart, the blonde woman turned around, shouting something loudly but she was pulled onto the train while someone banged into Elise, causing her to fall against one of the walls, half landing on one of the benches, the next thing she remembered was waking up in a hospital.

Why was it that being with him made her remember so much? It didn't make sense. "Casper" She said softly "Why don't you walk with me, I have a few hours to kill before I need to be heading back" She said with a soft smile "Unless you have somewhere else to go" She said, she secretly hoped he didn't, she wanted to spend some more time with him, see if he could bring any more memories back.

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"Glad we are in the same boat. Maybe we can help each other out. Oh and nice to meet you Elise. That is a beautiful name...." He could sense she was having another flashback. She was having a lot of those in just a span of the time they met. Speaking of flashback, it was his turn to have one.

"Hey Casper! Stop dawdling! Let's go!" It was the little girl. She and him were best friends. They did everything together. They played, they talked, they did whatever they could without getting scolded. Today they were going to go fishing with their little homemade fishing poles. They laughed and giggled as they made their way to the stream with their poles and their "bait" which consisted of cheese from the kitchen. They hooked up the cheese and threw in their lines, laughing and teasing each other all the while. The girl caught a fish. Casper hadn't caught anything, which saddened him, until she told him "Let's share it! Let's say we both caught it together!" She laughed her cute little laugh and Casper nodded as they walked back to the big house that they called home.

Casper shook his head. What was that? Why did he, all of a sudden, remember that? That was odd. He shifted nervously.

"Sorry about that, Elise. I just remembered something from my past. It is still fuzzy and it didn't make sense at all..." he laughed nervously as he walked to her side. She spoke up, asking him to walk with her a little bit. He was suprised at her inquisition. Why would a beautiful girl like her want him to walk by her? With her even? No one would have the gall to walk or even be seen with him.

"Sure I will walk with you Elise, as long as you don't mind me being seen with you. Let's just say not many people in this village think highly of me. Especially of where I live and what I wear. You see...my clothes are in need of replacement....But as long as you don't mind, I will walk with you..."

He looked down at her beautiful flowing hair and her beautiful eyes. It suddenly made the blistery snow all worth his trouble.

"So, where we off to?"

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